Initial Publication Date: December 12, 2013

2011 NAGT-USGS Interns

The USGS Education News Release: NAGT/USGS Interns 2011 (Acrobat (PDF) 329kB Apr26 11)

Anna Ahlstrom, Texas A&M University
Mentor: John Moody
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Project: Runoff Response after Fourmile Canyon Fire

Tyler Brown, University of Wyoming
Mentor: Seth Moran
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Project: Seismic Monitoring of Cascade Range Volcanoes

Daniel Buechmann, University of Houston
Mentor: Dan Driscoll
Location: Rapid City, South Dakota
Project: Paleoflood Study for the Southern Black Hills Ares of Western South Dakota

Lloyd Daniel Burnett, Texas A&M University
Mentor: Cliff Hupp
Location: Reston, Virginia
Project: Hydrological Technician

Caitlin Casar, East Carolina University
Mentor: Amanda Demopoulos
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Project: Characterizing Deep-sea Invertebrate Communities Associated with Shipwrecks and Natural Reefs

Scott Ceciliani, Oregon State University
Mentor: Gerard Butch
Location: Troy, New York
Project: Surface-water and Ground-water Networks

Sam Coleman, Northern Arizona University
Mentor: Curtis Schreffler
Location: Erie, Pennsylvania
Project: Monitoring to Predict Escherichia coli Concentrations at Presque Isle Beaches

Bart Cubrich, University of Nebraska
Mentor: Gregory Walsh
Location: Montpelier, Vermont
Project: Northern Appalachian Bedrock Mapping

Nicholas Dosch, University of Wisconsin
Mentor: John Mullaney
Location: East Hartford, Connecticut
Project: Nutrient Loads to Long Island Sound from Rivers and Groundwater

Neil Fenning, Western Washington University
Mentor: Walter Mooney
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Earthquake Hazards in the Central and Eastern U.S.

Krista Garrett, Whitman College
Mentor: James Kuwabara
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Benthic Nutrient Flux from Water-Storage Wetlands Adjacent to Upper Klamath Lake

Harrison Gray, University of California
Mentor: Shannon Mahon
Location: Denver, Colorado
Project: Luminescence Dating

Brandon Guttery, University of Oklahoma
Mentor: Albert Hofstra
Location: Denver, Colorado
Project: Melt or Fluid Inclusion Analysis in Resource Investigations

Lauren Harrison, University of Wyoming
Mentor: Andrea Foster
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: The Toxicity of Te, In, Ga and Li Species as Measured by in vivo Test Kits

Isabel Hong, Whitman College
Mentor: Joan Fitzpatrick
Location: Denver, Colorado
Project: Physical Properties of the WAIS Divide Ice Core in West Antarctica

Charles Horowitz, University of Pittsburgh
Mentor: John Nimmo
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Geophysical Methods for Examining Flow Processes in the Unsaturated Zone

Miquela Ingalls, University of North Carolina
Mentor: Robert Al-Chokhachy
Location: Jackson, Wyoming
Project: Fine-scaled Monitoring of Hydrologic and Thermal Regimes of High-elevation Streams within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the Implications to Instream Biota

Robert Spencer Kellum, Eastern Michigan University
Mentor: Jennifer Morace
Location: Portland, Oregon
Project: Assessing Foodweb Resources for Juvenile Salmonids Utilizing the Lower Columbia River

Tyler Kent, Western Washington University
Mentor: Michael Lisowski
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Project: Geodetic Monitoring of Cascade Range Volcanoes and Yellowstone

Scott Kenyon, California State University
Mentor: Celeste Journey
Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Project: Mercury Study of the Santee River Basin and Coastal Drainages as Part of the National Water Quality Assessment Program

Sabina Kraushaar, Fort Lewis College
Mentor: Victoria Langenheim
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Geophysical Investigations Related to Geothermal, Mineral, and Water Resources and to natural Hazards in the Western U.S.

Evan Larsell, Western Washington University
Mentor: Katherine Kendall
Location: West Glacier, Montana
Project: Noninvasive Grizzly Bear Population Monitoring in Northwestern Montana

Evin Maguire, University of Michigan
Mentor: David Friewald
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
Project: Identification of Biological Methods for Evaluating Wetland Water Quality Conditions

Cody Mason, Fort Lewis College
Mentor: Cal Ruleman
Location: Denver, Colorado
Project: Geologic Mapping, Neotectonics, and Global Climate Change within the Northern Rio Grande Rift

Kelly McHugh, Miami University
Mentor: Michelle Coombs
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Project: Investigation of Eruptive Processes during the 2006 Eruption of Augustine Volcano

Amelia McMillin, Western State College of Colorado
Mentor: Evelyn Roeloffs
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Project: Combining Borehole Strainmeter and Tide Gauge Data to Study Vertical Deformation during Slow Slip Events in the Cascadia Subduction Zone

Matthew Miller, University of Oklahoma
Mentor: Thomas Imbrigiotta
Location: West Trenton, New Jersey
Project: Fate and Transport of Biodegrading Contaminants in Fractured-rock Aquifers

Drema Moon, University of Arkansas
Mentor: William Menzie
Location: Reston, Virginia
Project: Mineral Commodity Industry Reports on a State-by-State Basis

Patrick Norby, Brigham Young University
Mentor: Brady Allen
Location: Cook, Washington
Project: Rock Creek Fish Population and Life History Assessment

Daven Quinn, University of North Carolina
Mentor: John Lane
Location: Storrs, Connecticut
Project: Applied Hydrogeophysics Research

Curtis Reid, Whitman College
Mentor: Dean Anderson and Edwin Weeks
Location: Lakewood, Colorado
Project: Evaluation of the Exchanges of Greenhouse Gases, Energy, and Evapotanspiration over Forest, Grasslands, and Urban Ecosystems

Nicole Rockentine, Albion College
Mentor: Denis LeBlanc
Location: Northborough, Massachusetts
Project: Cape Cod Toxic Substances Hydrology Field Research

Diana Rotter, George Mason University
Mentor: James Coleman
Location: Monterey, Virginia and Reston, Virginia
Project: George Washington National Forest

Andrew Schneider, University of Cincinnati
Mentor: Tracy Nishikawa
Location: San Diego, California
Project: Evaluating the Water Budget of the Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians Wetlands

Courtney Sprain, University of Minnesota
Mentor: Andrew Long
Location: Black Hills, South Dakota
Project: Microgravity Measurements to Characterize Groundwater Storage in Caves, Fractures, and Other Voids

Jonathon Stautberg, Texas A&M University
Mentor: James O'Connor
Location: Portland, Oregon
Project: Quaternary Mapping and Geomorphology Studies along the Columbia River Corridor

Elizabeth Studebaker, University of Arkansas
Mentor: Jacoby Carter
Location: Lafayette, Louisiana
Project: Monitoring Urban Green Treefrog Populations and Their Environment

Helen Thomas, University of California
Mentor: Shane Detweiler
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Geological and Geophysical Studies of the San Andreas Fault System

Peter Tierney, Williams College
Mentor: Michael Field
Location: Santa Cruz, California
Project: Computer Analysis of Digital Seafloor Imagery in Support of Ridge-to-Reef Studies of Hawaiian Coral Reefs

Sara Ulrich, University of Wisconsin
Mentor: Nancy Rybichi
Location: Reston, Virginia
Project: Stream-bank Vegetation Characteristics and Bank Erosion Rates

Jillian Votava, Michigan Technological University
Mentor: Kirsten Barrett
Location: Fairbanks, Alaska
Project: Dominance in Late Succession in the Alaskan Boreal Forest

Evan Wolf, University of California
Mentor: Carol Prentice
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Paleoseismology: the Geologic Study of Active Faults

Donald Yezerski, Denison University
Mentor: Curtis Schreffler
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Project: Geochemical Processes Relating to Aquatic Health and Resource Extraction

Patrick Zenger, Northern Illinois University
Mentor: Jamie Shanley
Location: Montpelier, Vermont
Project: Hydrologist/Hydrologic Technician