About NAGT

The National Association of Geoscience Teachers works to raise the quality of and emphasis on teaching the geosciences at all levels. We count among our members K-12 teachers and college and university faculty as well as educators working with the general public through outlets such as museums and science centers.


NAGT supports a diverse, inclusive, and thriving community of educators and education researchers to improve teaching and learning about the Earth.


NAGT is building geoscience expertise and an Earth-literate society through high-quality education.


Since NAGT's founding in 1938 and establishment of a constitution, the Association has been working towards four main goals:

  • To foster improvements in the teaching and learning about Earth as a system at all levels of formal and informal instruction;
  • To emphasize the societal relevance of geoscience and its cultural significance for all people;
  • To foster and disseminate research in geoscience education;
  • To promote the professional growth of our members.

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In support of its mission, NAGT organizes the technical program in geoscience education at every Geological Society of America Annual Meeting. Other programs and opportunities include:


NAGT is, for the most part, a volunteer organization. The association is run by the NAGT Executive Committee, which includes both elected and appointed officers. The Executive Committee is advised by the NAGT Council, which includes representatives from each of the ten geographic Sections, three active special interest Divisions, committee Chairs, and representatives from other geoscience organizations.

The Office of the Executive Director is located at Carleton College in Minnesota. Complete contact information for the Executive Office, including contacts for publications and membership inquiries, can be found on the Contact Us page.

Get Involved

The easiest and best way to get involved with NAGT is to become a member! You can also make a tax-deductible donation to NAGT. Visit this webpage to learn about even more ways to become involved with NAGT.


Looking for NAGT's graphic standards or a copy of the bylaws? Find everything you need below: