Nominate an Outstanding Earth Science Teacher - South Central Section

Use this form to nominate an outstanding teacher for NAGT's Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Award from the South Central Section.

If you are nominating someone from another Section, please use the appropriate form, linked from the OEST page (opens in a new window). If you are unsure of which Section to select, please reference the Sections informational page (opens in a new window) before filling out this form.

This award is given to acknowledge outstanding teaching about the Earth sciences, at K-12 grade levels. The nomination form supports a two-step process:

  • First, the candidate is nominated by a colleague, administrator, or other person with knowledge of the candidate's qualifications using the form below; self-nominations are allowed.
  • Second, the OEST coordinator for each section will review the entries for their section and may request more supporting information from the nominee.
Selection of the awardee will be made in the spring of each award year by the sections and may include both section and state winners.

See past awards winners and section contacts

Note: You need to fill out the form in one sitting. Leaving this page without hitting SUBMIT at the bottom will erase all of the data you have entered.

Note: The text boxes below can be expanded by clicking on the lower right corner of the box and dragging.

To the person making the nomination: we suggest using the following questions to describe qualities that we value in an awardee. They are guidelines only, and it is not necessary to address each item, but if you do have relevant information to support the nomination, please include it in your responses below. Specific examples of the nominee's techniques or strategies may improve his/her chances. We expect that at elementary grade levels, an outstanding candidate may teach a variety of subjects, so it is not necessary that the nominee teach Earth science exclusively.

Enter the text of your nomination in the following fields. Please provide information for each applicable item. You can also upload supporting documents below as appropriate.

You may wish to compose your statement in a word processor, then cut and paste it into this box. Also, please note that each text field can be expanded by dragging its lower right corner with your mouse.