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The NAGT blogs highlight the NAGT leadership and members' thoughts on teaching and learning, serving communities, and how humans think and learn about the Earth and environment. Anyone can read the posts on the blogs, but if you wish to post a comment or start a new thread you will need to register.

Navigating Learning, Teaching, and Leading

The Navigating Learning, Teaching, and Leading Blog features posts from the NAGT leadership.

Serving Our Communities

The Serving Our Communities Blog showcases the ways in which geoscience educators are serving their communities - local, regional, state, national and international - through their own teaching, research and service, or by engaging their students in these areas.

Earth & Mind

The Earth & Mind Blog facilitates discussion and discovery about how humans think and learn about the Earth and environment. Earth & Mind explores the intersection between Geosciences, Education and Cognitive Sciences.

Member Blogs

Are you a member with a blog that is relevant to our community? Contact the Executive Office.

  • Laura Guertin's GeoEd Trek blog, which focuses on geoscience education, outreach, communication, and technology in the classroom, online, and in the field. Visit the GeoEd Trek blog.

Guidelines for Commenting

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  • Please comment with civility and respect, following our ethics policy and code of conduct. Ad hominem attacks will be deleted.
  • NAGT values opinions that come from different perspectives. Please be clear when you are expressing an opinion and your perspective. Avoid stating an opinion as fact.
  • Please provide references or links as appropriate.
  • If you include material from the published work of others, stay within the "fair use" guidelines of the Bloggers' Legal Guide. In general, this means copying only a small portion of a published work, using the material in a "transformative" manner, and providing a credit or citation for the source.
  • By posting a comment on our blogs, you give permission for use and redistribution of your comment with attribution under a Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

Although anyone may read the discussions posted at NAGT, if you want to post a comment to the blogs you will be asked to register. To register, you will be asked for your name and email address. NAGT reserves the right to delete comments and/or suspend accounts whenever we judge it in the best interests of our mission.

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