NAGT Officers Meetings and Reports

In years prior to 2011, NAGT would hold its Annual Business Meeting at the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting. At that point, the Executive Committee presented an Annual Report of NAGT activities to the assembled membership. These reports outline the achievements of the various Association-wide committees as well as providing information about Section activities. 2011 marked the beginning of holding the Annual Meeting, virtually, in September, with a shorter face-to-face planning meeting of the Council at the traditional GSA conference meeting.

Annual Reports

2021 Annual Meeting

2021 Annual Reports

Events at GSA 2021

2020 Annual Meeting

2020 Annual Reports

Events at GSA 2020

2019 Annual Meeting

2019 Annual Reports

Events at GSA 2019

2018 Annual Meeting

2018 Annual Reports (Acrobat (PDF) 4.4MB Mar22 19)

Events at GSA 2018

2017 Annual Meeting

2017 Annual Reports (Acrobat (PDF) 4.9MB Aug6 19)

Events at GSA 2017

2016 Annual Meeting

2016 Annual Reports (Acrobat (PDF) 3.8MB Aug6 19)

Events at GSA 2016

2015 Annual Meeting

2015 Annual Reports (Acrobat (PDF) 2.5MB Aug6 19)

Events at GSA 2015

2014 Annual Meeting

2014 Annual Reports (Acrobat (PDF) 2.5MB Aug6 19)

Events at GSA 2014

2013 Annual Meeting

2013 Annual Report Materials (Acrobat (PDF) 2.7MB Aug6 19)

2012 Annual Meeting

2012 Annual Report (Acrobat (PDF) 6.3MB Aug6 19)

2011 Annual Meeting

2011 Annual Report

2010 Annual Meeting

2010 Annual Report (Acrobat (PDF) 561kB Oct26 10)
Fall 2010 Report to AGI on NAGT activities (Microsoft Word 90kB Oct21 10)

2009 Annual Meeting

2009 Annual Report (Acrobat (PDF) 530kB Oct13 09)

2008 Annual Meeting

2008 Annual Report (Acrobat (PDF) 6.1MB Nov25 08)

2007 Annual Meeting

2007 Annual Report (Acrobat (PDF) 2.9MB Jan5 09)

2006 Annual Meeting

2006 Annual Report (Acrobat (PDF) 757kB Nov21 06)
2006 Budget Report (Excel 58kB Dec22 06)

2005 Annual Meeting

2005 Annual Report (Acrobat (PDF) 1MB Nov21 06)

2004 Annual Meeting

2004 Annual Report (Microsoft Word 932kB Nov21 06)