Initial Publication Date: October 3, 2019

NAGT Code of Conduct for Officers and Appointments

Approved by NAGT's Executive Committee on 9/23/19

NAGT appoints or elects members of the NAGT community to serve in NAGT leadership roles as members of the Executive Committee and Council. Because these elections or appointments signify recognition by NAGT, Executive Committee and Council members' conduct must be consistent with NAGT's Ethics Policy. NAGT Officers, Executive Committee members, and committee chairs will also comply with the NAGT Conflict of Interest Policy for NAGT Officers, Executive Committee Members and Committee Chairs.

NAGT members may raise concerns about the ethical behavior of a member of the NAGT Executive Committee or Council by notifying the NAGT Executive Director or the President or the email account Unethical behavior may include, but is not limited to, harassment of a student or colleague, exploitation of student collaborators, deliberate and repeated plagiarism, fabrication or suppression of data, an attempt to injure the reputation of a student or colleague, or failure to report a conflict of interest.

If a finding of unethical behavior has been made during the election or appointment process or following the election or appointment, the NAGT Executive Committee will decide the action to be taken. Action may include removing the person from consideration or from their NAGT leadership position.