2022 NAGT/USGS Field Camp Participation Survey

Please use this form to let us know about your field camp program. Please only complete this form if you received a request that you do so.

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4. Does your camp have a new director?

5. Does your camp have a new co-Director?

6. What are the current costs (USD) associated with attending your camp? Please enter only whole numbers — no currency symbols, decimals, commas, percentages, and non-numeric characters

9. Camp start date

10. Camp end date

Please enter the number of students fitting each criteria. Use whole numbers only (no percentages). Anonymized data only.

12. Sex/Gender identification

13. Age ranges

14. Ethnic diversity (non-white)

15. Culture of origin / home culture

17. Number of medically trained persons

18. Principal activities: please check all that apply

19. Transportation modes during camp activities: not associated with travel to/from camp. Please check all that apply.

20. Field Terrain(s): please check all that apply

21. Accommodations: please check all that apply