2014 NAGT-USGS Interns

Paul Alessio, California State Long Beach
Mentor: Jonathan Stock
Location: San Francisco, CA
Project: Hydrologic field studies to improve the forecasting of storm-driven landslides

Bengino Alonzo, Northern Illinois University
Mentor: Seth Moran
Location: Vancouver, WA
Project: Seismic imaging at Mount St. Helens

Nikita Avedivitch, Macalester College
Mentor: Stephen DeLong
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Tectonic geomorphology of the Bartlett Springs Fault System in Northern California

Erica Bays, Western Michigan University
Mentor: David Walters
Location: Fort Collins, CO
Project: Nutrient retention and productivity in Rocky Mountain streams under alternative stable states

Heather Bervid, University of Washington, Seattle
Mentor: James O'Connor
Location: Portland, OR
Project: Geomorphology and Quaternary assessment studies along the Willamette and Columbia River Corridors

Joseph Biasi, Indiana University
Mentor: Scott Minor and Jonathan Caine
Location: Denver, CO
Project: Cenozoic landscape evolution and tectonics of Southern Rocky Mountains and Alaska/Yukon geophysical/geological reconciliation

Ben Campanaro, SUNY Binghamton
Mentor: Matthew Bachmann
Location: Tacoma, WA
Project: Assessing climate change impacts on Pacific Northwest glaciers

Andrew Canada, Sonoma State University
Mentor: David Croker and David Oppenheimer
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Network operations of Northern California seismic stations

Joshua DeVore, University of Kentucky
Mentor: Scott Bennett
Location: Golden, CO
Project: Geologic investigations of active faults in the Basin and Range province

Thomas Doody, University of Maryland, College Park
Mentor: Gregory Noe
Location: Reston, VA
Project: Geologic investigations of active faults in the Basin and Range province

Ciel Elizalde, University of Texas, Arlington
Mentor: Paul Hackley
Location: Gulf States
Project: Improved model assessment and development of shale-gas systems in the Gulf Coast Basin

Sydney Gunnarson, Western Washington University
Mentor: Cal Ruleman and Shannon Mahan
Location: Denver, CO
Project: Utilizing Quaternary geochronology to unravel geomorphic histories

Jason Hallman, University of North Carolina
Mentor: Rose Wallick
Location: Portland, OR
Project: Quaternary mapping along the Willamette River Corridor, and linking geomorphic features with Pacific lamprey habitat

Melissa Harrington, University of Washington
Mentor: Denise Akob
Location: Reston, VA
Project: Microbial degradation of organic compounds in hydraulic fracturing-produced waters

Erin Hayes, University of Rochester
Mentor: Allen Shapiro
Location: Reston, VA
Project: Transport of contaminants in groundwater

Anna Hissem, Colorado State University
Mentor: John Takekawa and Isa Woo
Location: Vallejo, CA
Project: Evaluating the spatial and temporal distribution of marine mammals and seabirds of the Northern Pacific coast

Dylan Jamison, University of Washington, Seattle
Mentor: Joan Gomberg
Location: Seattle, WA
Project: Earthquake early warning modeling studies in the Cascadia Subduction Zone

Michael Jeletic, University of Oregon
Mentor: Jennifer Morace
Location: Portland, OR
Project: Assessing foodweb resources for juvenile salmonids in the lower Columbia River

Clayton Jernigan, University of Alabama
Mentor: Jonathan Glen
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Geophysical studies relating to geothermal, mineral, and water resources to natural hazards in the Western U.S.

Genevieve Kidman, Southern Utah University
Mentor: Tom Cleasby
Location: Helena, MT
Project: National rivers and streams assessment survey

Krystal Kiel, Oregon State University
Mentor: John Lane
Location: Storrs, CT
Project: Surface and borehole geophysical surveys for hydrologic framework assessment

Talia Klein, Brigham Young University
Mentor: William Stephenson
Location: Golden, CO
Project: Geophysical investigations of hazardous faults and seismic ground motions for earthquake hazard assessments

Todd Knobbe, University of Arkansas
Mentor: Cliff Hupp and Edward Schenk
Location: Reston, VA
Project: Interactions between riparian wetland geomorphology, hydrology, and ecology pertaining to ecosystem restoration

Jacob Kolke, University of Minnesota, Duluth
Mentor: Jeffrey Chaplin
Location: Pennsylvania
Project: Chemistry of groundwater wells in Pennsylvania counties with contrasting amounts of unconventional shale gas extraction

Christopher Leach, Fort Lewis College
Mentor: Thomas Imbrigiotta
Location: Lawrenceville, NJ
Project: Fate and transport of biodegrading chlorinated solvent contaminants in fractured-rock aquifers

Natalie Leibovitz, Northeastern Illinois University
Mentor: John Nimmo
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Modeling and measurement of unsaturated zone flow processes

Robert McDermott, University of Pittsburgh
Mentor: Walter Mooney
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Earthquake hazards studies in the Central and Eastern US

Coulter McPhail, SUNY Fredonia
Mentor: James Kuwabara
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Benthic nutrient flux of biologically reactive solutes in the headwaters of the Klamath River Basin

Daniel Morel, Macalester College
Mentor: Perry Jones
Location: Mounds View, MN
Project: Assessing the influence of natural copper-nickel bedrock on water quality

Monica Mustain, Illinois State University
Mentor: Jonathan Glen
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Geophysical studies relating geothermal, mineral, and water resources to natural hazards in the Western U.S.

Tanya Petach, Harvard University
Mentor: Geneva Chong
Location: Jackson, WY
Project: Plant phenology impacts on migration and fitness of Mule Deer

Alexandra Pickering, San Francisco State University
Mentor: Shane Detweiler
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Geological and geophysical studies of the San Andreas fault system

Ellyn Rickels, Iowa State University
Mentor: Tom Cleasby
Location: Helena, MT
Project: National rivers and streams assessment survey

Lucas Rietmann, Oregon State University
Mentor: Michael Lisowski and Benjamin Pauk
Location: Vancouver, WA and Yellowstone National Park
Project: Geodetic monitoring of Cascade Range Volcanoes and Yellowstone National Park

Timothy Robertson, University of Missouri
Mentor: Nancy Simon
Location: Reston, VA
Project: Geochemical analyses of terrestrial input into Upper Klamath Lake

Aaron Salin, University of Texas at Austin
Mentor: Carol Prentice
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project: Paleoseismic studies of active faults in Northern California

Tyler Schleider, Oregon State University
Mentor: Albert Hofstra
Location: Denver, CO
Project: Melt and fluid inclusion analysis for resource studies

Brian Selk, Brigham Young University
Mentor: Jeffrey Chaplin
Location: Western Pennsylvania
Project: Nitrates and pesticides in groundwater relating to human health in siliciclastic aquifers

James Smith, Louisiana State University
Mentor: Sheila Murphy and Deborah Martin
Location: Boulder, CO
Project: Response of Colorado Front Range Watershed to fire and flood disturbances

Luke Stevens, Concord University
Mentor: Kristen Hart and Michael Cherkiss
Location: Florida
Project: Sea turtle movements and habitat-use, and American crocodile nest monitoring

Kelsey Taylor, University of Oregon
Mentor: Erik Beever
Location: Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, Oregon, and Nevada
Project: Investigating factors determining the niche of the American pika living in rocky talus slopes

Evan Thaler, University of Arkansas
Mentor: Judson Harvey
Location: Reston, VA
Project: Understanding the ecological repercussions of high flow events in suburban streams

Kara Vadman, Colgate University
Mentor: Meagan Eagle Gonnea
Location: Woods Hole, MA
Project: Impact of nitrogen and sea level rise loading on carbon sequestration in coastal marsh ecosystems

Walker Weir, University of California, Santa Cruz
Mentor: Craig Johnson and Matthew Emmons
Location: Denver, CO
Project: Developing new automated devices and methods for analysis of stable isotopes in geological, hydrological, and biological materials

Crystal Wespestad, Indiana University, Bloomington
Mentor: Katherine Scharer
Location: Pasadena, CA
Project: Earthquake activity and fault slip rates along the southern San Andreas Fault

Jenna West, University of Texas at Arlington
Mentor: Kenzie Turner
Location: Denver, CO
Project: Cenozoic landscape evolution of the Southern Rocky Mountain Regions

Patrick Whalen, University of Kentucky
Mentor: James Vallance
Location: Vancouver, WA
Project: Geologic mapping and stratigraphic studies at Cascade volcanoes

Shana Wolff, University of Wyoming
Mentor: Ty Coplen
Location: Reston, VA
Project: Geographical variation of elemental and isotopic signatures to determine the provenance of Rosewood from Madagascar

Holly Young, Idaho State University
Mentor: Ian Jezorek and Patrick Connolly
Location: Cook, WA
Project: Restoration assessment of fish population in the Wind River Watershed