Initial Publication Date: February 6, 2020

Teach Students How to Ask Their Own Questions To Explore Phenomena in an NGSS Classroom

March 5, 2020

1:00 PM Pacific | 2:00 PM Mountain |
3:00 PM Central | 4:00 PM Eastern


Sarah Westbrook, The Right Question Institute
Nicole Bolduc, Ellington Public Schools


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Webinar Description:

How can we build the capacity of all students to ask better questions and drive investigations of scientific phenomena?

In this active, participatory webinar, learn the Question Formulation Technique (QFT), a simple, powerful strategy to teach students how to ask, work with, and strategically use their own questions. Explore how and why the strategy works with Sarah Westbrook from The Right Question Institute, the organization that created the QFT. Veteran middle school science teacher, Nicole Bolduc, will share examples and student work from her classroom, where she has successfully integrated the QFT to enhance work with NGSS and NGSS storylines. Nicole will illustrate how student questions can drive investigation of phenomena and deeper conceptual understanding. Participants leave with free, open access online resources.

Webinar Organizers:

Aida Awad (NAGT)
Edward Robeck (American Geosciences Institute)
Carla McAuliffe (NESTA)
Andrew Haveles (National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

With the NGSS Earth and Space Science Working Group