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Since 1938, the National Association of Geoscience Teachers has promoted excellence in geoscience education and supporting the community of geoscience educators. We are a member-driven professional organization with a strong vision: that everyone experiences welcoming, inspiring, and effective Earth education.

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Reports and governance

  • 2022 Annual Report Cover Page
    Constitution and bylaws: First adopted in 1939, the constitution and bylaws are a living document that governs our organization.
  • Policies and guidelines: Our work is guided by a code of ethics, and we have several policies and guidelines to enact that code.
  • Annual reports: We share our achievements and finances with our members and the public through annual reports.


  • Partners and affiliations: We partner and collaborate with many other organizations whose mission and goals align with ours.
  • Donors: Donors at all levels of commitment help us achieve our goals.

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