Advocacy Committee

The NAGT Advocacy Committee promotes (geo)scientific literacy, advocates for all levels of geoscience education, and encourages the use of geoscience information in public decision-making. The Advocacy Committee provides expertise to NAGT and works with affiliated organizations on matters of public policy and advocacy. The Advocacy Committee reports to the NAGT Executive Committee.

The Advocacy Committee's efforts include:

  • Serving the organization's mission
  • Maximizing the impact of NAGT work on behalf of members and all geoscience educators
  • Supporting initiatives that reflect our mission by local, state, national, and international entities, including professional organizations, non-profits, and government institutions
  • Recommending development of position statements or white papers, either as stand-alone NAGT documents or co-authored documents with partner organizations; or recommending endorsements of statements authored wholly by other organizations
  • Authoring, co-authoring, or signing letters of support for initiatives (e.g. legislation, public comments, non profit programs)
  • Responding to advocacy-related requests from other organizations, and from NAGT sections and divisions
  • Monitoring emergent issues at federal, regional, and state levels

Get Involved with the Committee

There are several ways to get involved:

  • If you are interested in joining NAGT's Advocacy Committee, please complete the nomination form and/or contact committee chair Mike Phillips. The committee meets every other month, and committee members serve three-year terms.
  • If you are interested in discussing and receiving updates on NAGT's work on Advocacy, join the NAGT Advocacy email discussion list.

Past Committee Activities

Kick Start Your Advocacy

The Advocacy Committee encourages all NAGT members and affiliates to advocate for resources and policies geoscience education. Below are resources that you can use in your personal advocacy efforts.

NAGT Position Statements

NAGT has developed position statements on specific issues that affect or are affected by geoscience education. These positions were proposed by the membership and approved by the NAGT Council. NAGT members and affiliates can use these position statements as a basis for advocacy actions like discussions with elected officials, letters to the editor, and conversations with voters. Specific position statements are:

NAGT Advocacy Partners

Other professional geoscience organizations that have advocacy resources include:

Other Resources

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