NAGT Association Officers & Staff

Note: Officers' terms begin and end at the Geological Society of America fall meeting where NAGT holds its Annual Meeting, unless otherwise indicated. For past officers, check out the Past Presidents and Officers page.

Elected Officers


President: Karen Viskupic
Boise State University

1st Vice-President: Jennifer Wenner
University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

2nd Vice-President: Margaret Crowder
Western Kentucky University

Past-President: David McConnell
North Carolina State University

Acting Secretary/Treasurer: Michael Phillips
Illinois Valley Community College

Appointed Officers

Executive Director: Anne Egger
Central Washington University

JGE Interim Editor in Chief: Eric Riggs
Texas A & M University

In the Trenches Editor: Redina Finch
Western Illinois University

NAGT Historian: Gene Pearson
University of the Pacific

Section and Division Liaisons

Executive Committee of the Association appoints one of its members as a liaison to each section and division for the national committee. In this way, news and concerns can travel easily between the two parts of the organization. Organizational Liaisons Approved Aug19 (1).docx (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 19kB Aug23 19)

Society Liaisons


Amy Collette, Financial & Administrative Director
Financial manager for the organization including publications and subscriptions

Caroline Smith, Events & Marketing Coordinator
Marketing and communications

Sandy Lynn-Proshek, Administrative Assistant
Member and awards management

Monica Bruckner, Website Manager
Manages the website for NAGT

NAGT Contact Information

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