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2008 NAGT-USGS Interns

Cory Beaver, University of Missouri
Advisor: David Freiwald
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
Project: Lower Mississippi River National Rivers and Stream Assessment

Jacob Birkett, University of Wisconsin
Advisor: Gary Curtis
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Studies of Uranium Contaminated Groundwater at a Former Uranium Mill Site

S. Michelle Bourret, University of California/Santa Cruz
Advisor: Rob Striegl
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Project: Yukon River Basin Project

Dan Burnham, Idaho State University
Advisor: Don Sweetkind
Location: Denver, Colorado
Project: DD Subsurface Mapping of Aquifer Heterogeneity near Death Valley, CA

Matthew Clark, Louisiana State University
Advisor: Daniel Goode
Location: West Trenton, New Jersey
Project: Natural and Enhanced Biodegradation of Chlorinated Solvents in Subsurface Environments

Danielle D'Alfonso, University of California/Santa Barbara
Advisor: Robert Gresswell
Location: Bozeman, Montana
Project: Evaluating Movement and Habitat Use Patterns of Fluvial Arctic Grayling in the Upper Big Hole River Watershed

Alden Denny, Western Washington University
Advisor: Nancy Simon
Location: Reston, Virginia
Project: Mineral Formation in Sediments of Eutrophic Upper Klamath Lake, OR

Dan Eakin, University of Wyoming
Advisor: Deborah Hutchinson
Location: Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Project: Law of the Sea Extended Continental Shelf in the Amerasian Basin, Arctic Ocean

Joshua Garber, University of Texas/Austin
Advisor: Denis LeBlanc
Location: Northborough, Massachusetts
Project: Transport and Fate of Ground-water Contaminants â€" Cape Cod Toxic Substances Hydrology Research Site

Jordan Garroway, Cornell University
Advisor: Gary Fuis
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Geology and Geophysics for the Understanding of Earthquake Hazards in the Southern California Region

Kathryn Hoffmeister, University of Georgia
Advisor: Celeste Journey
Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Project: Hydrologic Data Collection, Management, and Analysis for the Santee River Basin and Coastal Drainages (NWQA Program)

Kathryn Jeffcoat, University of Arkansas
Advisor: Michael Powers
Location: Denver, Colorado
Project: Geophysical Field Data Acquisition, Office Processing, Interpretation, and Report Preparation

Natalie Juda, Macalester College
Advisor: David Croker
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Norhern California Seismic Network

Kathy Kelsey, University of Puget Sound
Advisor: Rob Striegl
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Project: Yukon River Basin Project

Elizabeth Luber, University of Illinois
Advisor: Andrea Foster
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Characterization of Arsenic-Sequestering Microbial Communities from the Lava Cap Mine Superfund Site

Seth Martin, University of Arkansas
Advisor: Tim Reilly
Location: West Trenton, New Jersey
Project: Occurrence and Distribution of Agricultural Chemicals in the Hydrosphere

Dan McInnis, University of Notre Dame
Advisor: Leonard Kinikow
Location: Reston, Virginia
Project: National Assessment of Long-Term Ground-Water Depletion

Fred Mellott, University of Pittsburgh/Johnstown
Advisor: Melinda Chapman
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Project: Piedmont-Mountain Ground-Water Study

Caitlin Orem, Northern Arizona Univerity
Advisor: Melinda Chapman
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Project: Piedmont-Mountain Ground-Water Study

Katharine Pecsok, University of Missouri
Advisor: Tyler Coplen and Jurate Landwehr
Location: Reston, Virginia
Project: Developing Hydrogen and Oxygen Isoscapes of US Tap Waters with Application to Hydrology, Ecology and Forensic Discrimination

Lowndes Pendergrass, Clemson University
Advisor: Christine Bunck
Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Project: Wildlife Health Internship: Investigation of Wildlife Diseases

Jessica Shaw, Humboldt State University
Advisor: Erin Boydston
Location: Irvine, California
Project: Movement Patterns of Carnivores in a Fragmented Landscape

Emmy Smith, Amherst College
Advisor: Joan Gomberg
Location: Seattle, Washington
Project: Discovering Clues about Tremor, Slow Slip, and Earthquakes

Anthony Trease, Eastern Michigan University
Advisor: James Campbell
Location: New Cumberland, Pennsylvania
Project: Geochemical Processes Relating to Human and Aquatic Health

Stephanie Tubman, Colgate University
Advisor: Michael Lisowski
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Project: Geodetic Monitoring of Cascade Range Volcanoes

Ryan Verbanazk, University of Missouri
Advisor: Oliver Boyd
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Project: Clommunity Velocity Model for the New Madrid Seismic Zone

Dan Wolf, Illinois State University
Advisor: Melinda Chapman
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Project: Piedmont-Mountain Ground-Water Study

Jessica Zinger, University of Michigan
Advisor: Dean Anderson
Location: Denver, Colorado
Project: Measurement and Analysis of the Flow of Greenhouse Gases, Water Vapor, and Energy in Urban and Sub-alpine Forest Ecosystems