Initial Publication Date: April 3, 2015

Webinar Technology

Screen Sharing with Adobe Connect

Presentations will take place through an Adobe Connect screen-sharing session. You will need both an Internet connection and a phone line to call in to the meeting.

During plenary sessions, all participants will be in the same virtual "room," able to view the presentation, chat with one another, and ask questions. During break-out sessions, participants will be split into smaller working groups and assigned new "rooms." You will be able to talk to your group members, share screens and upload documents. Your group leader or the web support staff will help you make the most of these tools.

Accessing the Meeting

All participants will be emailed a link to access the Adobe Connect session. After you follow the link, you will be asked to enter your name (for the participant list) and given two options to access the meeting audio:

Meeting Audio

Option 1: Have the meeting call you.
This is the easiest option, but you must have a phone number for the meeting to call; a landline works best. Please regard cell phones as a last resort, as they can cause static for other participants.

Option 2: Dial into the meeting manually.
If you are calling in on Skype or another VoIP service, select this option. Please note that there are further instructions hidden near the bottom of the pop-up box that you must scroll down to see.

Audio Tips:

  • Speakerphones are great for listening to plenary sessions, but can cause echoes and feedback when you speak, so you may want to pick up the handset during break-out sessions.
  • A headset is highly recommended for presenters and co-leaders, but is not necessary.
  • Please regard cell phones as a last resort as they can create static for other participants.


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