Educational Advocacy

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Our guiding principles

NAGT's advocacy work is guided by a set of principles. Decisions to engage in advocacy efforts are led by the Advocacy Committee with input and approval from the Executive Committee with the intent to:

  • Serve the organization's mission
  • Maximize the impact of NAGT work on behalf of members and all geoscience educators
  • Support initiatives that reflect our mission by local, state, national, and international entities, including professional organizations, non-profits, and government institutions
  • Recommend development of position statements or white papers, either as stand-alone NAGT documents or co-authored documents with partner organizations; or recommend endorsements of statements authored wholly by other organizations.
  • Author, co-author, or sign letters of support for initiatives (e.g. legislation, public comments, non profit programs).
  • Respond to requests from other organizations, and from NAGT sections and divisions.
  • Monitor emergent issues at federal, regional, and state levels.

Our work

NAGT Position Statements

NAGT has developed position statements on specific issues that affect or are affected by geoscience education. These positions were proposed by the membership and approved by the Council.

Support for initiatives

NAGT regularly signs on to letters form other organizations and initiates letters of support for issues that are relevant to our mission and goals.

Resources for advocacy

From the American Geosciences Institute (AGI)

NAGT is a member society of AGI, who provides information on policy and critical issues for its members. These include:


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