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Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards

The American Geosciences Institute's Center for Geoscience and Society, the National Association of Geoscience Teachers, and the National Earth Science Teachers Association are collaborating with other organizations and member societies to support implementation of the Earth and space science Next Generation Science Standards. The Earth and Space Science (ESS) community will need to work together to help states, school systems, and teachers implement the Next Generation Science Standards and, more broadly, the principles in the Framework for K-12 Science Education. Activities to further this aim include webinars, sessions at professional meetings, Town Hall discussions, workshops, email discussions, and collection of resources.

Upcoming Webinars

The webinar series has concluded for the spring, but please come back to check on the upcoming fall webinars. In the meantime, please See All Webinars previously recorded.

2015 NGSS Summit

Implementation of the NGSS at the State Level

The purpose of the summit was to identify and/or devise ways in which key players in the Earth and Space Sciences (ESS) community could work together to help states and school districts implement the Next Generation Science Standards. The participants in the summit includes a wide array of representatives of scientific and science education organizations, federal and state agencies dealing in ESS, colleges and universities, and other formal and informal science education groups. Products of the summit include an assessment of needs of K-12 educators working to implement the NGSS, an action network of stakeholders, a catalog of NGSS-compatible resources, and a final report of the summit meeting.

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