For Departments

NAGT and its sponsored projects have many resources and programs to help support geoscience and interdisciplinary departments.

Member benefits for heads and chairs

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Planning for change

Traveling Workshops Program: Building Stronger Departments and Programs

Departments and programs can submit an application to the Traveling Workshops Program (TWP), which brings national leaders in geoscience education to your campus to facilitate strategic planning and taking action to strengthen your department or program. The Building Stronger Departments track considers the unique context of your department and helps you work together through a visioning and planning process to achieve your objectives.

Building Strong Geoscience Departments

Building Strong Geoscience Departments is a project focused on helping geoscience departments adapt and prosper in a changing and challenging environment. Through workshops, a website, and sessions at professional meetings, this project aims to stimulate discussions and disseminate community expertise on topics such as approaches to core content and curriculum, retaining and recruiting top faculty and students, and maintaining the department as a valued institutional partner.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Resources from Teach the Earth

Search all of the DEIJ resources in NAGT's Teach the Earth portal.

Broaden Participation in the Geosciences

These pages are a synthesis of advice based on broadening participation work done by faculty members and administrators involved in many programs sponsored by NAGT as well as partners in the discipline. There are many components that can be involved (such as demonstrating the relevance to students' lives, using active pedagogies, or developing a sense of community among students in a program). The examples of how other educators and institutions have achieved success with some key practices are particularly valuable for those engaged in broadening participation in the geosciences.

Facilitating Meetings that Foster Equity and Inclusivity

The professional life of an educator inevitably includes leading meetings and workshops as part of daily program operations, professional development, strategic planning, and so on. These webpages include resources to help you successfully facilitate a meeting or workshop with the goals of running the meeting in a way that promotes equity and inclusivity and fostering meaningful dialogue on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the geosciences and beyond.

Resources from NAGT's DEI Committee

This set of resources was compiled by the NAGT Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and contains resources for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in your department and in your classes.

Attracting, supporting, and preparing minority students in geoscience from InTeGrate

This resource from InTeGrate outlines strategies for attracting, supporting, and preparing students and provides examples of their implementation in departments and programs across the country.

NAGT's TWP also has a track for Supporting the Success of All Students that includes components that emphasize understanding your current students and community, supporting the whole student, transitioning students into your program from multiple contexts, and launching them onto the next phases of their life (e.g. education, career).

Resources from the ADVANCEGeo Partnership

The ADVANCEGeo Partnership is empowering (geo)scientists to transform workplace climate. This compilation includes resources that address anti-racism; creating inclusive virtual spaces; codes of conduct; creating inclusive climates; and recognizing bias, among other resources.

Careers and Workforce Preparation

Strengthen workforce preparation in your program from InTeGrate

This resource from InTeGrate outlines strategies for incorporating careers and workforce preparation throughout your program, and provides examples of programs that have done so.

NAGT's Career Hub

Are you actively hiring? Consider posting your job advertisement on our Career Hub, which includes promotion on our LinkedIn page as well.

NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Fellowship Program

Started in 1965, the NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Fellowship Program is the longest continuously running internship program in the Earth sciences. Since it began, more than 2400 students have participated in this program with an impressive number of these individuals becoming full-time employees of the USGS. Department chairs, program heads, and field camp directors nominate students for the program.

Teacher Preparation and K-12 Connections

Prepare Future Teachers from InTeGrate

This resource describes the relationships between geoscience departments and teacher preparation programs, and provides strategies and examples for getting involved—and reasons why you might want to do so.

NAGT Position Statement: The Importance of Dual Credit and Concurrent Enrollment to the Geosciences

This position statement recommends strong connections between secondary and post-secondary institutions to develop and offer dual-credit and concurrent enrollment in Earth science courses.


Do you have colleagues or students that deserve recognition for their achievements? Go to the NAGT Awards page to see all of our awards. The following might be of particular relevance to departments.

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

NAGT recognizes outstanding teaching assistants with two award deadlines annually (December 15 and June 15). Both undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants are eligible for the award, which consists of a one year membership in NAGT, recognition on the website, and a certificate.

Excellence in JEDI Award

The Excellence in Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Award is presented annually to an individual or group who has made significant contributions to JEDI in geoscience.

Stimulation of Interest in the Earth Sciences: Neil Miner Award

This award is given every year to an individual for exceptional contributions to the stimulation of interest in the Earth sciences.


AGU Heads and Chairs Program

NAGT collaborates with the AGU Heads and Chairs Program to support geoscience programs on issues related to curriculum and faculty and student support.