Procedure for Approval of NAGT Position Statements

Download the Procedure for Approval of NAGT Position Statements (Acrobat (PDF) 65kB Nov23 05)

  1. Any member of NAGT may propose that the Council consider a formal position statement on behalf of NAGT.
    • That proposal need not, at this stage, include a draft statement, but should include a brief justification that provides the context for the statement and an explanation as to how this statement aligns with NAGT's mission.
    • Such a proposal may be made via any officer of NAGT.
  2. The NAGT Executive Committee will determine by a majority vote (either via email or at an Executive Committee meeting) that the Council consider such a statement. The President, with the concurrence of a majority of the Executive Committee, shall appoint a committee to prepare a draft statement for the next meeting of the NAGT Council.
    • An email vote suffices only if no member of the Executive Committee objects. Should there be an objection, the drafting committee will be informed and may (1) wait until the next meeting of the Executive Committee for discussion and a vote or (2) proceed with the understanding that there is an objection the proposal may not achieve a positive vote at the next Executive Committee meeting.
    • Typically, the drafting committee will consist of at least three members in good standing of NAGT of which one member will be a member of Council and one the author of the proposal (if these are not the same person).
    • If the committee does not prepare a draft proposal within six months, the President may consider appointing a new committee or ask the Executive Committee if they wish to withdraw support for this position statement.
  3. Once the drafting committee has completed their work, the draft position statement will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and, if supported by a majority, sent to members via the next NAGT Newsletter no later than eight weeks prior to the next NAGT Council meeting (held in conjunction with the GSA Annual Meeting). The draft statement may also be posted on the NAGT website.
  4. All NAGT members will have an opportunity to comment on the draft position statement via email to the Executive Director. The comment period will close no less than three weeks prior to the next Council meeting. Comments will be collected and shared with Council members prior to the Council meeting.
  5. NAGT Council will consider the draft position statement and member comments and may approve, modify, or reject by (1) a 2/3 vote of those attending the Council meeting or (2) a 2/3 electronic vote by all members of the Council unless a single member objects to electronic voting.
    • If approved, NAGT members will be so informed via the Newsletter and the position statement will be posted on the NAGT website. The Council may recommend to the Executive Committee additional modes of distribution.
    • If Council makes substantive modifications to the draft position statement before approval, it returns the modified statement to the drafting committee for comment before approval. In such cases, Council may authorize the Executive Committee to approve the revised version on its behalf if all substantive modifications are acceptable to the drafting committee.
    • If rejected by Council, the statement would have to go back to step 1 for reconsideration.
  6. A position statement, once approved, can only be altered or modified for cause by a 2/3 vote of NAGT Council.
Approved by NAGT Council, October 2005