Initial Publication Date: September 13, 2018

Quickly Increasing Anthropogenic Global Warming Acceptance: Five Experimentally-Vetted Methods and

This event occurred on November 8, 2018.

Webinar Recording & Slides

NGSS November 2018 Webinar Slides (Acrobat (PDF) 2.2MB Nov9 18)

Presenter: Michael Ranney, Ph.D., Professor of Education, UC Berkeley

Webinar Description

Professor Ranney and colleagues repeatedly showed that conservatives and liberals alike increase their acceptance that climate change is human-caused after viewing brief, highly-crafted, "bits" of scientific information (e.g., Ranney & Clark, 2016). These micro-curricula (i.e., mostly under six minutes) include compelling statistics, temperature graphs, inundation maps, and mechanism-explaining texts and videos (see the multi-language for examples). Information about scientists' non-bias––and how global warming can be inexpensively inhibited––may prove similarly compelling. Ranney's research group's convincing interventions––perhaps even a haiku he wrote (Ranney, et al., 2016)––may even improve students'/parents' decisions about which policies and candidates to support.

Webinar Organizers:

Aleeza Oshry, Howard Hughes Medical Institue
Jessica Bean, University of California Berkeley
Aida Awad (NAGT)
Edward Robeck (American Geosciences Institute)
Carla McAuliffe (NESTA)
John McDaris and Andrew Haveles (National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

With the NGSS Earth and Space Science Working Group