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USGS/NAGT Cooperative Field Training Program

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Program History

photo of students in the field
Started in 1965, the NAGT-USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Program is the longest continuously running internship program in the earth sciences. Over the past forty years, more than 1500 students have participated in this program with an impressive number of these individuals becoming full-time employees of the USGS.

This cooperative program was launched at the Geological Society of America meeting in Kansas City in early fall of 1965 when William "Bill" Pecora, then the newly appointed Director of the USGS, held a meeting with a small group of distinguished professors and officers of the NAGT. Pecora felt strongly that the USGS needed to be more engaged in geological education. He had a plan for how this might be accomplished and wanted to get the professors' reactions to an initiative that would provide better linkage to academia while, in the process, providing better summer field assistants for the USGS. Pecora suggested that the USGS would provide support by way of internships for outstanding undergraduate geoscience majors, while NAGT would advertise the program to faculty and students, solicit nominations, distribute applications, and assist in processing all materials.

Needless to say, "Pecora's Plan," as it became known, met with instant approval.

Nomination and Selection

Directors should send applicant name(s), address(es), and email(s) to:

Penelope Morton
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Minnesota, Duluth
Duluth, MN 55812

USGS will decide among the applicants and then hire the selected NAGT nominees for available field, laboratory, or office related scientific positions throughout the country for up to 5 months. USGS places interns wherever the project scientists need them. Most recently, interns have worked in Reston, VA; Menlo Park, CA; Miami, FL; St. Petersburg, FL; Denver, CO; Woods Hole, MA; Baltimore, MD; Seattle, WA; Dover, DE; Trenton, NJ; Vancouver, WA; Indianapolis, IN; Lincoln, NE; Columbia, SC; Santa Cruz, CA; and many other locations.

Field camp directors and students can get more information about the program at the USGS Program Page.

Deadline for Nominations is October 15, 2014

With active participation from the highest levels of both organizations (including the Director of the USGS), a joint committee oversees the program. The program "year" begins in September with all field camp directors being provided information about the program. Field camp directors can nominate students whose field course was at least 4 weeks in duration and completed in the year they are nominated. In addition, nominees must be US citizens or Resident Aliens. After talking with potential nominees to ascertain interest and availability, field camp directors can nominate:

  • the top student if the camp enrollment is 20 students or less
  • up to 2 students if the camp enrollment is 40 students or less
  • up to 3 students if the camp enrollment is 60 students or less
  • up to 4 students from camps with greater than 60 students
  • his/her field course was at least 4 weeks in duration and was completed in 2013
  • and he/she is a US Citizen

Nominated students apply by sending their resume to the USGS Education Office along with a letter of interest and transcripts. At the same time, USGS scientists interested in working with an intern send information about field, laboratory, or office-related scientific projects to the Education Office. Candidates are then matched by skill and interest with up to five projects. The listing of candidates and accompanying academic information are sent to USGS scientists for review, interviews, selection, or possible further discussion. USGS personnel make final selections. As interdisciplinary, system science is a cornerstone of our science, all disciplines are encouraged, and do take advantage of, this program's support and available talent. Students hired through this program have continually received outstanding reviews from our managers; and, over the decades, many of these individuals have become full-time colleagues. Interns employed through this program are hired at a rate commensurate to their educational level and experience, typically at a GS-5 Grade, Step 1, with an adjusted locality payment.

Evaluations and Reflections

Over the years, NAGT has succeeded in identifying top-flight students for the program, and the USGS has succeeded in garnering the interest of competent and enthusiastic supervising mentors. Evaluations of the program by the students have been strongly positive, and the interns have continually received outstanding reviews from USGS managers. The NAGT-USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Program continues Pecora's vision of greater educational involvement, and provides a first-rate professional experience to students early in their careers.

Current-year interns should complete the program evaluation questionnaire to help us continue to evaluate the program's effectiveness and impact.

If you took part in an internship in the past, please consider reflecting on your experience and how it affected the path of your personal and/or professional life. NAGT is gathering these stories via the reflections form and will use these stories to both evaluate the program and to generate new materials for the program website. You can see the collection of reflections that have already been submitted by past interns on the Reflections page.

Past and Present Interns

2014 Internship Recipients

Intern: Paul Alessio
College: California State Long Beach
Mentor: Jonathan Stock
Location: San Francisco, CA
Project: Hydrologic field studies to improve the forecasting of storm-driven landslides

Intern: Bengino Alonzo
College: Northern Illinois University
Mentor: Seth Moran
Location: Vancouver, WA
Project: Seismic imaging at Mount St. Helens

Intern: Nikita Avedivitch
College: Macalester College
Mentor: Stephen DeLong
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Tectonic geomorphology of the Bartlett Springs Fault System in Northern California

Intern: Erica Bays
College: Western Michigan University
Mentor: David Walters
Location: Fort Collins, CO
Project: Nutrient retention and productivity in Rocky Mountain streams under alternative stable states

Intern: Heather Bervid
College: University of Washington, Seattle
Mentor: James O'Connor
Location: Portland, OR
Project: Geomorphology and Quaternary assessment studies along the Willamette and Columbia River Corridors

Intern: Joseph Biasi
College: Indiana University
Mentor: Scott Minor and Jonathan Caine
Location: Denver, CO
Project: Cenozoic landscape evolution and tectonics of Southern Rocky Mountains and Alaska/Yukon geophysical/geological reconciliation

Intern: Ben Campanaro
College: SUNY Binghamton
Mentor: Matthew Bachmann
Location: Tacoma, WA
Project: Assessing climate change impacts on Pacific Northwest glaciers

Intern: Andrew Canada
College: Sonoma State University
Mentor: David Croker and David Oppenheimer
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Network operations of Northern California seismic stations

Intern: Joshua DeVore
College: University of Kentucky
Mentor: Scott Bennett
Location: Golden, CO
Project: Geologic investigations of active faults in the Basin and Range province

Intern: Thomas Doody
College: University of Maryland, College Park
Mentor: Gregory Noe
Location: Reston, VA
Project: Geologic investigations of active faults in the Basin and Range province

Intern: Ciel Elizalde
College: University of Texas, Arlington
Mentor: Paul Hackley
Location: Gulf States
Project: Improved model assessment and development of shale-gas systems in the Gulf Coast Basin

Intern: Sydney Gunnarson
College: Western Washington University
Mentor: Cal Ruleman and Shannon Mahan
Location: Denver, CO
Project: Utilizing Quaternary geochronology to unravel geomorphic histories

Intern: Jason Hallman
College: University of North Carolina
Mentor: Rose Wallick
Location: Portland, OR
Project: Quaternary mapping along the Willamette River Corridor, and linking geomorphic features with Pacific lamprey habitat

Intern: Melissa Harrington
College: University of Washington
Mentor: Denise Akob
Location: Reston, VA
Project: Microbial degradation of organic compounds in hydraulic fracturing-produced waters

Intern: Erin Hayes
College: University of Rochester
Mentor: Allen Shapiro
Location: Reston, VA
Project: Transport of contaminants in groundwater

Intern: Anna Hissem
College: Colorado State University
Mentor: John Takekawa and Isa Woo
Location: Vallejo, CA
Project: Evaluating the spatial and temporal distribution of marine mammals and seabirds of the Northern Pacific coast

Intern: Dylan Jamison
College: University of Washington, Seattle
Mentor: Joan Gomberg
Location: Seattle, WA
Project: Earthquake early warning modeling studies in the Cascadia Subduction Zone

Intern: Michael Jeletic
College: University of Oregon
Mentor: Jennifer Morace
Location: Portland, OR
Project: Assessing foodweb resources for juvenile salmonids in the lower Columbia River

Intern: Clayton Jernigan
College: University of Alabama
Mentor: Jonathan Glen
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Geophysical studies relating to geothermal, mineral, and water resources to natural hazards in the Western U.S.

Intern: Genevieve Kidman
College: Southern Utah University
Mentor: Tom Cleasby
Location: Helena, MT
Project: National rivers and streams assessment survey

Intern: Krystal Kiel
College: Oregon State University
Mentor: John Lane
Location: Storrs, CT
Project: Surface and borehole geophysical surveys for hydrologic framework assessment

Intern: Talia Klein
College: Brigham Young University
Mentor: William Stephenson
Location: Golden, CO
Project: Geophysical investigations of hazardous faults and seismic ground motions for earthquake hazard assessments

Intern: Todd Knobbe
College: University of Arkansas
Mentor: Cliff Hupp and Edward Schenk
Location: Reston, VA
Project: Interactions between riparian wetland geomorphology, hydrology, and ecology pertaining to ecosystem restoration

Intern: Jacob Kolke
College: University of Minnesota, Duluth
Mentor: Jeffrey Chaplin
Location: Pennsylvania
Project: Chemistry of groundwater wells in Pennsylvania counties with contrasting amounts of unconventional shale gas extraction

Intern: Christopher Leach
College: Fort Lewis College
Mentor: Thomas Imbrigiotta
Location: Lawrenceville, NJ
Project: Fate and transport of biodegrading chlorinated solvent contaminants in fractured-rock aquifers

Intern: Natalie Leibovitz
College: Northeastern Illinois University
Mentor: John Nimmo
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Modeling and measurement of unsaturated zone flow processes

Intern: Robert McDermott
College: University of Pittsburgh
Mentor: Walter Mooney
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Earthquake hazards studies in the Central and Eastern US

Intern: Coulter McPhail
College: SUNY Fredonia
Mentor: James Kuwabara
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Benthic nutrient flux of biologically reactive solutes in the headwaters of the Klamath River Basin

Intern: Daniel Morel
College: Macalester College
Mentor: Perry Jones
Location: Mounds View, MN
Project: Assessing the influence of natural copper-nickel bedrock on water quality

Intern: Monica Mustain
College: Illinois State University
Mentor: Jonathan Glen
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Geophysical studies relating geothermal, mineral, and water resources to natural hazards in the Western U.S.

Intern: Tanya Petach
College: Harvard University
Mentor: Geneva Chong
Location: Jackson, WY
Project: Plant phenology impacts on migration and fitness of Mule Deer

Intern: Alexandra Pickering
College: San Francisco State University
Mentor: Shane Detweiler
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Geological and geophysical studies of the San Andreas fault system

Intern: Ellyn Rickels
College: Iowa State University
Mentor: Tom Cleasby
Location: Helena, MT
Project: National rivers and streams assessment survey

Intern: Lucas Rietmann
College: Oregon State University
Mentor: Michael Lisowski and Benjamin Pauk
Location: Vancouver, WA and Yellowstone National Park
Project: Geodetic monitoring of Cascade Range Volcanoes and Yellowstone National Park

Intern: Timothy Robertson
College: University of Missouri
Mentor: Nancy Simon
Location: Reston, VA
Project: Geochemical analyses of terrestrial input into Upper Klamath Lake

Intern: Aaron Salin
College: University of Texas at Austin
Mentor: Carol Prentice
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Paleoseismic studies of active faults in Northern California

Intern: Tyler Schleider
College: Oregon State University
Mentor: Albert Hofstra
Location: Denver, CO
Project: Melt and fluid inclusion analysis for resource studies

Intern: Brian Selk
College: Brigham Young University
Mentor: Jeffrey Chaplin
Location: Western Pennsylvania
Project: Nitrates and pesticides in groundwater relating to human health in siliciclastic aquifers

Intern: James Smith
College: Louisiana State University
Mentor: Sheila Murphy and Deborah Martin
Location: Boulder, CO
Project: Response of Colorado Front Range Watershed to fire and flood disturbances

Intern: Luke Stevens
College: Concord University
Mentor: Kristen Hart and Michael Cherkiss
Location: Florida
Project: Sea turtle movements and habitat-use, and American crocodile nest monitoring

Intern: Kelsey Taylor
College: University of Oregon
Mentor: Erik Beever
Location: Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, Oregon, and Nevada
Project: Investigating factors determining the niche of the American pika living in rocky talus slopes

Intern: Evan Thaler
College: University of Arkansas
Mentor: Judson Harvey
Location: Reston, VA
Project: Understanding the ecological repercussions of high flow events in suburban streams

Intern: Kara Vadman
College: Colgate University
Mentor: Meagan Eagle Gonnea
Location: Woods Hole, MA
Project: Impact of nitrogen and sea level rise loading on carbon sequestration in coastal marsh ecosystems

Intern: Walker Weir
College: University of California, Santa Cruz
Mentor: Craig Johnson and Matthew Emmons
Location: Denver, CO
Project: Developing new automated devices and methods for analysis of stable isotopes in geological, hydrological, and biological materials

Intern: Crystal Wespestad
College: Indiana University, Bloomington
Mentor: Katherine Scharer
Location: Pasadena, CA
Project: Earthquake activity and fault slip rates along the southern San Andreas Fault

Intern: Jenna West
College: University of Texas at Arlington
Mentor: Kenzie Turner
Location: Denver, CO
Project: Cenozoic landscape evolution of the Southern Rocky Mountain Regions

Intern: Patrick Whalen
College: University of Kentucky
Mentor: James Vallance
Location: Vancouver, WA
Project: Geologic mapping and stratigraphic studies at Cascade volcanoes

Intern: Shana Wolff
College:University of Wyoming
Mentor: Ty Coplen
Location: Reston, VA
Project: Geographical variation of elemental and isotopic signatures to determine the provenance of Rosewood from Madagascar

Intern: Holly Young
College: Idaho State University
Mentor: Ian Jezorek and Patrick Connolly
Location: Cook, WA
Project: Restoration assessment of fish population in the Wind River Watershed

Past Year Interns

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2007 Interns


  • Jacquelyn Negri, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
  • Christine Laudadio, University of New Mexico
  • Stephanie Strouse, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Mitchell Prante, University of California - Santa Barbara
  • Jesse Kass, Brown University
  • Meghan Dickoff, Amherst College
  • Poonam Reddy Ramesh Babu, Michigan Technological University
  • Lauren Allen, Miami University
  • Bret Waldron, University of Wyoming - Laramie
  • Stephanie Yurchyk, University of Rochester
  • Omar Davis, Wesleyan University
  • Gillian Fairchild, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Drew Downs, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
  • Abagail Rhode, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Samuel Tuttle, Williams College
  • Dan Gold, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
  • Martin Messmer, Northern Illinois University

2006 Interns

  • Curtis Barnes, San Francisco State University
  • Kristian Bergen, Harvard University
  • Michael Bolz, Oklahoma State University
  • Sabrina Bradshaw, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Michael Busby, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Ryan Davis, Auburn University
  • Amy Dawson, West Virginia University
  • Sarah Doelger, Western Washington University
  • Erik Gulbranson, University of Minnesota, Duluth
  • Brittany Guzzo, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Michael Lyttge, California State University, Sacramento
  • Megan McKinney, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
  • Danielle Odette, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Ian Orland, Washington University in St. Louis, MO
  • Jasper Oshun, Brown University
  • Michael Pagel, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Luke Parsons, Brown University
  • Russell Pate, University of Missouri-Rolla
  • Aaron Powers, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Erica Simmons, Stanford University
  • John Stoltz, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • Joanna Troy, Tufts University

2005 Interns

  • Eric Celebrezze, Bowling Green University
  • Megan Chaisson, Judson Mead Geologic Field Station, Indiana University
  • Joshua Dark, Wasatch Uinta Field Camp
  • Joshua DeFrates, Illionois State University Rocky Mountain Field Camp
  • Angie Diefenbach, Oregon State University-Central Washington University
  • Jane Duxbury, LeHigh University
  • Cate Fox-Lent, Judson Mead Geologic Field Station, Indiana University
  • Greg Gilmore, Georgia State University
  • Jeremy Gouldey, Albion College
  • Trystan Herriot, UC Santa Barbara
  • Crystal Hocking, Black Hills Natural Sciences Field Station
  • Kathryn Maurer, Idaho State University Field Camp
  • Nancy McKeown, Judson Mead Geologic Field Station, Indiana University
  • Megan McMeans, University of Buffalo
  • Eugene Morgan, UC Santa Cruz
  • David Robinson, Brigham Young University
  • Melissa Schlegel, Brigham Young University
  • Neil Shannon, Western Illinois University Geology Field Camp
  • Sarah Thompson, Colorado School of Mines

2004 Interns

  • Sabrina Belknap, University of Toledo
  • Matt Coble, Oregon State University
  • Nick Geboy, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
  • Dustin Graves, University of Indiana
  • Kendra Hatcher, University of West Virginia
  • Nick Hoffman, Western Washington University
  • Stephanie Konfal, University of Indiana
  • Matt Lambert, Colgate University
  • Jenn New, University of Indiana
  • David Pearce, University of Arkansas
  • Gabe Rotberg, University of California - Santa Barbara
  • Erin Scott, Georgia State University
  • Tyson Fulmer, University of California - Santa Cruz
  • Laura Strumness, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
  • Kita Tushman, University of New Mexico
  • James Eros, University of Pennsylvania

2003 Interns

  • Emily Bellinger, University of Oregon
  • Jenny Carpenter, Wasatch Uinta Field Camp-(U. of Iowa)
  • Jessica Cochrane, Indiana University
  • Reuben Johnson, Wasatch Uinta Field Camp (U.of Wi-Madison)
  • Trisha Keating, Western Washington University
  • Jonathan King, Lehigh University
  • Jenny Riker, University of Oregon

2002 Interns

  • Alfredo Ortiz, Miami University
  • Carrie Moeller, Wasatch Unita Field Camp
  • Charles Angernam, Miami University
  • Clare Steedman, Washington University
  • Joel Fassbinder, Wasatch Unita Field Camp
  • Josh Nasrallah, Lehigh University
  • Kyle Shipley, Eastern Illinois University
  • Lauren Jankovic, Oklahoma State University
  • Nick Hayden, Wasatch Unita Field Camp
  • Tamara Gipprich, University of Michigan
  • Trent Newkirk, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • Virginia Elswick, West Virginia University
  • Zanden Frederick, Western Washington University

2001 Interns

  • Ann Altstatt, University of California - Santa Cruz
  • Cody Bahlau, University of Michigan
  • Rob Blakely, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Allyson Bosley, Penn - YBRA
  • Dan Breecker, Penn - YBRA
  • Hillary Brown, Penn - YBRA
  • Jason Handel, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Anne Hereford, Penn - YBRA
  • Brad Huffman, Lehigh University
  • Tara Kneeshaw, Albion College
  • Kristen Lee, Penn - YBRA
  • John Mazurek, Lehigh University
  • Kevin Mininger, Albion College
  • Seth Newton, University of Alabama
  • Jan Nielsen, Western Washington University
  • Dennis Pierson, West Virginia University
  • Jennifer Pollard, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
  • Kendra Remley, Fort Lewis College
  • Kaili Richey, Wasatch-Uinta
  • David Saulter, Lehigh University

2000 Interns

  • Anita Anderson, University of Missouri-Rolla
  • Clara Balasko, Texas A&M
  • Teresa Barber, Albion College
  • Kevin Burrell, Western Washington University
  • Heidi Guetschow, University of Alaska - Fairbanks
  • Shawn Gregg, Colorado State University
  • Ryan Hullings, Lehigh University
  • Lora Kiger, Humboldt State University
  • Stephan Kirby, Colorado State University
  • Elizabeth Langenberg, University of New Mexico
  • Jennifer Lenz, Penn - YBRA
  • Kristopher McPhail, Oklahoma State University
  • Jason Rempe, Kent State University
  • Yogesh Shapiro, UC - Santa Cruz
  • Kristen Shingleman, Western Illinois University
  • Matthew Smith, University of Missouri - Columbia
  • Barry Wright, Western Washington University

1999 Interns

  • Adrienne Barnett, University of Texas
  • Shay Beanland, S. Illinois University
  • Brenda Beitler, University of California - Santa Cruz
  • Amy Lynn Brock, Oklahoma State University
  • Robert Brooks, University of North Carolina
  • Adam Endres, Idaho State University
  • Julie Friedman, University of California - Santa Cruz
  • Wesley Hellevik, University of Minnesota - Duluth
  • Adam Heffernan, Indiana State University
  • Alyssa Kohlman, Michigan Technological University
  • Karen Michelsen, Idaho State University

1998 Interns

  • Thomas Becker, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
  • Arnold Blanton, University of Toledo
  • Jeese Bookshar, Ohio State University
  • Rikka Bothun, Colorado State University
  • Robert Britts, University of Florida
  • Shari Christofferson, Boston University
  • Jessie Crain, Southern Illnois University - Carbondale
  • Christoper Eckhart, Indiana University
  • Sven Edstrom, Fort Lewis College
  • Peter Fahringer, Lehigh University
  • Rebecca Flowers, Appalachian State University
  • Corrin Gallarano, San Diego State University
  • Stacie Gibbins, Oregon State University
  • Christopher Johnson, University of Wisconsin
  • Sarah Kenshalo, Western Washington University
  • James Kessler, University of Oregon
  • Brian Marlow, University of Toledo
  • Kevin Norton, Ohio State University
  • Geoff Pociask, University of Wisconsin
  • Bradley Reid, University of Texas
  • Catherine Riihimaki, University of Pennsylvania
  • Kurt Steffen, Idaho State University
  • Craig Tiballi, Albion College
  • Angela Williams, Lehigh University

1997 Interns

  • Kevin Anderson, Central MI University
  • Maxwell Borella, PA State University
  • Stephanie Bosze, U. Akron
  • Melody Bova, University of Conneticut
  • Leo Brown, Brigham Young University
  • Sarah Brown, Univ. IN
  • Mark Buehler, Indiana University
  • Steve Carlson, Baylor University
  • Luke Cates, Univ. AL
  • Jay Cederberg, Colorado State University
  • Jaime Curry, Univ. AL
  • Gregory Danziger, University of Colorado
  • Shane Detweiler, Cornell University
  • Phebe Deyhim, Oklahoma State University
  • Andrew Dunn, Western Washington University
  • Trent Faust, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Josh Feinberg, Idaho State University
  • Martel Fisher III, Oregon State University
  • Joshua Hamaker, Ball State University
  • Eric Hargave, N. AZ University
  • Andrew Hein, Western Washington University
  • Kristen Hein, University of Pennslyvania
  • Robert Houston, OR State University
  • Brian Hunt, Univ. TX-Austin
  • Yvonne Isaak, OK State University
  • Eleanore Jewel, Bowling Green State University
  • Kathleen Johnson, University of Miami
  • Mary Kalendovsky, Colorado State University
  • Brent Kelley, University of Toledo
  • Ryan Mathur, Albion College
  • James McCarthy, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Thomas McCarthy, University of Oregon
  • Emmet McGuire, Lehigh University
  • Kevin Myer, Pennsylvania State University
  • Carrie Odegaard, Boston University
  • Lynn Padgett, Western State College
  • Jody Palmer, Louisana State University
  • Jonathan Payne, University of Pennsylvania
  • Steven Quane, University of Colorado
  • Joshua Rapp, University of Indiana
  • April Ruebel, University of Indiana
  • Jason Ruf, Pennslyvania State University
  • John Schleicher, Idaho State University
  • Michael Singleton, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Christopher Van de Ven, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Shawn Willsey, Weber State University
  • Michael Wyatt, Pennsylvania State University
  • Brent Zaprowski, Lehigh University

1996 Interns

  • Steven Bacon, Humboldt State University
  • Karen Baird, University of Pennsylvania
  • Emily Banks, University of Pennsylvania
  • Robert Bielinkski, University of Oregon
  • Susan Bilek, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jaret Borell, Kansas State University
  • Mark Clementz, University of Missouri - Columbia
  • Fletcher Clover, Miami University
  • Susan Cochran, Baylor University
  • Christopher Conaway, Ohio State University
  • Janette Cookman, Michigan Tech University
  • Carey Costello, University of Missouri - Columbia
  • Craig Craig, Kent State University
  • Patrick Doherty, University of Oklahoma
  • Jennifer Dougherty, University of Missouri
  • Robert Ellis, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Cheryl Essenburg, Ohio State University
  • Jeffrey Esterle, University of Kentucky
  • Cassandra Fenton, Lehigh University
  • John Galetzka, University of Oregon
  • Gregory Graham, Lehigh University
  • Douglas Hailum, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
  • Alina Haruthunian, Indiana University
  • Tamara Hodge, Brigham Young University
  • Ryan Hoffman, Colgate University
  • Mike Huang, University of Pennsylvania
  • James Jacobson, Western Illinois University
  • Elizabeth Johnson, Northern Arizona University
  • Joel Johnson, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Egan Jones, University of Texas - Austin
  • Cheryl Klohe, Bowling Green State University
  • Kira Lawrence, Albion College
  • Michael Lear, Indiana University
  • Adam Locke, Pennsylvania State University
  • Thomas Long, S. Utah University
  • Lisa McBee, California State - Long Beach
  • Brent Means, Boston University
  • Robert Meyer, University of California - Santa Cruz
  • Marlo Mikolas, W. Virginia University
  • Scott Mize, University of Florida
  • Jessica Murray, Indiana University
  • Damian O'Grady, University of Pennsylvania
  • Shelly Orth, Idaho State University
  • Sara Pratt, University of Pennsylvania
  • Carolyn Randolph, University of California - Santa Cruz
  • Johannah Rogers, Indiana University
  • Michelle Roth, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
  • Robert Sava, University of Akron
  • Katherine Scharer, University of Washington
  • Lori Schuh, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
  • Dwight Schuster, Boston University
  • Michael Sinor, University of California - Santa Cruz
  • Eric Sivers, Lehigh University
  • Dean South, S. Utah University
  • Glen Spinelli, Pennsylvania State University
  • Kierston Swanson, Western Washington University
  • Amanda Szot, Albion College
  • Jennifer Tarsoly, University of Oregon
  • Rebecca Thomas, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jennifer Tobias, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
  • Samantha Tokash, University of California - Berkeley
  • Christopher Watt, Humboldt State University
  • Kristin Weaver, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
  • Karl Wegmann, Indiana University
  • Amy Welty, Fort Lewis College
  • Michael Winkler, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

1995 Interns

  • Amy Allabastro, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Shawn Austad, Lehigh
  • Micah Bennett, Wright State
  • Daniel Butler, Ft. Lewis C.
  • Dyanna Czeck, Wasatch-Uinta
  • William Ferguson, Hamilton
  • Brooke Fiedorowicz, U.WI-Oshkosh
  • Joseph Frampton, Indiana
  • Julie Francis, LA State U.
  • Mark Gunn, U.AR
  • Timothy Hackworth, Lehigh
  • Geoffrey Hales, Hulboldt State
  • Trent Harrison, Boston U. (N. Appal.)
  • Lynn Hettinger, Colgate
  • Jonathon Kaye, Albion
  • Matthew Krop, U. of AK-Fairbanks
  • Alan Lloyd, ID State U.
  • Brian McGeehan, Penn State U.
  • Heather Petcovic, Indiana U.
  • D.M. Petrecca, Lehigh
  • Mary Picard, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Jennifer Piontek, U WI-Oshkosh
  • Kenneth Reid, Western WA U
  • Lori Robinson, UT State U.
  • Justin Stockwell, Indiana U.
  • Kendall Taft, Huron, SD
  • Stephan Tillinghast, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Russell Wiseman, U. of TN

1994 Interns


  • William Ackland, Oregon State University
  • Colden Baxter, University of Oregon - Eugene
  • Leslie Brown, Louisiana State University
  • Matthew Cohn, Southern Illinois University
  • Tara Curtin, Colgate University
  • David Davis, Louisiana State University
  • Jennifer DeLurio, Pennsylvania State University
  • Barton Faulkner, Western State College
  • Peter Gill, University of New Mexico
  • Michael Hackney, Kansas State University/Wichita State University
  • Mark Hanson, Texas A&M University
  • Scott Hora, Wright State University
  • Bruce Jackson, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Russell Jaynes, Texas A&M University
  • Kimberly Karns, University of Arkansas
  • Christopher King, University of Arkansas
  • Megan McCoy, Indiana University
  • Natalie McCullough, Stanford University
  • Gregory Mongano, San Diego State University
  • Keenan Murray, Arizona State University
  • Eric Mysona, Bowling Green State University
  • Nicole Nelson, University of California - Santa Barbara
  • Timothy Oden, Wright State University
  • Paul Peterson, California State University - North Ridge
  • Benjamin Plummer, University of Pennsylvania - YBRA
  • Thomas Reppe, Black Hills Field Station
  • Karen Rittenhouse, Black Hills Field Station
  • Scott Rufolo, Boston University
  • James Sagebiel, University of Texas - Austin
  • Timothy Shanahan, Albion College
  • Devin Shay, Hamilton College
  • Joshua Smith, State University of New York - Buffalo
  • Shirley Steinmacher, University of Pennsylvania - YBRA
  • Sean Stettner, Lehigh University
  • Dana Strength, Indiana University
  • James Tautfest, University of California - Davis
  • Jeffrey Warren, University of Arizona
  • Arlo Weil, University of Oregon - Eugene
  • Cynthia Werner, University of Missouri - Columbia
  • John West, Jr., University of Pennsylvania - YBRA
  • Melinda Wright, Arizona State University
  • Jon Wunderlich, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
  • Carl Zimmerman, University of Michigan

1993 Interns

  • Michael Alter, LSU
  • Larry Arnold II, Kansas State
  • Dennis Baden, Kent State
  • Rebecca Beavers, YBRA
  • Bryan Bergmann, UW-Oshkosh
  • Sandra Bezenek, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Barrett Bole, Sul Ross
  • Michael Brady, Wright State
  • Robert Bultman, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Robert Burger, Indiana University
  • Stewart Cain, U. Alaska-Fairbanks
  • Peter Cattaneo, U. Kansas
  • Kris Caylor, U. Kansas
  • Catherine Chatfield, Fort Lewis
  • Lars Cherichetti, Indiana U.
  • Ian Clark, YBRA
  • John Crittenden, Humboldt State
  • Michael Dailey, N. Illinois U.
  • Tiege Davidson, U. Michigan
  • Michael Dean, Indiana U.
  • Joseph DeVivo, Lehigh
  • Stan Dunagan, Lehigh
  • Mary Dytrych, Arizona State
  • Kevin Ellett, Indiana U.
  • Scott Englert, SUNY-Buffalo
  • Jill Feltovich, S. Illinois U.
  • Carolyn Garrison, Ball State
  • Elizabeth Gier, U. Cal-Berkeley
  • Glen Grissom, Boston U.
  • Tim Hall, Fort Lewis
  • Miriam Hart, UNC System
  • Erin Holmstad, U. of Wash.
  • Jason Jacobs, Boston U.
  • Paul Jacobson, W. State-Colo.
  • Denny Johnson, Utah State
  • Peggy Kalmar, Colorado School of Mines
  • Patrick Koepele, Colgate
  • Holly Langrock, Utah State
  • Phillip Larson, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Thomas LeRoy, Humboldt St.
  • Ralph Levy, Colgate
  • John Luczaj, UW-Oshkosh
  • Jeffrey Mann, N. Illinois U.
  • Roman Menton, U. Oregon
  • Jeffrey Mlekush, U. New Mex.
  • Jeff Moran, U. Oregon
  • Sheila Murphy, U. Michigan
  • Thomas Nylen, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Susan O'Neill, UNC System
  • Jennifer Pallon, YBRA
  • Jeffrey Palmer, U. Nevada-Reno
  • Preston Phillips Jr., UNC System
  • Peter Powers, Boston U.
  • Bethany Rinard, Baylor
  • Jamie Robertson, U. Mich
  • Deana Sanders, NE. Louisiana U.
  • Michael Schoemann, SUNY-Buffalo
  • Jessie Schroeder, U. Missouri
  • Erik Stoksad, Indiana U.
  • Angela Strain, U. Missouri-Col.
  • William Taylor, Indiana U.
  • Carolyn Trayler, U. Washington
  • Philip Trowbridge, U. Washington
  • Jason Unkefer, Ohio State
  • Kevin Vanderveer, Boston University
  • Blaine Watson, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Kimberley White, UNC System
  • Pamela Winsky, Boston U.
  • Adam Wygant, U. Missouri
  • Samantha York, Cal. St. -Northridge

1992 Interns

  • Mark Abolins, UC-Berkeley
  • Joseph Andrew, Penn State
  • Gregory Baker, Lehigh
  • Mary Ball, Wyoming
  • Jill Baum, Idaho State
  • David Braxton, Indiana
  • Christopher Brown, Colgate
  • William Burnett, Ft. Lewis
  • Kimberly Bussey, Botson University
  • Eric Caldwell, Albion
  • Erik Caldwell, Albion
  • Justin Casserly, Missouri-Columbia
  • Timothy Clark, N.C. System-wide
  • Frederic Coll, SUNY-Buffalo
  • Robert Cook, Montana State
  • Peter Cox, Indiana
  • John Cram, Southern Utah
  • Matthew Cromer, N.C. System-wide
  • Jane Denny, Colgate
  • Daniel DiCesare, SUNY-Buffalo
  • Jennifer Distlehorst, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Patricia Drake, Louisiana State
  • Ronald Drake II, Kansas
  • Weston Dripps, YBRA
  • James Duxbury, Bowling Green
  • Cathryn Dwyre, Colgate
  • David Evans, Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • Kirsten Findell, YBRA
  • Andrew Goodell, Missouri-Columbia
  • David Greene, Missouri-Columbia
  • Ross Hartleb, YBRA
  • James Hicks, Ohio State
  • Alan Brad Highley, Florida State
  • Thomas Kalakay, Montana
  • Kevin Knapp, Idaho State
  • Jay Khight, Cal. St., Long Beach
  • Stephen Kuehn, Idaho State
  • Tanja Leggett, Penn State
  • Karen Lenz, YBRA
  • Gregory Leonard, Arizona
  • Kathy Licht, Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • Randall Locke II, Illnois State
  • James Mancino, Boston University
  • Charles Mason, Colgate
  • Michael Maudlin. Western Washington
  • Juliet McKenna, Indiana
  • Drew Milewski, Ball State
  • Clayton Millard, Indiana
  • Marilyn Miller, Miami University (OH)
  • John Mosier, Texas at San Antonio
  • Chad Nelson, Albion
  • John Oswald, Humboldt State
  • Sean Paulsen, Northern Illinois
  • Craig Peters, UC-Berkeley
  • Jeffrey Pigati, Southern Illinois
  • Jamene Pinnow, UC-Santa Barbara
  • Scott Pinsonnault, Hamilton College
  • Nina Priestley, Wright State
  • Wendolyn Quigley, Boston University
  • Michael Rahnis, YBRA
  • Benjamin Reed, Miami University (OH)
  • Eric Reuber, Wright State
  • Leslie Rosenberg, Cal. St., Northridge
  • Kevin Rosso, Indiana
  • James Rowe, Bowling Green
  • June Skinner, San Diego State
  • Josef Sobieraj, Oregon
  • Mark Stacy, Indiana
  • Stefanie Taunton, Kansas
  • Philip Teas, Texas at Austin
  • Frank Tokar Jr., Bowling Green
  • David Van Domelen, Oregon
  • Brian Vauter, Baylor
  • Robert Weber, Kansas
  • George Wiegman, N.C. System-wide
  • Christopher WIlliams, Boston University
  • Janie Williams, N.C. System-wide
  • Thomas Woosley, Western State College of Colorado

1991 Interns

  • Robert Abrams, Indiana
  • Colin Basye, Colorado School of Mines
  • Micheal Boatman, Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • George Booth, Princeton
  • Andrew Brill, Princeton
  • Mark Carter, Lehigh
  • Mark Cheyne, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Andrew Clark, Princeton
  • Kari Cooper, Oregon
  • Melissa Cowoski, Colgate
  • Dale Crissman, Texas at El Paso
  • Christopher Dieter, Wright State
  • Craig Finley, Ohio State,/li>
  • Steve Flock, Idaho State
  • Jennifer Force, Wasatch-Vinta
  • Jeffery Foster, Mesa State
  • Aina Fox, Northern Illinois
  • Kathy Fraracci, New Orleans
  • Cheryl Gansecki, Princeton
  • Catherine Gaskin, Montana
  • James Goddard, Utah State
  • Steven Goodbred, Boston University
  • Amy Halleran, Indiana
  • Todd Heibel, Missouri-Columbia
  • David Hicks, New Mexico
  • Gregory Hill, Western State of Colorado
  • Marsha Hilmes, Southern Illnois
  • Micheal Hoffman, Boston University
  • Kerry Holland, Albion
  • Robert Janosy, Ohio State
  • Gabrielle Katz, Albion
  • Kathi Kimble, Texas A&M
  • John Kivett, Missouri-Columbia
  • David Kreoning, Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Brain Laird, Oregon
  • James Laney, Ball State
  • Rebecca Lang, Oregon
  • David Maher, Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • Gary Mast, SUNY-Buffalo
  • Kyle Mayborn, California State-Bakersfield
  • Magan McGinty, Miami University (OH)
  • Thomas Mendes, Montana State
  • Theresa Messina, Indiana
  • Wendy Meyer, Colgate
  • Marcus Milling, Texas A&M
  • James Montgomery Jr., Montana
  • Shirley Morikawa, Mondana
  • Jed Mosenfelder, Princeton
  • Timothy Paulsen, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Steven Reigel, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Peter Reiners, Indiana
  • Karen Roberts, Princeton
  • Amy Sapp, Chicago
  • Brian Sheldon, Michigan
  • Dejan Smaic, SUNY-Buffalo
  • Kirk Stephens, Washington
  • Peter Sturdivant, Miami University (OH)
  • David Taylor, Montana State
  • Frank Tepley, California State-Northridge
  • David Thompson, Princeton
  • Dixon Van Hofwegen, Arizona
  • Angela Vasquez, Princeton
  • Andrew West, Beloit
  • Brian White, San Diego State
  • Tracey Whitesell, Indiana
  • James Wise, San Diego State
  • Sarah Wittenbrink, Princeton
  • Adrienne Woods, Idaho State
  • Mara Yale, Albion

1990 Interns

  • Kristine M Alvarez, Weber State
  • John Carter Borden, Indiana
  • Brenda J Buck, Indiana
  • Scott A Burner, Bowling Green
  • William J Bussard, Fort Lewis
  • Anthony J Caldanaro Jr, Bowling Green
  • Paul D Chang, UCLA
  • David S Croker, UCLA
  • Sally P Drews, Wasatch-Uinta Minnesota-Duluth
  • Allyn J Foss, SUNY-Buffalo
  • Carol R Franck, Hamilton College
  • Clifford P Gill, Colgate
  • Thomas P Grundy, Boston University
  • Donald W Harrison, Southern Illinois
  • Cheryl Hummon, Indiana
  • Andrew G Klein, Boston University
  • Elizabeth P Knapp, YBRA-Princeton
  • Daniel J Miller, Michigan
  • Douglas L Musser, Missouri-Columbia
  • Geoffrey A Phelps, California-Berkeley
  • Thomas J Powers, Albion
  • James R Rougvie, Wasatch-Uinta Minnesota-Duluth
  • Kenneth D Ruddy, Delaware
  • Connie M Safreed, Ohio State
  • Thomas R Sampson, Wasatch-Uinta Minnesota-Duluth
  • Leon T Sawyko III, Hamilton College
  • Lori D Snyder, Colorado State
  • Michael A Stewart, Indiana
  • Robert C Stroh, San Diego State
  • Christopher H Swartz, Ohio State
  • Charles F Taborm Jr, SUNY-Buffalo
  • Laura M Vaugeois, California-Riverside
  • Marc A Wahrer, Bowling Green
  • John R Young, Northern Illinois

1989 Interns

  • James D R Applegate, Cornell
  • Peter A Battuello, New Mexico
  • Scotty D Baumgartner, Missouri-Rolla
  • Daniel R Block, Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • Curtis A Consolvo, Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • Brent A Couzens, Michigan
  • Christopher A Curran, Albion
  • Charles E Dunlap, YBRA-Princeton
  • Debi J Farnsworth, SUNY-Buffalo
  • Lorrin F Ferdinand, YBRA-Princeton
  • Keith R Fetzner, Northern Illinois
  • Robert B Genau, Miami (Ohio)
  • Sarah B Gramlich, Idaho State
  • Nelson R Ham, Waynesburg
  • Kimberly A Hannula, Idaho State
  • Steven R Hannula, Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • Stephen R Hoffine, Kansas
  • Sandra D V Matthews, Colgate
  • Charles L Melancon, California-Hayward
  • Patricia A Merkley, Ball State
  • Nathan B Mustoe, Brigham Young
  • Matthew W Owens, Arizona
  • Rosemary C Paramore, Southern Methodist
  • Gordon K Parish, Michigan Tech
  • Suzanne T Rupert, California Lawrence Livermore
  • Kathleen A Sander, Albion
  • Kevin M Schmidt, California-Berkeley
  • Michael C Selling, Nevada-Reno
  • Matthew M Slagel, Indiana
  • Virginia K Smith, Missouri-Rolla
  • Laurie E Stenberg, California-Berkeley
  • Lora R Stevens, Missouri-Rolla
  • Scott E Summerside, Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Arthur D Wahl, Houston
  • Jeffrey V Ware, Missouri-Rolla
  • Douglas W White, Western State (CO)
  • Kathleen S White, YBRA-Princeton

1987 Interns

  • John Arambarri, Idaho
  • Stacy Bohannon, Oklahoma State
  • Maureen Cochrell, Washington
  • Scott Corsair, Fort Hays State
  • Lynn DeMay, Albion College
  • Lisa Dierauf, UC-Santa Cruz
  • Theresa Dunn, Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Glen A. Emory, California State-Hayward
  • Tracy D. Frank, Iowa State
  • Martha Gerdes, Indiana
  • Carl Geschwind, Arizona
  • Lori Goetsch, Iowa
  • David Goldsby, Indiana
  • Kathryn Gregory, Indiana
  • Janet Griese, NE Louisana
  • Linda Ivany, Missouri-Columbia
  • David Jacques, Bowling Green
  • Charles Jones, Stanford
  • Sarah Koerber, Memphis State
  • Amy Kumershek, Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • Catherine Laky, Howard University
  • Richard Luark, Idaho
  • James Martin, Idaho State
  • Sean McCauley, Princeton
  • Scott Mcintyre, South Dakota School of Mines
  • Michael Meyer, Northern Arizona
  • Michael Nash, Missouri, Columbia
  • David Nemetz, Beloit College
  • Brigitte Neus, Colorado
  • Thomas Nye, Southern Illinois
  • David Paiko, Texas Tech
  • Michael Penikis, Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Thomas Reed, Missouri-Rolla
  • Joseph Richards, Missouri-Columbia
  • Wayne Schanck, Princeton
  • Erik Silvola, Minnesota-Duluth
  • William Smith, Kent State
  • Linda Spry, Mesa College
  • Randall Stoeberl, South Dakota School Of Mines
  • Robert Swenson, Montana
  • Edward Tarjouman, Montana
  • Sarah Tebbens, Southern Florida
  • Jane Uptegrove, Indiana
  • Kathleen White, Indiana
  • Christopher Whitman, North Wales
  • Kathleen Witthuhn, Missouri-Columbia
  • Scott Zeller, Wisconsin-Madison

1986 Interns


  • Ann Backstrom, Indiana
  • Jonena Bamford, Idaho State
  • Michael Becker, Indiana
  • Douglas bergerson, Lamar University
  • Brian Bodenbender, University of Arizona
  • Steven Brown, Albion College
  • Jennifer Carey, YBRA
  • Douglas Clark, Humboldt State
  • James Cleveland, Indiana
  • Becky Jo Coel, Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • Martin Cohen, Bowling Green
  • Charles Cubbison, YBRA
  • David DeWitt, Southern Florida
  • Andrew Elmer, Wichita State
  • Sonya Evans, Indiana
  • David Finley, Florida International
  • Henry Foster, UCLA
  • Michael Gefell, Cornell
  • Tony Gillispie, North Carolina
  • Jodie Hayob, Wasatch-Uinta
  • Raymond Horner Georgia State
  • Marcie Horowitz, YBRA
  • Jennifer Humphrey, Iowa State
  • John Huss, Cornell
  • Heidemarie Johnson, Texas-San Antonio
  • Cassandra Katz, New Orleans
  • John Kemp, Kentucky
  • Carl Kirby, Montana
  • Cynthia Lange, Indiana
  • Lynn Leonard, Indiana
  • Beth Lettman, Texas-San Antonio
  • Alan Levine, Delaware
  • Paul Lowrey, Oklahoma State
  • Jean Lynch, Cornell
  • David Macy, Ball State
  • Douglas McCarty, Montana
  • Stephen McDuffie, Albion College
  • Susan McGuire, Minnesota
  • Stewart Merle, Alaska
  • Kathleen Mullaney, Indiana
  • Antoinette Murphy, Lousiana Tech
  • Martin Olsen, Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • Thomas Peters, Wayne State
  • James Price, Gerogia State
  • Thomas Ramotowski, Albion College
  • Geneva Randall, Indiana
  • Joseph Reese, Indiana
  • Gary Remple, Idaho
  • Keith Rowan, Brooklyn College
  • Gregory Santo, Arizona
  • Keleigh Sasser, Corpus Christi State
  • Deborah Schueller, Michigan Tech
  • Laurie Skaer, UC-Santa Barbara
  • William Slattery, Indiana University
  • MOnte Snyder, Southwestern Missouri State
  • Edward Southwick, Cal State Hayward
  • Erik Spande, Iowa State
  • David Tuck, North Wales
  • jack turner, Fort Lewis
  • Jeanne Wallberg, Idaho State
  • Thomas Wilch, Indiana
  • Kathleen Woida, Illinois State

1985 Interns


  • Kurt Allen, Boise State
  • Lisa Aronow, North Wales
  • Lawrence Artman, James Madison
  • Christopher Bader, Fort Hays State
  • Reese Barrick, Texas Tech
  • Amy Bennett, Louisiana Tech
  • Karen Bergmann, Penn State
  • John Berner, Cornell
  • Tim Bowers, Bowling Green
  • Marilyn Bradley, Houston
  • Lucy Chambers, YBRA
  • Mike Clayville, Idaho
  • Robert Clouser, James Madison
  • Terrence Connelly, Georgia State
  • Robert Darling, Idaho State
  • Katherine Davis, Maryland
  • Susan Dawson, Miami (Ohio)
  • Deborah Engebretson, Western Washington
  • Barbara Feakes, Texas Tech
  • Jeffrey Fresko, Texas Tech
  • Craig Fish, Lehigh
  • Susanna Francis, Wayne State
  • Leisa Gauer, Indiana
  • Jonathan Giesen, Arkansas (Monticello)
  • Gretchen Gillis, North Wales
  • Nancy Gorczyca, YBRA
  • Eric Gyllenhaal, Indiana
  • Mark Hageman, Ohio State
  • Ruth Hanna, UC-Daivs
  • Stephen Hartley, Lousiana tech
  • Katherine Heimes, Indiana
  • Michael Hiett, Memphis State
  • Mary Holden, North Wales
  • William Holman, Michigan Tech
  • Paul Hudak, Waynesburg
  • Randall Hunt, South Dakota School of Mines
  • William Isbell, Montana
  • Brian Jeffs, Arizona State
  • Keith Johns, Indiana
  • Christy Kehn, Michigan Tech
  • David Kelley, Colorado State
  • Kimberly Kemble, Southern Mississippi
  • Brian Krzys, Boston
  • Mary Lentz, Wayne State
  • Donald Lewis, Cal State-Hayward
  • Linden Linam, Texas-El Paso
  • Kenneth MacLeod, Indiana
  • Elisabeth Marr, Montana State
  • Craig McCaa, Cal State-Hayward
  • Thomas McKenna, Southern Mississippi
  • Robert Meek, Miami (Ohio)
  • Gerilynn Moline, Southern Maine
  • Monica Murray, Arizona
  • Anne Nathe, Cal State-Hayward
  • James Nichols, Miami (Ohio)
  • Rick Palm, Fort Hays State
  • Frank Pazzaglia, Penn State
  • Christian Petersen, San Jose State
  • Jeffrey Raffensperger, Maryland
  • Donna Raup, Alaska
  • Kyle Reed, Boise State
  • Susan Roberts, indiana
  • David Ronnei, Indiana
  • Phillip Royall, North Carolina State
  • Judith Ruffner, Arizona
  • Laura Sacks, Miami (Ohio)
  • Thomas Schaffner, Miami (Ohio)
  • Lisa Schrader, Michigan Tech
  • Mark Schumacher, Alfred University
  • Stacy Seaman, Indiana
  • Thomas Siewert, Indiana
  • Edward Sobel, Cornell
  • Cary Taylor, Indiana
  • Paul Torcoletti, Miami (Ohio)
  • Charles Trupe, James Madison
  • Jeffrey Unruh, UC-Davis
  • Daryl Uran, Sul Ross
  • Robert Versical, Indiana
  • Randy Walters, Indiana
  • Scott Wendling, Southern Illinois-Carbondale
  • Scott Whipkey, Waynesburg
  • Barbara Zemanovic, Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • John Zeigler, Lehigh

1984 Interns


  • Reid Allan, Lehigh
  • Sungat Altis, James Madison
  • Steven Anderson, Miami (Ohio)
  • Brad Archer, Arizona
  • Bradley Bayne, Nevada
  • John Berry, Idaho State
  • Charles Bitting, Missouri
  • Michael Bowman, Indiana
  • Gary Burchard, New Mexico
  • Annetta Burroughs, Montana
  • Gregory Carroll, California
  • Julia Clay, Wyoming
  • Tony Cole, Montana
  • Sarah Collinsworth, Colorado
  • Donald Coltrin, Wyoming
  • Wesley Combs, Colorado
  • Sarah Culton, Eastern Washington
  • Andrew Czebieniak, Penn State
  • Gareth Davies, SE Colorado
  • Amy DeMasi, Ball State
  • Anna DiGiovanni, Utah
  • Susan Duncanson, Utah
  • Thomas Dwyer, South Dakota
  • Nancy Elfranks, Utah
  • David Ferrill, Montana
  • Andrew Foerg, Michigan
  • Daniel Folan, SUNY - Cortland
  • Steven Fortier, Sul Ross
  • Robert Fredrick, Cal State/Hayward
  • Richard Furner, Texas/San Antonio
  • Steve Glotfelty, Albion College
  • Margaret Graefe, Wisconsin
  • W. James Griswold, Mesa
  • Jay Gunderson, Wisconsin
  • Carl Hanson, Indiana
  • Melannie Hartman, South Dakota School of Mines
  • Victor Heilweil, SUNY - Buffalo
  • Marc Hendrix, Indiana
  • Roger Hettenhausen, Southern Illinois (YBRA)
  • Lisa Hird, Michigan Tech
  • Steven Holland, Miami (Ohio)
  • Charles Hoskins, Toledo
  • Bruce Jones, Idaho State
  • George Jones, Howard
  • Perry Jones, Miami (Ohio)
  • Gerard Kashatus, Penn State
  • Robin Kent, Montana
  • Nancy Kolodny, Harvard/Yale/Cornell
  • Vallerie-Ann Kulyk, NE Louisiana
  • Jennie Lacobee, NE Louisiana
  • Craig Lippus, Bowling Green
  • Karen Loomis, U.C.L.A.
  • Lorri Maloney, Indiana
  • William Manley, Lehigh
  • Julianne Marhoefer, Indiana
  • Clinton Marshall, Houston
  • Susan Mooney, Princeton/YBRA
  • Amy Moser, Montana
  • Eric Neubecker, Wright State
  • Tina Niemi, Vanderbilt
  • Leo Ostwald, Montana State
  • Lance Peterson, Indiana
  • Michael Pomes, Wisconsin/Milwaukee
  • James Renner, Michigan Tech
  • Robert Ross, Wales
  • Donald Ruggery, Waynesburg
  • Charles Russell, Eastern Washington
  • Daniel Scheirer, Princeton/YBRA
  • Roy Schlische, Nevada/Las Vegas
  • Nancy Schmidt, Colgate
  • Phillip Scott, Indiana
  • Thomas Serenko, Miami (Ohio)
  • Lorea Sharp, Louisiana Tech
  • Cynthia Shroba, Illinois
  • Penny Silzer, Western Illinois
  • Edward Stephens, North Carolina State
  • Sandra Straehl, Montana State
  • Diana Thompson, Fort Hays State
  • John Tweddale, Indiana
  • Christopher Vierrether, SE Missouri
  • Sheryl Wiet, Indiana
  • Bruce Winter, Kansas State
  • Wuthrich, Dennis San Jose State
  • Steven Wyneken, California/Davis
  • Peter Zeeb, Indiana

1983 Interns


  • E.D. Arenberg, Florida
  • L. Avon, Michigan
  • P.M. Barlow, Connecticut
  • F.W. Beaver, Miami (Ohio)
  • K.A. Beidler, Boise State
  • C.M. Bertka, Miami (Ohio)
  • C.N. Branch, Miami (Ohio)
  • K.L. Branham, Southwest Missouri
  • L.S. Brueggemann, Southern Illinois
  • L.L. Burnett, Albion
  • M.R. Caleb, Lehigh
  • D.J. Cook, Florida
  • S.M. DeBari, Lehigh
  • T.L. Dehen, Texas-San Antonio
  • K.A. Demsey, Montana State
  • M.E. Dodt, Wayne State
  • T.A. Dunn, Ball State
  • R.A. Francis, Ohio University
  • J.E. Gales, Michigan
  • C. Garland, Montana
  • L.M. Gosse, Southern Illinois
  • M.T. Grady, Idaho
  • K.M. Griffin, Wales
  • W.R. Hale, East Carolina
  • J.L. Harrington, Southwest Missouri State
  • G.G. Harris, Indiana
  • J.D. Herman, Princeton/YBRA
  • C.P. Hinze, Indiana
  • R.C. Hoover, North Carolina
  • S.A. Huckaby, Montana
  • H.A. Hurlow, Idaho State
  • G.L. Iannacone, Michigan
  • S.D. Ivy, Cal State Long Beach
  • R.D. Jacobs, West Virginia
  • M.A. Jacobvitz, Arizona State
  • R.C. Johnson, Michigan Tech
  • D.S. Jones, S. Oregon State
  • A.E. Jordan, South Dakota School of Mines
  • D.L. Kirschner, Indiana
  • L.L. Krol, Arizona State
  • G. LaMontagne, Eastern Illinois
  • D.W. Lea, Indiana
  • L.R. Ledbetter, Memphis State
  • V.A. Leidy, Stephen F. Austin
  • S.W. Little, Idaho
  • A.J. Lord, North Carolina State
  • B.A. Low, Michigan
  • E.R. Lundin, Fort Lewis
  • J.N. McAuley, Texas-San Antonio
  • M.G. McBride, Mesa
  • J.D. McCurley, Arkansas
  • P.A. McGee, Montana State
  • S.E. Mason, Ohio State
  • J.C. Mathews, Southwest Louisiana
  • S.A. Muffler, Bowling Green
  • W.S. Nagle, Princeton/YBRA
  • D.K. O'Brien, Arizona State
  • N. Palzcuk, Princeton/YBRA
  • H. Papastergiou, Princeton/YBRA
  • J .L. Peterson, Wisconsin
  • T.A. Pish, Wright State
  • D. Powell, Lehigh
  • J.E. Ranson, South Florida
  • C.R. Rebbert, Missouri
  • L.K. Roberts, Indiana
  • D.W. Rowe, Montana
  • M.T. Rowlett, Houston
  • T.L. Runge, Miami (Ohio)
  • S.D. Samson, Arizona State
  • D.W. Schinderle, W. New Mexico State
  • R. Schuster, E. Illinois
  • K.J. Shackelton, Kansas State
  • F.C. Sheppard, New Orleans
  • Smith, Jeffrey, Stephen F. Austin
  • D. Snyder, Indiana
  • C.A. Sperber, Michigan
  • G.A. Stenback, Idaho
  • G.B. Strayer, Wright State
  • H.K. Sydow, East Carolina
  • A.M. Thompson, Texas A & M
  • L.C. Tomb, Arizona
  • J.D. Toombs, SE Missouri State
  • P.A. Turner, Boise State
  • G.A. Tyers, Iowa State
  • M.A. Wallinga, Albion
  • P.A. Waterreus, Texas-San Antonio
  • F.A. Waters, Montana State
  • J.D. Webster, S. Mississippi
  • D.E. Welch, Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • T. W. Whitehead, Cal State-Hayward
  • C.R. Wiggs, Southwest Lousiana
  • C. Wilbur, Emporia State
  • S.J. Wilhelm, Miami (Ohio)
  • G.C. Wilson, Albion
  • M.L. Woodruff, Ohio State
  • V.L. Yingling, Indiana
  • R.D. Zaleha, Bowling Green

1982 Interns


  • Kathleen Allyn, Indiana
  • Amy Anderson, Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Barbara Bagby, Indiana
  • Roger Barnaby, North Carolina
  • Rita Beale, Princeton/YBRA
  • Barbara Beatty, Washington State
  • Kevin Bishop, Connecticut
  • Diedra Bohn, Montana State
  • Linda Bond, Missouri
  • William Boone, Indiana
  • Martin Brand, Texas A & M
  • David Briar, Montana State
  • James Brown, Northern Arizona
  • James Brownell, Montana
  • William Jerry Bryan, S. Oregon State
  • Mark Christensen, Indiana
  • Kenneth Conca, Arizona State
  • Katherine Connors, Miami (Ohio)
  • David Costolnick, Indiana
  • Kurt Cox, Alabama
  • Scott Cross, Alabama
  • Margaret Daley, UC-Davis
  • Lawrence Daniels, Princeton-YBRA
  • P. Garlnad Davis, James Madison
  • Mark Dekruyter, Michigan
  • Michael Deliz, New Orleans
  • Robert Donovan, Nebraska/Lincoln
  • John Dougherty, Penn State
  • Amanda Duke, Ohio State
  • Kenneth Duncan, Alabama
  • Sally Durrenberger, Utah
  • Sara Eldredge, Indiana
  • Randall Epperson, Alabama
  • Mahlon Erickson, Eastern Illinois
  • Bonnie Feinroth, Princeton/YBRA
  • John Field, Alaska
  • Michael Fleming, Bowling Green
  • Tamsen Fleming, Indiana
  • Edith Foale, Missouri-Rolla
  • Karlene French, Indiana
  • Susan Frey, Illinois
  • Bonnie Fricke, Minnesota-Morris
  • Arnold Gehring, Mesa
  • Billy Giles, Indiana
  • Larry Gilmore, Texas A & M
  • Michael Gottler, S. Oregon State
  • Vivian Gratton, Indiana
  • Grady Grissom, Princeton/YBRA
  • Kenneth Hagler, Mesa
  • Scott Hammond, Wright State
  • Lisa Harstad, Indiana
  • Charles Hassell, Texas A & M
  • Darla Heil, Montana
  • Scott Holm, Florida
  • Janet Hopson, Tennessee
  • Lawrence Hoyt, Florida
  • Mary Hrenda, West Virginia
  • Anita Huedepohl, S. Mississippi
  • Michael Hultgren, S.F. Austin
  • Raymond Hummeldorf, Alaska
  • Keith Jarrin, CCNY
  • Chris Johnson, Brigham Young
  • Jennifer Johnson, Bowling Green
  • Richard Johnson, Wright State
  • Mark Kochanski, Purdue University
  • Mary Kazmarek, Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Thomas Kelty, San Jose State
  • Edward Kilduff, Michigan
  • Mieczyslawa Klas, S. Maine
  • David Kleesattel, Bowling Green
  • Cath. Kuchenreuther, Texas-San Antonio
  • David Kulikowski, Eastern Illinois
  • John Kundtz, Northern Arizona
  • Mark Larsen, Minnesota-Duluth
  • Scott Linneman, Wales
  • James Little, Southern Illinois
  • Richard Luker, Western Montana
  • James Mason, Cal. Poly
  • Kris Matson, Michigan
  • Patricia Maurice, Lehigh
  • Alfred McEwen, Northern Arizona
  • Allen McGrew, British Isles
  • Michael McKim, Bowling Green
  • Michael McPherson, Mesa
  • David Meadow, SUNY-Cortland
  • Yvonne Meeks, Minnesota
  • John Miller, West Virginia
  • Elizabeth Milliron, Tennessee
  • Susan Mills, Fort Hays State
  • Martha Moses, Michigan
  • Jackie Mutschler, Wright State
  • James Nakagawa, Bowling Green
  • Mark Nielson, Illinois St
  • Andrew Nyblade, Miami (Ohio)
  • Mary O'Connor, Indiana
  • Terri Osborne, Texas
  • Bruce Partain, Texas/Permian Basin
  • William Patterson, Alabama
  • Janet Peters, Eastern Illinois
  • Elsa Peterson, Princeton/YBRA
  • Bruce Phillips, Illinois
  • Terrie Pleibel, Alabama
  • Mark Potochnik, Bowling Green
  • Amy Powell, Idaho State
  • James Prospere, Texas-San Antonio
  • Deanne Prusak, Indiana
  • Peter Randazzo, Indiana
  • Dennis Rashka, Indiana
  • Wayne Ratcliff, Wright State
  • Linda Reinen, Indiana
  • Ted Repasky, Wright State
  • Kathleen Roberts, Southwest Louisiana
  • Billy Joe Russell, S.F. Austin State
  • Jeffrey Ryan, Fort Lewis
  • Christine Sapeta, Iowa State
  • Rebecca Sayer, Indiana
  • Patrick Schwind, Bowling Green
  • Mike Seeber, Kansas State
  • Ann Sheehan, Kansas
  • Phebe Sherrod, Memphis State
  • David Williams Shufelt, Idaho State
  • Christine Skirius, Wisconsin/Oshkosh
  • Jonathan Sporleder, Ball State
  • James Stone, Kansas State
  • James Sterad, Kent State
  • Mark Sutherland, Indiana
  • Johannes Swartz, Nevada-Las Vegas
  • Mike Swing, Utah
  • John Tarduno, Lehigh
  • Vincent Tom, S. Oregon State
  • Andrew Tomlinson, Uc Berkeley
  • Jeff Treadway, Wright State
  • George Truett, Miami (Ohio)
  • Martitia Tuttle, Alaska-Fairbanks
  • Jay Valusek, Wichita State
  • Laurel Vance, Houston
  • Maryke VanHeeswyk, Ohio State
  • Jay Vogt, Texas A & M
  • Jeffrey Warner, Miami (Ohio)
  • Walter Washington, New Orleans
  • Brent Waters, Alaska
  • Michael Weber, Penn State
  • Jon Weldon, Emory
  • Patricia White, South Dakota
  • Stephen Wigger, Southern Illinois
  • John Willrodt, Texas
  • Kevin Zonana, Texas

1981 Interns


  • Ann S. Aber, Lehigh
  • Robert J. Altamura, Miami (Ohio)
  • Sanford Ballard, Arizona
  • Elizabeth Barger, Bowling Green
  • David M. Barlow, Miami (Ohio)
  • James M. Barolak, Texas A & M
  • Jeffrey A. Bauer, Bowling Green
  • Jacqueline V. Bernier, Montana State
  • Cornelia Berthold, Lehigh
  • Alan Blais, Wright State
  • Daniel T. Brahier, Bowling Green
  • Daniel J. Bright, San Jose State
  • Arlene C. Burns, South Carolina
  • Johnny Carroll, Texas-El Paso
  • Bruce M. Carswell, UC-Davis
  • Jack Carter, Houston
  • John Clinch, Texas
  • Kathleen E. Cohan, Mesa
  • Kenneth F. Collins, Mesa
  • Douglas H. Cook, Kansas State
  • Janine Cory, Indiana
  • Naomi Davidson, Lehigh
  • Bruce Dawson, Kansas
  • Jennifer H. DeChant, Michigan
  • Jeffrey G. Dejarnett, Miami (Ohio)
  • Kevin Depies, Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Dean E. Detar, Texas-El Paso
  • Margaret Ann Dewhirst, Kentucky
  • Patrick F. Dobson, Fort Lewis
  • Greg F. Durocher, Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • Hillary Dyer, Miami (Ohio)
  • David F. Edmundsen, Miami (Ohio)
  • Barbara Ellis, Albion
  • Norlene Emerson, Indiana
  • David A. Ferderer, Kent State
  • Lynna Jan Ferrari, Texas-San Antonio
  • Debra Ford, New Orleans
  • Kathleen Gallagher, Montana State
  • Mike Gartner, Wright State
  • Debra Gevirtzman, UC-Davis
  • David Gibson, Texas
  • Deborah Goaldman, San Jose State
  • Dale Goodrich, Michigan State
  • Eban S. Goodstein, Idaho
  • James E. Grant, S. Oregon State
  • Julian C. Gray, Georgia State
  • Timothy W. Grover, Indiana
  • Deborah Guertin, Indiana
  • Melissa M. Haines, Miami (Ohio)
  • Mark Haskins, Illinois
  • Barbara Hill, Oklahoma State
  • Jennifer E. Hill, Indiana
  • Kimberly F. Hinshaw, Indiana
  • Darden G. Hood, Ball State
  • Debra Horn, Oklahoma
  • Clark M. Johnson, UC-Davis
  • Elizabeth A. Johnson, Miami (Ohio)
  • Germaine Johnson, New Orleans
  • Marcia Judy, S. Oregon State
  • Miriam E. Katz, Indiana
  • Karan Keith, Kansas
  • Richard Kelly, North Carolina
  • Gail C. Kineke, Princeton/YBRA
  • Cheryl l. Klobcar, Indiana
  • Donna B. Koesters, Miami (Ohio)
  • Linda A. Krakker, Michigan
  • Carey Krajewski, Minnesota
  • Sara J. Krohn, Illinois
  • Mike Kuykendall, Oklahoma State
  • Douglas Lambert, Bowling Green
  • Lewis Land, Oklahoma
  • Anne Marie Larson, Georgia State
  • Paula J. Leier, Ohio
  • David Levy, Kentucky
  • Amy Lewis, Texas
  • Kathryn R. McCarron, Kent State
  • Charles McCook, Indiana
  • Douglas J. McGuire, Indiana
  • Eric Mason, Oklahoma State
  • Kim Medina, Kansas
  • Barbara Menne, Indiana
  • Joanna Michie, North Carolina State
  • James A. Moore, Idaho
  • Deborah F. Motycka, Lehigh
  • Jeffrey W. Munsey, Indiana
  • Michael J. Murphy, E. Illinois
  • Teresa S. Nunenkamp, Ball State
  • Grant R. Olson, Illinois
  • Beth R. Palmer, Idaho
  • John M. Pandolfe, Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Lisanne G. Pearcy, Indiana
  • Edwin J. Pond, N. Arizona
  • Stephen E. Poorman, Akron
  • Kim A. Randall, Ohio State
  • Melanie Reed, New Orleans
  • David E. Reid, North Carolina
  • Donald C. Rice, Albion
  • Janet l. Rigler, Cal State-Hayward
  • Michael Roberts, Bowling Green
  • Lori C. Robison, Arizona
  • Christine Rossen, Indiana
  • Ronald A. Rueb, Toledo
  • Thomas F. Ruffer, Texas A & M
  • Laura M. Russell, Tennessee
  • Cathy Ruzycki, Mesa
  • Charles l. Saunders, North Carolina
  • Anne Sayers, Michigan State
  • Guy Schwartz, Wright State
  • Kent P. Scribner, Kansas State
  • Sharla Shine, Bowling Green
  • Mark S. Smith, Miami (Ohio)
  • Victor Smith, Bowling Green
  • Jay Snyder, New Mexico
  • Susan G. Spradley, Houston
  • Mark Stadum, Wright State
  • James E. Stanford, Cal State-Hayward
  • Richard J. Stead, Lehigh
  • Paul E. Sunby, W. New Mexico
  • Stephanie Tanaka, Missouri
  • Laurie B. Tanenbaum, Princeton/YRBA
  • Steve Taylor, Waynesburg
  • Lorrie S. Tingle, Alabama
  • Robert Trautz, Michigan State
  • Michael G. Tunnicliff, Missouri
  • Laurie J. Turner, Miami (Ohio)
  • Dale A. VanDam, UC-Santa Barbara
  • Ingrid J. Verhagen, Indiana
  • Kevin Werle, Wright State
  • James T. Wilson, N. Arizona
  • Andrea Yeaton, Virgina Tech

1980 Interns


  • Scott A. Adams, Alaska
  • David G. Alleman, Indiana
  • Walter B. Barker, Northern Arizona
  • Ella F. Brooks, Tennessee
  • Stephen T. Burkhard, Mesa
  • Gary Calvert, West Virginia
  • Cindy K. Carney, Toledo
  • Mark Chivers, Oklahoma State
  • Kenneth W. Clark, Montana State
  • Susanmarie Clark, Princeton/YBRA
  • Susan C . Cooper, Idaho
  • Denise Daigre, Southwest Louisiana
  • Beth A. Darby, Miami (Ohio)
  • Stanley Davis, Purdue
  • William J. Domoracki, Indiana
  • Linda A. Drake, Princeton/YBRA
  • Lisa G. Dunn, Bowling Green
  • David A. Edwards, Brigham Young
  • John S. Esser, Illinois
  • Matthew Fein, Purdue
  • Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Miami (Ohio)
  • Chris Fliesher, Kansas
  • Richard Franz II, Miami (Ohio)
  • William G. Frechette, Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Claudia A. Firman, Cal. State - Hayward
  • Janice M. Gillespie, Indiana
  • Robert M. Glazier, Maryland
  • Terri E. Grassmuck, Michigan
  • Sharon E. Hall-King, West Virginia
  • Michele A. Heath, Fort Lewis
  • Laurie B. Hillebrand, Kent State
  • Sally Hossenlopp, Oklahoma State
  • Kevin Howard, West Virginia
  • Sue Howes, Miami (Ohio)
  • Ethel Jack, Kansas
  • William A. Kennedy, Miami (Ohio)
  • Margated A. Klute, Fort Lewis
  • Andrew A. Kopania, UCLA
  • Jane F. Kostenko, Kentucky
  • Paul Kuvach, North Arizona
  • John Kerr, Michigan State
  • James Lagsdon, Oklahoma
  • Margaret I. Lane, Idaho
  • Rick E. Lantz, Illinois
  • Barbara L. Lowry, Indiana
  • Robert I. Magginetti, San Jose State
  • Papu Manier, Kansas
  • Peter B. McMahon, Missouri
  • Kimberlee W. Millberry, Indiana
  • Grant F. Miller, Humboldt State
  • James E. Miller, Montana
  • Gary F. Moy, San Antonio
  • Robert Mueller, Northern Arizona
  • Christine M. Nasehak, Cal. State - Hayward
  • William P. Neumann, Wisconsin
  • Daniel S. Neybert, Miami (Ohio)
  • Susan M. Nourse, Indiana
  • Peggy A. O'Day, UC - Davis
  • Lynn M. Parks, South Dakota School of Mines
  • Margie A. Patterson, UC - Davis
  • John D. Petri, Indiana
  • John D. Pickle, Princeton/YBRA
  • Margaret L. Plaus, Albion
  • Joanne L. Pinero, Indiana
  • Karen R. Poeschel, Humboldt State
  • Jean L. Purdy, Miami (Ohio)
  • Julie F. Ratcliffe, SIU - YBRA
  • Brian H. Reck, Illinois
  • Carol A. Revelt, Wyoming
  • David W. Roberson, Princeton/YBRA
  • Phyllis Robertson, Oklahoma
  • Diane M. Robinson, Southern California
  • David W. Rodgers, Indiana
  • Jeff Rogers, West Virginia
  • Roberta L. Rudnick, Sul Ross
  • Mike Scales, Michigan State
  • Rayna Schirer, Emporia State
  • David Schlichtemeier, Phillips
  • Dale C. Schlinsog, Indiana
  • Mark T. Schmidt, Kent State
  • Barbara J. Schneider, Bowling Green
  • Laura K. Schroer, Emporia State
  • Bill Schroeter, Northern Arizona
  • Susan Y. Schwartz, Indiana
  • Kurt E. Seel, Montana
  • Glen Simpson, Oklahoma State
  • Elaine Slaughter, Michigan State
  • David L. Smith, Princeton/YBRA
  • Gary A. Smith, Bowling Green
  • Harold A. Smith, Indiana
  • Gloria D. Sprague, SF Austin
  • Kenneth K. Steele, Montana State
  • Gregg A. Swayze, Indiana
  • Benjamin D. Sydboten, Kansas State
  • Michael J. Takacs, Albion
  • Janet E. Tower, North Carolina State
  • Tekleab Tsegay, Oklahoma State
  • Wendy C. Tucker, Indiana
  • Laurel K. Vedder, Missouri
  • James A. Waller, Indiana
  • Elliot S. Werk, Indiana
  • Karen L. Wheeler, Missouri
  • Grant C. Willis, Brigham Young
  • Sandra J. Wyld, Illinois
  • Jeffery Zeman, SIU - YBRA
  • Elise E. Zylstra, Wasatch - Uinta

1979 Interns


  • Richard Alley, Ohio State
  • Kate Armstrong, Indiana
  • Ellen Axtmann, Indiana
  • Arthur Barnes, Arizona
  • Henry Bean, Western Arizona
  • Tom Beard, Missouri
  • Suzanne Bernhardt, New Orleans
  • James Berg, Kansas
  • Dennis Binkley, Oklahoma State
  • Kent Bowker, Oklahoma State
  • Kerry Boyko, Idaho
  • Cynthia Brandt, New Orleans
  • Joe Bristor, Sol Ross St.
  • Chris Budai, Kansas
  • Gregory Bunk, Colorado
  • Margaret Burchfield, Missouri
  • Stephen Collamer, Indiana
  • Suzanne Costanza, Illinois
  • James Cunningham, Michigan State
  • Denis W. D'Amore, Boston University
  • Katherine Dimitracopoulis, Iowa State
  • Lorraine Dingman, SUNY - Binghamton
  • Larry Dus, Indiana
  • Sue A. Finstick-Smith, Montana
  • Jeffrey Forbes, Indiana
  • Lia Ann Fong, Indiana
  • Mike Gaskins, Oklahoma State
  • Margaret Golan, Indiana
  • Steve C. Good, Indiana
  • Glenn W. Greilich, Indiana
  • Kevin P. Guilbeau, New Orleans
  • Eileen Haney, Northern Arizona
  • Glen R. Hart, Mesa State
  • Michael D. Haufler, Indiana
  • Mary Hawkins, Miami (Ohio)
  • Silvia M. Heinrich, YBRA (Princeton)
  • Sharon M. Hirt, Akron - Cooper
  • Tom Hoisch, Indiana
  • Karen J. Houck, Illinois
  • Dan H. Jarrell, UC - Davis
  • Elaine Kampmueller, Michigan State
  • Thomas Kelly, Arizona
  • Lynette Key, San Jose State
  • Thomas A. King, YBRA (Princeton)
  • Ingrid Klich, New Mexico Inst.
  • John H. Kline, Southern Oregon
  • Joe Klingshirn, Montana/Purdue
  • Kathy Koskelin, Miami
  • Kurt Kretvix, YBRA (Princeton)
  • Barbara L. Lakey, Miami
  • Paul Layer, Michigan State
  • Louis LeFevre. Indiana
  • Reed S. Lewis, Idaho
  • Ralph Lilburn, Oklahoma State
  • Gary Mannshardt, Cal State - Hayward
  • Stephen J. Martel, UC - Davis
  • Albert Martin, SW Louisiana
  • Marilyn L. Massad, Wayne State
  • Valeria Mayaud, Ball State
  • Linda McCoy, Idaho State
  • Tomiann McDaniel, Wright State
  • Robert Meltz, Wisconsin - Oshkosh
  • Steven V. Moody, Ohio State
  • Llewellyn Moose, Indiana
  • Carla Niemy, Arizona
  • Kathryn B. Moseley, Fort Lewis
  • Nancy Nutter, Kansas State
  • Daniel O'Hanley, Indiana
  • John P. Obermiller, Texas
  • Mark E. Patzkowsky, Kansas State
  • Jeffrey Payne, West Virginia
  • Randy Perky, West Virginia
  • Karen K. Peters, SF Austin
  • Jan-Claire Phillips, Indiana
  • Laurel L. Pringle, YBRA (Princeton)
  • Blaine T. Reely, Arizona
  • Gary D. Richter, Texas
  • Linda Riddle, Montana/Purdue
  • Devon E. Rose, Idaho State
  • Cindy L. Rose, Baylor
  • Lawrence C. Rosen, Illinois
  • Eduardo A. Rubio, Arizona
  • Alan R. Satterlee, Montana State
  • Diana Lynn Scheidle, Wayne State
  • Loren S. Schmidt, Fort Hays State
  • Robert R. Seal II, Indiana
  • Edmund C. Secor, Indiana
  • Thomas S. Setzer, Illinois
  • William Shorb, Indiana
  • Evelyn Shotwell, NC State
  • Mary A. Siders, Ohio State
  • Roberta A. Spink, Minnesota - Duluth
  • George A. Steele III, Indiana
  • Richard Stolarz, Indiana
  • Christopher Sun-Crow, Montana
  • Jim Szecsody, Cal State - Haywrd
  • Kevin Talley, Oklahoma State
  • Alisa J. Taylor, New Mexico
  • Stephen M. Trehu, YBRA (Princeton)
  • Peter Trueblood, Indiana
  • Howard Jay Turin, YBRA (Princeton)
  • Warren J. Uhler, Arizona
  • Karol W. Valek, Bowling Green
  • Dawn Vander Zouwen, Indiana
  • Cathy Van Hoorebeke, Fort Lewis
  • Gordon Vaskey, Montana
  • David Watson, Oklahoma State
  • Patricia Ann Weisse, Lehigh
  • Mark Wilson, Missouri
  • Tom Wise, Memphis State
  • Beth Wright, Illinois

1978 Interns


  • James Abbey, Michigan State
  • Steven Adams, Indiana
  • David Agee, Oklahoma State
  • Michael R. Baganski, Albion
  • Paul J. Bartos. Wayne State
  • Richard J. Batt, SUNY Buffalo
  • James S. Bernhagen, Wisconsin - Oshkosh
  • Ann B. Bijkerk, Lehigh
  • William D. Bischoff, Miami (Ohio)
  • Michael L. Blair, Oregon
  • Richard L. Boone, Miami (Ohio)
  • Barry R. Bowman, Souther California
  • Felicia M. Boyd, Lehigh
  • Cynthia A. Bradford, New Orleans
  • Barbara E. Bullock, Memphis State
  • Paul Buszka, Michigan State
  • Phillip E. Byrd, Miami (Ohio)
  • Terry D. Call, Idaho State
  • Diane H. Carlson, Indiana
  • Scott A. Cooley, LSU
  • Richard M. Cotman, Houston
  • Rosmarie Cubba, Wayne State
  • James J. Culberson, Colorado School of Mines
  • Joe Curiale, Oklahoma
  • Mark Cutler, UCLA
  • Daniel C. Davis, Fort Lewis
  • Bill Devlin, CUNY Queens
  • Cynthia M. DeWeese, Mesa
  • Thomas E. Dill, Nebraska
  • Gerald J. Djuth, Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • John E. Dowden, Miami (Ohio)
  • Gonzalo Encisco, Kansas
  • Rachel S. Epstein, Missouri
  • James L. Eriavec, Miami (Ohio)
  • Robert D. Evans, Illinois
  • Michael E. Foster, Indiana
  • John D. Garing, YBRA
  • Karen L. Geisinger, Indiana
  • Kathy A. Goetz, Indiana
  • Robert H. Goldstein, Indiana
  • Lynn D. Gray, California - Long Beach
  • Dallas W. Greenberg, Indiana
  • Mickey E. Gunter, YBRA
  • Rafael Gutierrez, Arizona
  • David Hager, Purdue
  • Dorene J. Hari, Lehigh
  • Eric Hass, Texas
  • Steven Haynes, Purdue
  • Kimberlee S. Heichel, Indiana
  • Stacy Hocker, Oklahoma State
  • Gail R. Ingram, West Virginia
  • Alison H. Jones, LSU
  • Mark Kamm, West Virginia
  • T. Robert Kelley, Arizona
  • Robert L. Kidney, Illinois - Chicago
  • David Knight, Arizona
  • Richard A. Kolb, Montana
  • Linda S. Kost, Ball State
  • Kenneth J. Ladwig, Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Julie A. Laudon, Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Annabelle I.N. Lee, Missouri
  • Brian Lee, Oklahoma State
  • Carol K. Lee, Albion
  • Edward Leonhart, Kansas
  • Candace E. Line, Ohio State
  • Diana M Lipp, Idaho State
  • Steven L. Losh, Colorado School of Mines
  • Larry W. Maasen, Georgia
  • Mark S. Manwaring, Indiana
  • Brian D. Marshall, UC - Davis
  • John A. McAnulty Jr., Texas
  • John H. McBride, Indiana
  • Elizabeth McDonald, UCLA
  • Mark R. Miller, Idaho
  • Janet S. Modene, Eastern Illinois
  • Carolyn Murgitroyd, Oklahoma
  • Christine M. Murray, Michigan
  • Peter I. Nabelek, Indiana
  • Edward A. Need, Colorado State
  • Donald W. Northfelt, Minnesota
  • Joseph Oliver, Indiana
  • Joan Oppenheimer, Arizona
  • George J. Ostertag, Sul Ross
  • Didier F. Pennequinn, Indiana
  • Richard Piquine, Texas A & M
  • Anita M. Powers, Texas A & M
  • Donald G. Poulton, CCNY
  • Alicia A. Presti, Sul Ross
  • Suzanne J. Prochow, Nebraska
  • George W. Ratliff, Tulsa
  • Karen Robinson, UCLA
  • Edith D. Roper, Missouri
  • Charles Ross, Kansas
  • Nancy Ross, Indiana
  • Kenneth Sands, Texas
  • Jay R. Scheevel, Illinois
  • Steve Scherrard, West Virginia
  • Thomas S. Setzer, North Carolina State
  • Sally W. Sheridan, Idaho State
  • Virginia B. Sisson, Illinois (British Isles)
  • Betsy Swiula, Texas A & M
  • Mark R. Sorensen, Miami (Ohio)
  • Daniel T. Spencer, Indiana
  • Chris A. Stamm, Sul Ross
  • Loreen K. Stegeman, Iowa
  • Michael H. Stewart, Oregon
  • Gale S. Stubbs, Miami (Ohio)
  • Diane Symber, Indiana
  • Valerie L. Thayer, Miami (Ohio)
  • Steven N. Thompson, Washington State
  • Steven R. Thompson, Indiana
  • Jerry H. Veldhuis, Sul Ross
  • Amy J. Visentin, Lehigh
  • Peggy Visher, Indiana
  • Daniel B. Wallem, Wheaton
  • Frank Walles, Michigan State
  • Brandon E. Welch, Lamar
  • Louise R. Welter, Houston
  • Cynthia L. Wiersma, Michigan
  • Michael W. Welczynski, Wayne State


1977 Interns

  • Martha L. Adams, Miami (Ohio)
  • Phil Anno, Oklahoma
  • John B. Ashby, Colorado School of Mines
  • Douglas C. Beahm, VPI & SU
  • Brenda Bomber, Indiana
  • Cynthia J. Bray, Vermont
  • James J. Butler Jr., Indiana
  • Lee Catalano, Oklahoma State
  • Steven A. Catlin, Michigan
  • Frank Chase, West Virginia
  • David Chernicky, Oklahoma
  • Paul K. Christensen, Idaho State
  • Austin J. Cozzens, West Texas State
  • Kevln D. Crowley, YBRA
  • James P. Davis, Lehigh
  • Vincil C. Dean, Colorado
  • Phil C. de Gruyter, Oregon State
  • Anne Demitrack, YBRA
  • Peter A. Emmet, UC - Davis
  • Ned C. Emrick, Bowling Green
  • Richard Escandon, UCLA
  • Emmett Evanolf, Wyoming
  • David Foster, Indiana
  • Barbara Fotta, New Orleans
  • Stephanie L. Frederick, Indiana
  • Willlam Fryer, Michigan State
  • Patrick J. Fultz, Nevada - Las Vegas
  • Larry D. Gallegos, Nevada - Las Vegas
  • Mark H. Gillespie, Bowling Green
  • Teresa W. Greer, Missouri - Kansas City
  • Robert A. Greico, Bowling Green
  • Steven H. Gunderson, Indiana
  • Tom Haslebecher, West Virginia
  • Brian Hausback, UCLA
  • Kristln S. Hjelle, Minnesota
  • Kip V. Hodges, North Carolina - Charlotte
  • Mary J. Hogan, Fort Lewis
  • James R. Horn, Montana
  • Elizabeth Horton, UCLA
  • Julie A. Kirchner, Iowa
  • Thomas L. Klockenbrink, Northern Arizona
  • Andris Lapins, YBRA
  • Robert R. Lauck, SUNY Buffalo
  • Charles Lehotsky, UCLA
  • David Levin, Texas
  • Tim K. Lowensteln, Colgate
  • Grant W. Lowey, Alaska
  • Karen A. Mallette, Indiana
  • Terry Marple, Oklahoma State
  • Susan F. Marshall, UC - Santa Cruz
  • Steven L. Martin, Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Stephanie M. Mattson, Minnesota
  • Sam A. McCormick, Nebraska
  • Grant A. Meyer, Idaho
  • David Miesen, Michigan State
  • David W. Miller, Wisconsin
  • Eric H. Miller, Florida State
  • Kathleen M. Minck, Indiana
  • Shelly Minns, West Virginia
  • Julie D. Morris, UC- Santa Cruz
  • Art Mullenax, West Virginia
  • Genne M. Myers, Nevada - Las Vegas
  • Debra K. Nishida, Southern California
  • Steven F. Olson, Minnesota
  • Jeffrey Ottman, Texas
  • James B. Paces, Oregon
  • Donna M. Phillips, Northwestern
  • Sandra L. Postel, Emory
  • Sandra Pratt, Illinois
  • George E. Rains, SW Missouri
  • Gerda E. Reimer, Miami (Ohio)
  • Sam Robertson, UCLA
  • Leah L. Rogers, Illinois
  • Thomas R. Rounds Jr., Wisconsin - Oshkosh
  • Philip C. Saletta, Colorado School of Mines
  • James G. Schmitt, Michigan
  • Roberta Score, UCLA
  • John Seale, Oklahoma State
  • Donald K. Sickafoose, Tennesse
  • Davld Slayton, Michigan State
  • Michael R. Smith, Cal State - Hayward
  • Terri G. Smith, Western New Mexico
  • Donald L. Sprague, Indiana
  • Kimberly J. Thomas, Penn State
  • Clark Thompson, Illinois
  • Richard T. Thompson, Oregon
  • Jerome A. Waegli, Wisconsin - Oshkosh
  • Heidi Wallace, Indiana
  • Karen Webber, Texas
  • Melanie A. Weed, Oregon
  • Carl P. Weibel, Kentucky
  • Brian P. Wernicke, Southern California
  • Rona Whittall, Missouri - Rolla
  • Audrey A. Wright, Stanford

1976 Interns


  • Gerry Abrahms, UCLA
  • Edvardo Alvarez, Louisiana Tech
  • Eileen Anderson, Illinois
  • Warren Barrash, Idaho
  • Mark Barton, Indiana
  • Allen Bentley, Lousiana Tech
  • Daniel Ding, Missouri-Rolla
  • Lisa Boe, Illinois
  • Monty Braley, Lousiana Tech
  • Paul Cobb, YBRA
  • James Clark, Oklahoma State
  • Stacy Clark, Indiana
  • Charles Collins, Texas
  • Michael Convery, SUNY - Stony Brook
  • Daniel Daniluk, Miami (Ohio)
  • Theresa Dlugos, Miami (Florida)
  • Bruce Douglas, Colgate
  • Peter Drobeck, Miami (Ohio)
  • Jean Dupree, Colorado School of Mines
  • Steve Elkins, Minnesota
  • Anthony Endres, Michigan Tech
  • Betty Jeanne France, Indiana
  • Ronald Franke, Wisconsin - River Falls
  • Linda Froernke, Wisconsin - Oshkosh
  • Yvonne Gandolio, Nevada
  • Anne Gardulski, Michigan State
  • Christy Gibson, Florida
  • Michaelv Gjerde, UCLA
  • Robert Graham, Iowa
  • Alvin Greer, Louisiana Tech
  • James Gresham, Lousiana Tech
  • Allison Hall, Indiana
  • Charles Hansen, Oklahoma
  • Tekla Harms, Indiana
  • Phllip Heppard, Indiana
  • David Hoag, Minnesota
  • Robert Holt, Missouri - Rolla
  • Holly Huyck, Indiana
  • Beatrice Johnston, Northern Arizona
  • Kent Keller, YBRA
  • Robert Killian, Texas
  • Simeon King, Missouri - Rolla
  • Marshall Koval, Missouri - Rolla
  • Lee Krystinik, Texas - Arlington
  • William Kyger, Lousiana Tech
  • Donald Lipinski, Ohio University
  • Steve Loner, Indiana
  • Dana Loomis, Indiana
  • Ruth Ludwin, Indiana
  • Jeff MacQueen, Oklahoma
  • David McCandless, Purdue
  • Derek Morse, Idaho State
  • Margaret Morton, Western Illinois
  • Marcia Moyer, Indiana
  • Bonnie Murchie, Indiana
  • George Mychkovsky, Kent State
  • Jay Namson, Cal State - Humboldt
  • Kevin O'Reilly, Indiana
  • Frederick Overson, Lousiana Tech
  • Anthony Owens, Lousiana Tech
  • Dusty Peters, Alabama
  • Stephanie Pfirman, Colgate
  • Marin Popoff, UCLA
  • Jane Porter, Indiana
  • Amy Rapport, Kansas
  • Rich Reynolds, Cal State - Long Beach
  • Roberta Rice, Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Ellen Rose, SUNY Buffalo
  • Teresa Rffner, UCLA
  • James Sadd, Southern California
  • Patricia Santagrossi, Illinois
  • Robert Sedivy, Indiana
  • Wanda Sedlacek, Kansas State
  • Stephen A. Shaver, North Carolina State
  • Diane Sparks, Bowling Green
  • Gayle Standridge, Oklahoma
  • Timothy Steiner, IUPUI
  • William Stone, Oklahoma State
  • Teresa Suter, Purdue
  • Rachel Tabachnick, Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Ann Tasillo, Waynesburg
  • Linda Thurn, Ohio University
  • Doris Tingle, Lousiana Tech
  • John Vaitl, UCLA
  • Chris Van Fossan, Kansas
  • Charles Wacker, UCLA
  • Jan Wade, Indiana State
  • Kenneth Welsh, Waynesburg
  • James Williams, Bowling Green
  • Kurt Wiseman, Texas
  • Lynn Wright, VPI & SU
  • Terrell York, Colorado School of Mines

1975 Interns


  • Olu B. Aderotoye, Augustana
  • Robert Anderson, Kent State
  • Ronald E. Anderson, CIC (Minnesota)
  • Katherine E. Anson, UCLA
  • Victor N. Baltera, YBRA (Princeton)
  • Miriam Baltuck, Michigan
  • Paul R. Bartholomew, CIC (Minnesota)
  • Jennifer D. Bateman, YBRA (Princeton)
  • Wendy S. Bierlein, Idaho State
  • James G. Brophy, YBRA (Princeton)
  • Nancy E. Brown, Oklahoma
  • Karl M. Busch, Nebraska
  • Joyce Y. Capron, Oregon
  • Janet L. Coutu, Indiana
  • Michael F. Crawford, Indiana
  • Cindy L. Crawley, Nevada - Las Vegas
  • Timothy C. Croll, Ohio State
  • Louellen D'Angelo, Arizona
  • Joe Davidson, Oklahoma State
  • Deanna J. Delladio, Emporia State (Kansas)
  • Amy G. Dingwell, Indiana
  • Robert E. Dister, Michigan
  • James R. Dixon, VPI & SU
  • Brian J. Donnelly, Washington State
  • Michael D. Dresen, Cal State - Hayward
  • Janis S. Driver, Miami (Ohio)
  • Janell D. Edman, Indiana
  • Nancy L. Eichenberger, CUNY - Queens
  • Christina M. Emerick, Ohio State
  • Dale Engle, Oklahoma State
  • Mary Engleman, Kansas
  • Ross A. Ensley, Texas
  • Steven P. Esling, Illinois State
  • Jack D. Farnham, Jr., SF Austin
  • Michael S. Fulp, Missouri
  • Murry S. Gerber, Iowa State
  • Anthony Giardinelli, Idaho State
  • William Glover III, Indiana
  • Harry A. Hagan, YBRA (Princeton)
  • Clayton E. Harter, YBRA (Princeton)
  • Ernest C. Hauser, Indiana
  • Rachel M. Haymon, Indiana
  • Grant Herring, Oklahoma State
  • Wolfgang C. Heuer, Houston
  • Susan J. Hodgin, Fort Lewis
  • Jack E. Holton, Michigan State
  • Charles P. Humphrey, Texas
  • Neil E. Hurley, Southern California
  • Lawrence P. Karasevich, Indiana
  • Susan M. Kidwell, Nevada - Las Vegas
  • Allan G. Krill, Oregon
  • Charles W. A. Lynch III, Nevada - Las Vegas
  • Mary M. Martin, Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Lon A. McCarley, Texas
  • Conrad J. McCarthy, UCLA
  • David D. McMillen, Oklahoma
  • Jack W. Mefford, Indiana
  • Randy A. Moore, West Virginia
  • Douglas S. Mumpower, Wright State
  • Paul A. Olander, Jr., SUNY - Buffalo
  • Aloysius J. O'Neill, Fort Lewis
  • John B. Pence, Waynesburg
  • Richard Pernazza, Wayne State
  • William M. Phillips, Idaho State
  • Steven L. Pierce, Indiana
  • Jeffrey E. Post, Idaho State
  • James Puckette, Oklahoma State
  • Thomas W. Sando, Indiana
  • Randolph W. Scott, Penn State
  • Craig A. Searls, Kansas
  • Robert Shamlain, UCLA
  • William W. Simpkins, Indiana
  • Thomas R. Spilker, Kansas State
  • Paul D. Spudus, Missouri - Rolla
  • Martin T. Steinbis, Missouri
  • Frances L. Stephenson, Indiana
  • Justyn L. Sweany, Purdue
  • James B. Tapp, Oklahoma
  • Ralf E. Topper, SUNY - Stony Brook
  • John D. Unks, Missouri - Rolla
  • Donald K. Wassem, Southern California
  • Barbara B. Wonson, Miami (Ohio)
  • Vinvent P. Worland, Purdue
  • Jay R. Yett, Idaho

1974 Interns


  • Brian L. Andersen, Nevada - Las Vegas
  • Richard D. Atwood, Berkeley
  • Calvin G. Barnes, Nebraska
  • Joffre H. Baron, Howard
  • Robert A. Basse, Michigan
  • Nathan P. Bennett, Eastern Illinois
  • David L. Bish, Idaho State
  • Kenneth D. Black, Miami (Ohio)
  • Stephen L. Bressler, Northern Arizona
  • Ellis C. Brooks, SF Austin
  • Carol J. Bruton, Wright State
  • Gertrude Callahan, San Francisco State
  • Cindy K. Carothers, Florida
  • Casey D. Danielson, Western Illinois
  • Carol A. Dickerson, Missouri
  • John H. Dilles, Caltech
  • Elizabeth Downie, Indiana
  • Douglas W. Duncan, Indiana
  • Kendrick C. Fink, Stanford
  • Leonard N. Ford, Jr., Indiana
  • Suzanne Gavlin, CIC (Minnesota)
  • Alice B. Giles, Indiana
  • Jon M. Haden, West Virginia
  • Gregory S. Hahn, Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Blaine R. Hall, Wyoming
  • Charlene R. Hall, VPI
  • Gregory D. Harper, Nebraska
  • Deborah A. Harris, Kent State
  • Christine Hettlinger, Illinois
  • Mark D. Howland, UCLA
  • Carl E. Jacobsen, SUNY - Buffalo
  • Carl K. Johnson, YBRA (Princeton)
  • Joseph L. Kirschvink, Caltech
  • Keith R. Lucas, Wright State
  • William Markewich, Idaho
  • Kitty L. Milliken, Indiana
  • Malcolm C. Murray, Jr., Oklahoma
  • Larry R. Nelson, Idaho State
  • Stanley L. Oberneyer, Colorado School of Mines
  • Michael J. O'Hara, UC - Santa Barbara
  • Debra J. O'Neal, West Texas
  • Terry L. Pavalis, Indiana
  • Shirley J. Peterson, Indiana
  • Arthur H. Schwartz, SD School of Mines
  • Glenmore L. Shelton III, North Carolina
  • Susan M. Stepusin, YBRA (Princeton)
  • Karl M. Stubenvoll, Michigan
  • Michael D. Stuhlsatz, Cal State - Long Beach
  • Donna M. Summers, Idaho State
  • James A. Swanek, Cal - Riverside
  • Robert M. Syrjamaki, Michigan State
  • John C. Tanger IV, YBRA (Princeton)
  • Steven R. Taylor, Ohio University
  • Linda A. Tills, Indiana
  • John C. Tingey, Brigham Young
  • Melonie F. Tonkin, Indiana
  • Scott W. Tregaskio, Orgeon State
  • Richard W. Turnbull, CCNY
  • Mark K. Twichell, Northern Arizona
  • Patricia E. Videtich, YBRA (Princeton)
  • Steven A. Volz, Purdue
  • William E. Wertz, Penn State
  • Becky S. Wiggins, Wayne State
  • John E. Wilson, Kent State

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