NAGT Organizational Liaisons: Roles and Procedures

Approved by NAGT's Executive Committee, 8/22/19

NAGT supports a diverse, inclusive, and thriving community of educators and education researchers to improve teaching and learning about the Earth. In working towards that mission, NAGT frequently collaborates and liaises with other groups and organizations with overlapping missions.

Liaison Appointments

The NAGT Executive Committee appoints liaisons to organizations, committees, and/or projects to represent and advance the interests of the Association. The primary role of a liaison is to promote the flow of information and foster synergistic activities between NAGT and other organizations. The term of the liaison appointment will be indicated upon appointment but is generally expected to be for three years unless otherwise determined by the reciprocal organization. The Executive Committee may extend liaison appointments for additional terms. A liaison appointment may be terminated by voluntary resignation or by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Liaison Orientation

NAGT has four main goals in support of its mission:

  • To foster improvements in the teaching and learning about Earth as a system at all levels of formal and informal instruction;
  • To emphasize the societal relevance of geoscience and its cultural significance for all people;
  • To foster and disseminate research in geoscience education;
  • To promote the professional growth of our members.

The Executive Director, members of the Executive Committee, and the NAGT website are important sources of information about the Association, including its programs, policies, and position statements. Liaisons should make use of these resources to ensure they represent the organization fully, appropriately, and accurately.

Liaison Roles and Responsibilities

Resources (if any) available to support the liaison's work are indicated upon appointment. Minor funds for specific activities may be granted by the Executive Director upon request. Liaisons are encouraged to bring new opportunities for collaboration on projects or proposals to the Executive Director or Executive Committee to request authorization or organizational commitment. While liaisons can play a critical role in creating and/or supporting collaborative work, they cannot commit the Association financially to a specific action without authorization by the Executive Director. The Executive Committee or Executive Director may authorize the liaison to take actions on behalf of the Association. Authorization will be provided in writing.


  • Liaisons may represent NAGT at meetings of the organization, committee, or project to which they are appointed, with the following procedures:
    • Before attending such meetings, liaisons should contact the NAGT President and Executive Director to discuss information that NAGT would like to share, what NAGT would like to learn, and any potential synergies.
    • If the liaison is not able to attend a meeting of the reciprocal organization, they should contact the Executive Director to determine a suitable replacement. The liaison and Executive Director (or their delegate) will work together to identify and recruit a suitable replacement. The liaison cannot delegate their position to another party without approval by the Executive Director.
    • Following a meeting or other substantial interaction, the liaison should provide a written report to the Executive Director, who will share it with the Executive Committee.
  • The Executive Committee may request a report at any time or request that the liaison report annually or biannually using the regular officer/committee reporting process.