NAGT is pleased to announce the publication of the 11th edition of the Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology

American Geosciences Institute/National Association of Geoscience Teachers
Editor, Vincent Cronin
Illustrator, Dennis G. Tasa
ISBN-10: 013461531X
ISBN-13: 9780134615318
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright: 2018
Format: Paper Bound with Access Card; 384 pages

Available now for Fall Classes!

Applied lab investigations to improve students' understanding of Earth's geology

This user-friendly, best-selling lab manual examines the basic processes of geology and their applications to everyday life. Featuring contributions from over 200 highly regarded geologists and geoscience educators, along with an exceptional illustration program by Dennis Tasa, this Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology offers an inquiry and activities-based approach that builds skills and gives students a more complete learning experience in the lab.

The 11th Edition features a new author and an editorial panel that bring a modern pedagogical and digital approach to the lab manual and the changing landscape of the physical geology lab course. In addition, instructors can assess students online in MasteringGeology with GIS-inspired MapMaster 2.0 interactive maps, pre-lab videos, animations, GigaPan Activities, and much more.

New Content Includes:

New authorship brings a new perspective

  • NEW! Vince Cronin from Baylor University replaces Rich Busch as author and editor of the 11th edition, bringing three decades of experience in geological instruction and research.
  • NEW! Visuals, including nearly 200 new images, three dozen new maps, and dozens of new illustrations

Activity-based exercises to build students' lab skills

  • NEW! Changes to Laboratory 1: Filling Your Geoscience Toolbox, including increased emphasis on the use of math in science with new activities on geographic coordinates, UTM coordinates, scaling, proportion, using maps, and rearranging equations.
  • NEW! Lab Activities include:

o Activity 1.1: A View of Earth From Above: New activity based on Google Earth

o Activity 1.2: Latitude and Longitude or UTM Coordinates of a Point

o Activity 1.3: Plotting a Point on a Map Using UTM Coordinates

o Activity 1.4: Floating Blocks and Icebergs

o Activity 5.5: Estimate Percentage of Mafic Minerals

o Activity 5.6: Estimate Composition of a Phaneritic Rock by Point Counting

o Activity 6.2: Sediment From Source to Sink

o Activity 7.2: Minerals in Metamorphic Rock

o Activity 9.5: Relief and Gradient (Slope) Analysis

o Activity 12.2: Where Is the Nasty Stuff Going?

o Activity 12.3: Using Data to Map the Flow of Groundwater

Prepare both students and teaching assistants for labs

  • UPDATED! Pre-lab videos introduce students to the content, lab materials, and techniques they will use before class, saving instructional time and allowing students to fully engage with the lab exercises

For more information on the new 11th Edition visit Pearson Education or SERC's Catalog Record