Initial Publication Date: September 25, 2014

Workshop Synopsis

Traveling Workshops may be scheduled at any time during the year, at the mutual convenience of your department, program, or group, and our leaders. Summer workshops are the most difficult to schedule. Applicants will be selected on the basis of potential impact on the department, program, or group and the match between department, program, or group needs as articulated in the application and our program's strengths. Preference is given to applicants with a high level of commitment, as indicated by the percentage of the department that will be involved or number of committed participants, a clearly articulated need to be addressed, and the length of workshop requested.

Expectations if Selected

Financial expectations:

  • The host institution is expected to provide leader travel, housing, meals, local ground transportation and any other on-site expenses (e.g., duplication of handouts) in addition to a $5,000 fee (leader honoraria, website and workspaces for your workshop, and program management costs) to NAGT.

These workshops are designed for departments, programs, or groups of faculty interested in at least one of the following:

  • Strengthening the communication and functioning of a department or program.
  • Developing or revising courses on a related topic or approach.
  • Addressing course-level and program-level issues.

Participating departments, programs, or groups are expected to:

  • Schedule the workshop to ensure strong participation in the event, depending on the workshop theme (opens in a new window):
    • Strengthening Your Departments and Programs Workshops: Schedule the workshop to support full participation by all department or program faculty members.
    • Strengthening Your Courses Workshops: Schedule the workshop to maximize participation that can include colleagues from other departments, programs, and/or neighboring institutions.
  • Reserve a meeting space with robust internet access.
  • Provide us with information about your department, program, the group.
  • Prepare in advance for workshop discussions via readings, writings, discussion or other activities developed by workshop leaders.
  • Participate fully in the entire workshop.
  • Develop an action plan at the workshop, implement it, and report the outcomes to us.
  • Contribute to online collections of resources for the Building Strong Departments website if the workshop is focused on building strong geoscience or environmental science departments or programs.
  • Assist in disseminating the results of the workshop through discussions with colleagues and other activities.

Before the Workshop

After an application has been submitted, the Program Coordinator will select potential workshop facilitators or check on the availability if a facilitator is requested. This notification will include the host institution/department's goals and scheduling preferences.

Approximately 3 weeks after receiving your request the Program Coordinator will notify you of the status of your request. If the facilitator is available, the host will then be responsible for contacting them and planning the visit. Please inform the Program Coordinator of the dates for the visit after the schedule is finalized.

To assist in advertising the workshop you may use our speaker announcement template (PowerPoint 64kB Jun20 14). Feel free to customize the design and details to suit your needs.

During the Workshop

Our facilitators will offer their knowledge and expertise on the topic or topics you choose, and will lead your department, program, or group in a structured conversation about how to move forward with your departmental, program, or group plans for the future.

Please encourage participants to join NAGT. The Traveling Workshops Program is made possible in part by NAGT membership dues. The larger our membership, the more activities we can sponsor. To assist in spreading the word about NAGT we will send 20 copies of our NAGT membership brochure (Acrobat (PDF) 606kB Oct10 23). Please contact Amy Collette ( if you would like any additional information about NAGT or additional copies of the brochure.

Following the Workshop

At the end of each workshop, we ask that all participants complete an online End of Workshop Evaluation. Direct feedback about what worked and what didn't will ensure that the program continues to meet the needs of departments, programs, and groups as we plan future workshops with NAGT.

If the host-institution requests a department-focused workshop, the department will generate a plan of action for moving forward on the issues and topics that were highlighted during the workshop.

Apply for a Workshop

Application Deadlines

There are four application deadlines per year - January 15 for Late Spring/Summer workshops, March 15 for Fall workshops, June 15 for Fall/Winter workshops, and October 15 for Early Spring/Summer workshops.