Initial Publication Date: October 3, 2019

NAGT Policies for Awards and Honors

Approved by NAGT's Executive Committee on 9/23/19

NAGT grants awards or honors to educators and education researchers who have furthered the NAGT mission of improving teaching and learning about the Earth. Because such awards and honors signify recognition by NAGT, the committees choosing recipients shall consider whether nominees' conduct has been consistent with NAGT's Ethics Policy.

Nominations for awards and honors will include a statement that, to the best knowledge of the nominator, the nominee is not currently under investigation and has not been convicted of conduct that is contrary to the NAGT Ethics Policy. The nominator or nominee may request in writing from the NAGT Executive Committee an exemption from this reporting requirement when steps have been taken to mitigate the violation (through such actions as education, supervision, or settlement) or there are other mitigating circumstances that the NAGT Executive Committee should consider.

NAGT members may raise concerns about a nominee or past recipient of an award or honor by notifying the NAGT Executive Director or the President or email

If a finding of misconduct has been made, either during the nomination process or following granting of the award or honor, the NAGT Executive Committee will decide the action to be taken. These may include removing the nomination from consideration or rescinding previous awards and honors.

Note: these policies for awards and honors are based on AGU's Scientific Integrity and Professional Ethics. Language from this document is used with permission from the AGU Vice President for Ethics, Diversity, and Inclusion.