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Traveling Workshops Program

The Traveling Workshops Program (TWP) brings national leaders in geoscience education to your campus or regional event. The Traveling Workshops Program consists of two different tracks – one for groups interested in improving Courses and one specifically focused on Departments and Programs in colleges and universities. The TWP is a part of NAGT's integrated Workshop Program.

Participants from prior workshops write:

"I go into tomorrow with a renewed enthusiasm for making us a better department and to make us an integral part of the University and community."

"Bringing the workshop to the department is a highly valuable vehicle for engaging the entire department, and I really can('t) say enough about this model. Kudos to the Building Strong Geoscience Program..."

Building Stronger Departments and Programs

These 1-2 day workshops bring two trained leaders to your institution to facilitate a working session with all members of your department. These workshops bring the knowledge gained from InTeGrate, and other NAGT-sponsored efforts onto your campus to support conversation and planning by your department as a whole. They offer a menu of interactive sessions fully supported with online resources. All sessions feature presentations, discussions, and action planning. Formerly part of the Building Strong Geoscience Departments project, previous traveling workshops visited 22 departments from 2009-2013, meeting with 241 faculty members at two-year colleges, four-year colleges, comprehensive universities and research intensive, PhD granting institutions.

Building Stronger Courses

These full-day workshops are designed for groups of about 30 people and bring the best of the On the Cutting Edge teaching and learning workshops directly to departments, institutions, and regions. With a focus on improving teaching and learning, these workshops provide an ideal opportunity to learn about new pedagogies, re-energize old ones, and to spend time with colleagues reflecting on what we teach and how students learn. The workshops can be designed to emphasize material applicable beyond the geosciences, and can be combined with the Building Stronger Departments workshops described above.

Combined Stronger Courses and Departments Workshops

Departments may also apply for a workshop combining aspects of the Courses and Departments tracks. These workshops would be 1-2 days long and would bring a team of leaders with expertise in both tracks. After your application has been accepted, workshop leaders will work with you to design the exact contours of the workshop you have in mind.

Application Deadlines for the 2016-2017 academic year:

  • October 15 (for Spring 2017 Workshops)
  • January 31 (Announcing a special dealine for InTeGrate themed traveling workshops)
  • March 15 (for Fall 2017 Workshops)
Please note that it can take 5-7 weeks to plan your workshop. Bear this in mind when deciding which application deadline to submit against.

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