Workshop Participants

Juan-Carlos Aguilar, Council of State Science Supervisors
Pranoti M. Asher, American Geophysical Union
Christopher Atchison, Association for Science Teacher Education
Aneesha Badrinaryn, Achieve, Inc.
Adam Blankenbicker, National Museum of Natural History
Davida Buehler, Geological Society of America
Geoff Camphire, Earth Science Week
Sharon Densler, Delaware Department of Education
Barbara Dubielak-Wood, Chicago Public Schools
Don Duggan-Haas, The Paleontological Research Institution
Daniel Edelson, BSCS
Shauna Edson, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Teresa Eliopoulos, Achieve, Inc.
Anne Egger, InTeGrate, Central Washington University
David Evans, National Science Teachers Association
Michael Feder, National Research Council
Jean Flanigan, Smithsonian Science Education Center
Maya M Garcia, Office of the State Superintendent of Education
Gary Hedges, Maryland State Department of Education
Jacqueline Huntoon, Summit on the Future of Undergraduate Geoscience Education
Dorian W. Janney, NASA Earth Science
Kim Kastens, Lamonth-Doherty Earth Observatory
Nancy Kellogg, Colorado Science Education Network
Louisa Koch, NOAA
Ruth Krumhansl, Oceans of Data Institute, Education Development Center, Inc.
Phil Lafontaine, K-12 Alliance WestEd
Chris Lazzaro, College Board
Pat Leahy, American Geosciences Institute
Tamara Shapiro Ledley, TERC and CLEAN Network
Gary Lewis, Geological Society of America
Ian MacGregor, Smithsonian Institution/ SI Science Education Center
Cathy Manduca, SERC and NAGT
Stephen R. Mattox, Grand Valley State University
Carla McAuliffe, TERC and NESTA
Rae McEntyre, Kentucky Department of Education
Susan McWilliams, Oregon Dept. of Education (ODE)
Jeffrey Miller, Denver Public Schools
Frank Niepold III, NOAA Climate Program Office
Michael J Passow, NESTA
John Popp, Kansas and USD 428 School system
Stephen Pruitt, Achieve, Inc.
Eric J. Pyle, National Science Teachers Association, James Madison University
Robert W. Ridky, USGS
Steven Semken, Arizona State University, EarthScope
Jim Short, American Museum of Natural History
Robin Sizemore, West Virginia Department of Education
Joshua Sneideman, U.S. DOE - EERE
Beverly Stambaugh, Hosted by National Science Foundation
John Taber, IRIS Consortium
David Thesenga, St. Vrain Valley School District
Elizabeth VanderPutten, National Science Foundation
Jill Wertheim, Stanford University/Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity
Ted Willard, National Science Teachers Association
Michael Wysession, Washington University / Earth Science Literacy Initiative / Achieve

Summit Conveners and Staff

Aida Awad, Maine East High School, NAGT Past-president
Ed Robeck, American Geosciences Institute
Susan Sullivan, CIRES, NAGT Past-president
John McDaris, Science Education Resource Center
Katelyn Murtha, American Geosciences Institute
Hayley Smith, American Geosciences Institute