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Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is responsible for reviewing the performance of investments and recommending changes to the Executive Committee in accordance with the National Association of Geoscience Teachers endowment policy. Contact the Committee

  • Gene Pearson (chair)
  • Randy Richardson ('18-'24)
  • Reginald Archer (2nd Vice-President, ex officio)
  • Michael Phillips (Secretary/Treasurer, ex officio)

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Nominating Committee

This Committee shall present to the Executive Director a list of nominations to be sent to the membership of the Association. There shall be at least one nomination for President (incumbent Vice-President), Vice-President (incumbent Second Vice-President), Second Vice-President, Secretary/treasurer (every third year), and Councilors-at-Large. Contact the Committee

  • Jennifer Wenner (chair)
  • Karen Viskupic
  • David McConnell
  • Don Haas
  • Anne Egger

NAGT Development Committee

The development committee will oversee and implement fundraising strategies to support NAGT's programs, scholarships and stipends, new initiatives, and general financial health. The development committee reports to the ExCom. Contact the Committee

  • Rachel Beane, Bowdoin College (Chair)
  • Anne Egger, (Executive Director, ex officio)
  • Amy Collette, (NAGT Business Manager)
  • Michael Phillips, ( Secretary/Treasurer, ex officio)
  • DEI Committee Representative

Professional Development

NAGT Professional Development Planning Committee

The NAGT Professional Development (PD) Planning Committee is responsible for the planning of NAGT's Professional Development Program, which includes workshops, website content, and related activities. The scope and budget for the program is set by the NAGT Executive Committee. The PD Planning Committee is responsible for the ensuring that workshop and website offerings in aggregate address the needs and priorities of the membership. The PD Planning Committee is appointed by the Executive Committee and reports to the Executive Committee. The PD Planning Committee may establish subcommittees to execute its work. Contact the Committee

  • Karen Viskupic (chair), Boise State University
  • Catherine Riihimaki (TWP chair), 2NDNATURE Software Inc. ('21-'23)
  • Phil Resor, Wesleyan University (TTE Subcommittee chair) ('21-'22)
  • Lisa Gilbert, Williams College ('19-'22)
  • Cailin Huyck Orr, SERC, Carleton College
  • Caitlin Callahan (EER and GER) ('19-'22)
  • Andy Goodliffe (Early Career) ('19-'22)
  • Rory McFadden (Webinar Subcommittee Chair) ('19-'22)
  • Nicole Guinn, Student, University of Texas at Austin ('21-23')
  • Cody Kirkpatrick (EER21)
  • NAGT Executive Director: Anne Egger

PD: Teach the Earth Website Subcommittee

The TTE website management committee will provide stewardship for the NAGT websites, including setting editorial policies. The committee provides expertise to NAGT on matters of website development and use. SERC is responsible for development of the website and implementation of the committee's policies. This committee reports to the professional development planning committee. Members will serve three-year terms unless they are serving by virtue of their position. Contact the Committee

  • Undergraduate/Faculty representative - Phil Resor (chair) ('19-'22)
  • Service learning and sustainability representative -
  • President, (ex officio) - Jennifer Wenner ('16-TBD)
  • SERC technical director - Sean Fox (ex officio)
  • Editor of activity review - Kyle Fredrick ('16-TBD)
  • K-12 (especially 9-12) representative -
  • Informal education representative - Jon Hendricks ('20-'23)
  • 2YC representative - Becca Walker ('20-'23)
  • Online Educational Technologies - Andy Bobyarchick ('20-'23)
  • Undergraduate Research - Laura Guertin ('20-'23)

PD: Traveling Workshops Program

The Traveling Workshops Program (TWP) brings national leaders in environmental, sustainability, and geoscience education to your campus, regional, or national event. The Traveling Workshops Program focuses on opportunities to strengthen both courses and programs including attracting and supporting diverse students.

  • Catherine Riihimaki (Chair) ('18-'22)
  • Reginald Archer ('21-'24)
  • SERC project coordinator - Mitchell Bender-Awalt
  • David Blockstein ('21-'24)
  • Diane Doser ('20-'23)
  • Edith Davis ('21-'24)
  • Walt Robinson ('19-'22)
  • Cindy Shellito ('20-'23)
  • Rachel Teasdale ('19-'22)
  • Gary Weissmann ('20-'23)

PD: Webinar Planning Subcommittee

Contact the Committee

The committee will design and implement an annual NAGT Webinar Series that serves community needs and will find appropriate speakers to fill the schedule. SERC will set up websites and technology etc. NAGT staff will to do marketing with input from the committee. The committee is appointed by the PD committee, is represented by a member on the PD committee and reports to them.

  • Chair: 
  • Emily Scribner('21-'23)
  • Karen Layou ('21-'23)
  • Cailin Huyck Orr
  • Anne Egger (Executive Director, ex officio)

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NAGT Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee leads these efforts in association with the Executive Committee building on NAGT's position statements. Recent activities include addressing an increase in the number of states proposing legislation to weaken the teaching of climate change and evolution, how to best support educator involvement in activities like the March for Science, and what to do in the face of changes in federal support for science and education. Contact the Committee

Membership will consist of at least five and no more than ten members of the NAGT selected by the Exec Comm in consultation with the chair. Members will serve in staggered three-year terms. Membership will ideally include representatives who serve as liaisons to policy or advocacy committees for other geoscience professional organizations and include a diversity of expertise, experience, and geographic region. The NAGT Executive Committee shall appoint one of its members as the Advocacy Committee Chair.

  • Mike Phillips, Chair (2019-2023)
  • Margaret Crowder (2019-2022)
  • Catherine Riihimaki (2019-2022)
  • Don Haas (2018-2023)
  • Wendi J. W. Williams (2018-2023)
  • Suzanne Metlay, at large (2018-2024)
  • Joel Singley (2020-2024)
  • Cory Forbes, (2022-2025)
  • (AGI Critical Issues) - 


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee facilitates the organization's efforts to build an inclusive and equitable organization, and achieve its goals related to diversity of its membership, leadership, committees, award winners, and participants in all events. Members of the committee provide expertise and guidance to NAGT. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee reports to the Executive Committee. Contact the Committee

  • Laura Rademacher (Chair) ('20-'22)
  • Amy Weislogel (Secretary) ('20-'23)
  • Steve Mattox ('20-'22)
  • Mimi Fuhrman ('20-'22)
  • Yadira Ibarra ('20-'22)
  • Samuel Nyarko ('20-'23)
  • Anika Knight ('22-'24)
  • Zarin Ali ('22-'24)

Award Committees

Robert Christman Distinguished Service Award Committee

The Executive Committee administers the selection of the Robert Christman Distinguished Service Award to recognize individuals who have provided exceptional service to the Association over a significant period of time. 

  • Members of the Executive Committee

Neil Miner Award Committee

This Committee administers the selection of the recipient of the annual Neil Miner Award for "exceptional contributions to the stimulation of interest in the geosciences". 

  • Margaret Crowder (President, Chair)
  • Christy Visaggi (1st Vice-President)
  • Michael Phillips (Acting Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Jennifer Wenner  (Past-President)
  • Steve Mattox (Councilor-at-large, '19-'22)

James H. Shea Award Committee

The James H. Shea Award is given annually by the Association for exceptional contributions in the form of writing and/or editing of geoscience materials (broadly construed) that are of interest to the general public and/or teachers of geoscience. It is given only for outstanding work. 

  • Callan Bentley (chair) ('20-'23)
  • Kim Hannula (JGE Editor, ex officio)
  • Tim Bralower (at-large '18-'22)
  • Laura Guertin

Dottie Stout Professional Development Grants Committee

This Committee administers the selection of the recipients of the Dottie Stout Professional Development Grants "in honor of Dottie's outstanding work and lifelong dedication to Earth science education".

  • David Voorhees (chair) ('16-'19 & '19-'22)
  • Alec Aitken ('19-'22)
  • Diana Steller (ex officio)

Excellence in JEDI Award

The NAGT DEI Committee administers the selection of the recipients of the justice, equity, diversity, and/or inclusion (JEDI) award, which recognizes a person or group for their outstanding contribution(s) that may include, but are not limited to, developing both formal and informal activities that promote JEDI in the geosciences, exemplary mentorship of the next generation of diverse geoscientists and geoscience educators, influential communications that promote discussion and actions in support of JEDI, or relevant scholarly contributions.

  • Laura Rademacher (Chair) ('20-'22)
  • Leah Courtland ('20-'23)
  • Amy Weislogel (Secretary) ('20-'23)
  • Steve Mattox ('20-'22)
  • Mimi Fuhrman ('20-'22)
  • Danielle Sumy ('20-'22)
  • Yadira Ibarra ('20-'22)
  • Samuel Nyarko ('20-'23)

Scholarships for Field Study Committee

This committee reviews the NAGT Scholarships for Field Study applications and selects the scholarship recipients.

  • Lydia Fox (chair) ('16-'19 & '19-'22)
  • Claire McLeod ('20-'23)
  • Cindy Magruder ('19-'22)
  • Lisa Tranel ('21-'24)

USGS/NAGT Cooperative Field Training Program

Started in 1965, the NAGT-USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Program is the longest continuously running internship program in the earth sciences. Over the past fifty years, more than 2300 students have participated in this program with an impressive number of these individuals becoming full-time employees of the USGS.

  • Kurtis Burmeister (coordinator, '18-'23)

Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Award Committee (OEST)

This is a Committee to administer the annual Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Awards for "exceptional contributions to the stimulation of interest in the earth sciences at the secondary school level", and for excellence in teaching at the secondary level. Candidates for this award are nominated in each section annually. 

  • Laura Hollister and Ryan Hollister (Chairs) 
  • Susan Wolf (Central)
  • Christopher Roemmele (Eastern)
  • Mark Boryta (Far West)
  • Committee Chairs (Midcontinent)
  • Tarin Weiss (New England)
  • Committee Chairs (North Central)
  • Jodie Harnden (Pacific Northwest)
  • Meghan Cook (Southeastern)
  • Committee Chairs (Southwest)
  • Committee Chairs (Texas)

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards

NAGT recognizes outstanding teaching assistants in geoscience education with up to 30 awards annually. Both undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants are eligible for the award.

  • Katherine Ryker, Chair
  • Rick Ford
  • Chelsea Lancelle
  • Dana Thomas

Ad hoc Committees

K-12 Committee

This committee is charged with developing recommendations for how to increase the value of NAGT's programming and member benefits for K–12 educators, and implement these recommendations as supported by the Executive Committee.

  • Ryan Hollister (Chair)
  • Laura Hollister (Co-Chair)
  • Christy Visaggi (Co-Chair)
  • Kellyn Griffin
  • Cheryl Manning
  • Enrique Reyes
  • Sabrina Ewald
  • Alec Aitken
  • Margaret Brewer-LaPorta
  • Belinda Jacobs
  • Dawn Chegwidden

NAGT/AGI Lab Manual Committee

This committee is charged with undertaking activities in support of producing the Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology, its adoption and its adopters.

  • Suki Smaglik, (chair)
  • Anne Egger
  • Jennifer Wenner
  • Vince Cronin
  • Margaret Crowder


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