Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Program

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The Award

Outstanding Earth Science Teacher (OEST) awards are given for "exceptional contributions to the stimulation of interest in the Earth Sciences at the pre-college level." Any teacher or other K-12 educator who covers a significant amount of earth science content with their students is eligible. Ten national finalists are selected, one from each NAGT regional section. Some sections also recognize state winners. Individuals may apply themselves or nominate a colleague for the award.

The Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Awards program was adopted by NAGT in 1971. Devised to honor pre-college teachers of earth science, the program has the following specific objectives:

  • Identify excellence in teaching
  • Appropriately recognize and reward excellence in teaching
  • Stimulate higher levels of teaching performance
  • Establish NAGT as a strong support organization for pre-college education, and
  • Via active statewide and sectional programs, build a solid state, regional, and national liaison with administrators of pre-college earth science education.

Award Recipients

2019 Section & State Recipients

Read bios for the 2019 Section and State Winners.

Section Winners

  • Central Section: Dr. Michael J. Smith
  • Eastern Section: Christopher Bowring
  • Far Western Section: Sergio de Alba
  • Midcontinent Section: No Award in 2019
  • New England Section: Susan Meabh Kelly
  • North Central Section: No Award in 2019
  • Pacific Northwest Section: Renee Drummond
  • Southeastern Section: Andrea Starks
  • Southwest Section: Hank Shoop
  • Texas Section: Isabel Anaya

State Winners

  • Alabama: Ricky Conte
  • Alaska: Renee Drummond
  • California: Kevin Lesback
  • Connecticut: Lindsay Waack
  • Florida: Maggie Paxson
  • Georgia: Deborah Lynn Sheppard
  • Indiana: John Hesser
  • Michigan: Sarah Geborkoff
  • Minnesota: Jill Holz
  • Mississippi: Brooke Dodd
  • New Jersey: Matthew Fichter
  • New York: Christine Scavone
  • North Carolina: Marta Toran
  • Ohio: Michael Koenig
  • Oregon: Jim Hartmann
  • Pennsylvania: Andrea Mangold
  • South Carolina: Kimberley Norris-Jones
  • Tennessee: Andrea Starks
  • Virginia: Christopher Bowring
  • Washington: Alice Ryan
  • West Virginia: Angela McKeen

OEST State and Section winners are strongly encouraged to take an active role in NAGT, NESTA, and all other organizations that support the OEST Award Program.

Make a Nomination

To nominate a teacher for this award, please complete the online nomination form. You can find information on which section you live in by checking out the Sections Page.

Section - Contact (Application Deadline)
Central - Susan Wolf (May 22)
Eastern - Christopher Roemmele (May 22)
Far Western - Craig Poole (May 22)
Midcontinent - Aida Farough (May 22)
New England - Lori Weeden (May 22)
North Central - OEST Committee Chair (May 22)
Pacific Northwest - Jodie Harnden and Lynda Sanders (May 22)
Southeast - Melissa Hage (May 22)
Southwest - OEST Committee Chair (May 22)
Texas - OEST Committee Chair (May 22)

Nominations may be submitted at any time during the year but nomination deadlines for the current year vary by section. If a deadline isn't listed beside your section above, check with the listed representative for your section to find out when your deadline is.

National Program Contact:

Mike Passow