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Webinar: Using the Five Tools and Processes for Translating the NGSS into Instruction and Classroom Assessment

October 11, 2018
1:00 PM Pacific | 2:00 PM Mountain | 3:00 PM Central | 4:00 PM Eastern

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Webinar Description

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) challenge teachers to think deeply about learning and teaching with the goal of developing a clear vision of science education that is coherent, focused, and rigorous. The Five Tools and Processes for Translating the NGSS are designed to help professional development leaders work with teachers on curriculum, instruction, and assessment as they achieve this vision. This webinar will introduce the Five Tools, describe how they have been used by teachers and curriculum developers, and highlight opportunities to learn more.

Presenter: David Randle, American Museum of Natural History

NAGT NGSS October 2018 Webinar (Acrobat (PDF) 4.2MB Oct11 18)

Webinar Organizers:

Aleeza Oshry, Howard Hughes Medical Institue
Jessica Bean, University of California Berkeley
Aida Awad (NAGT)
Edward Robeck (American Geosciences Institute)
Carla McAuliffe (NESTA)
John McDaris and Andrew Haveles (National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

With the NGSS Earth and Space Science Working Group

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David Randle Oct, 10th
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David Randle Oct, 10th
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Todd Ellis Oct, 11th
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Todd Ellis Oct, 11th

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