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The Award

NAGT recognizes outstanding teaching assistants in geoscience education with up to 30 awards annually. Both undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants are eligible for the award. Award winners receive a one year membership in NAGT, which includes an online subscription to the Journal of Geoscience Education and our In The Trenches quarterly magazine. The yearly membership starts January 1st of the upcoming year.

The undergraduate student awards are the gift of Thomas Hendrix, Grand Valley State University. Tom was the recipient of the 1994 Neil Miner award and he also served as President of NAGT as editor of the Journal of Geoscience Education. The graduate student awards are funded by NAGT.

Award Recipients

2019 Recipients

June Award

  • Brightin Blanton, Clemson University
  • Allison Bohanon, Tennessee Tech University
  • Gabrielle Corradino, North Carolina State University
  • Jonathan Cripps, Simon Fraser University
  • Shannon Hsieh, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Jessica Johnson, University of New Mexico
  • Isaac Keohane, University of South Carolina
  • Emily Pauline, University of Georgia
  • Lisa Whalen, Virginia Tech
  • Walter Yerk, Drexel University

January Award

  • Brian Duggan, University of South Carolina
  • Jiajun (Dylan) Jiang, Baylor University
  • Diane Lally, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Monica Resto, Mercer University
  • Spencer Rhodes, North Carolina State University

2018 Recipients

June Award

  • Wolfgang Ashley, University of South Carolina
  • Rachel Atkins, North Carolina State University
  • Andrew Bean, University of South Carolina
  • TJ Daniel, Clemson University
  • Bailey "Zo" Kreager, Northern Illinois University
  • Florian Lustenberger, University of Zurich
  • Franziska Mohr, University of Zurich
  • Christian Pullano, Clemson University
  • Nick Soltis, Auburn University
  • Wesley Tucker, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Bart Yeates, Baylor University

January Award

  • Kyle Blount, Colorado School of Mines
  • Kerri Gefeke, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Kyle Hazelwood, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  • Natalie Kubik, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Mikaela Rader, Kansas State University

2017 Recipients

  • Corbin Kling, North Carolina State University
  • Emily Judd, Syracuse University
  • Jose Cervantes, University of Texas at El Paso
  • Lauren Schurmeier, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Claire Ostwald, Boise State University
  • Victoria Benson, Pacific Lutheran University

Past Recipients

2016 Recipients - June Award

  • Diana Thatcher, Iowa State University
  • Jessica Denison, Clemson University
  • Doug Czajka, North Carolina State University
  • Maggie Jackson, Dartmouth College
  • Lily Schaffer, University of Houston
  • Wendy Dorman, Eastern Michigan University

2016 Recipients - January Award

  • Justin Brundin, Tarleton State University
  • Emily Castellucci, University of Georgia
  • Shiana Cohen, Boston College

2015 Recipients

  • Kasey Garrand, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  • Luoth Chou, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Lars Anderas, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Bobby Cruze, Chemeketa Community College
  • Renee French, Northwestern University
  • Macy Howarth, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
  • Rebecca Kiekhaefer, Clemson University
  • David Moss, Syracuse University
  • Natalie Nelson, University of Florida
  • Raymond Pendleton, Texas A&M University Kingsville

2014 Recipients

  • Graham Edwards, Bowdoin College
  • Christine Hiner, University of California-Fullerton
  • Daisuke Kobayashi, University of Idaho
  • Jeffrey Lockridge, Arizona State University
  • Leah Moelling, University of Kansas
  • Nnamdi Mojekwu, University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Sandra Pool, University of Zurich
  • Zach Schierl, Western Washington University

2013 Recipients

  • Laura Abe, Central Washington University
  • David Auerbach, Yale University
  • Marjorie Heckman, Clemson University
  • Jonathan Husson, Princeton University
  • Mylène Jacquemart, Universität Zürich
  • Ben Moulton, University of Toronto

2012 Recipients

  • Kelly Ferguson, California State University - Fullerton
  • David Hahn, Clemson University
  • Chelsea Mack, Western Washington University
  • Benjamin Sanderfoot, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

2011 Recipients

  • Peter Balholm, Spokane Community College, WA
  • Matthew J. Even, University of Northern Iowa
  • Jennifer Galvin, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL
  • David Haln, Clemson University
  • Jan Hennissen, University of Toronto
  • Sara Loiacano, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Patti Mason, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  • Myron Petro, University of Georgia
  • Collin Reichert, Iowa State University
  • Katherine Ryker, North Carolina State University
  • Steve Shaw, Western Washington University
  • Michelle Vitale, California State University, Fullerton
  • Jennifer L. Whitten, Brown University
2010 Recipients
  • Kerri Dickey, University of Northern Iowa
  • Rachel Dunham, Western Washington University
  • Alex Dutchak, University Colorado - Boulder
  • Nick Gava, University of Maryland
  • Jason McAlister, University of British Columbia
  • Christopher Patterson, Clemson University
  • Aneela Qureshi, University of Georgia
2009 Recipients
  • Susan Dickerson, Geology Department, Western Washington University
  • Curtis Gebhard, Department of Environmental Engineering and Science, Clemson University

2008 Recipients

  • Yum Song, Department of Environmental Engineering and Science, Clemson University
  • Julia Labadie, Geology Department, Western Washington University
2007 Recipients
  • Doug Edmonds, Penn State
  • Anna Weber, Williams College
  • Casey Hanell, Western Washington University
  • Jennifer Oblinger, Clemson University
2006 Recipients
  • Arwen Vidal,Univ.ofColorado,
  • Sheelly Tyrea,Clemson Univ,SC
  • Gerry Griesel, WesternWashington Univ.,WA
2005 Recipients
  • Jennifer Perry,Spokane Community College,WA
  • Jesse Bardley,Clemson Univ.SC
  • Kira Lawrence,Brown University,RI
  • Ben Paulson, WesternWashington Univ.,WA
2004 Recipients
  • Braden Rambo, Clemson University
  • John Gillaspy, Western Washington University

Make a Nomination

Nominations must be submitted by the department chair or faculty member coordinating teaching assistants. A nominating letter should include:

  • The name, address and class year of the nominee
  • The name of the course or courses in which the student assisted
  • A description of the activities and qualities that make this teaching assistant outstanding

Nomination Deadlines: December 15th and June 15th

Nomination letters may be submitted by using our online nomination form or by sending them to our office:

NAGT - TA Award Nomination
c/o Carleton College/SERC
One North College Street
Northfield, MN 55057
Questions can be directed to Sandy Lynn-Proshek.