NAGT Policies

The NAGT Executive Committee has adopted a number of policies to help in administering the association.

Privacy Policy
NAGT is committed to the value of privacy. Any personal information collected will be used only in direct pursuit of NAGT's mission.

Code of Conduct for NAGT Activities
NAGT is committed to creating an inclusive, supportive, and collaborative environment for all peoples.

Travel Reimbursement Guidelines
NAGT has funds available to support travel expenses for NAGT Officers, Staff, Distinguished Speakers, and Awardees.

Record Retention Policy
The Record Retention Policy sets out the requirements for the retention of important NAGT documents.

NAGT Policy on Suspected Misconduct, Dishonesty, Fraud, and Whistle-blower Protection
This policy covers the administration of suspected misconduct, dishonestly or fraud within the organization.

Gift Acceptance Policy
The Gift Acceptance Policy outlines the criteria for the acceptance of donations made to the NAGT.

NAGT Conflict of Interest Policy for NAGT Officers, Executive Committee Members and Committee Chairs
This policy outlines the NAGT conflict of interest policy relating to elected and appointed members of the Executive Committee, officers and committee chairs.

Endowment Policy

This policy guides income distributions and management of the endowed funds of NAGT.

Sponsorship Policy
The National Association of Geoscience Teachers sponsors activities in support of the mission of the organization.