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Annual Award Winners and Quarterly Honorees

Adjunct faculty are a key component to the Geo2YC community—they bring enthusiasm for teaching, professional experience, and creative approaches to improving student success to our classrooms. We strongly believe these colleagues should be celebrated for their efforts to enhancing geoscience education.

Each year, the Geo2YC division recognizes four quarterly honorees for their outstanding contributions to geoscience teaching at their 2-year institution. These individuals are highlighted in the division's Foundations newsletter, and provided a complimentary one-year membership to the division. From these quarterly honorees, each fall, the division votes to select the National Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award recipient. This person will be recognized at the annual Geological Society of America meeting, and will receive a $750 stipend from Pearson Publishing to use toward professional development.


Annual Winner

To be determined

Quarterly Honorees

Fall 2019:

Bridget James, De Anza College

Spring 2019:

Glen White, Columbia College

Winter 2019:

Sadie Kingsbury, Mount San Antonio College


Annual Winner

Mariah Tilman, Chemeketa Community College

Quarterly Honorees

Summer 2018:

Meredith Denton-Hendrick, Austin Community College

Winter 2018:

Russ Kohrs, Lord Fairfax Community College


Annual Winner

Wendi J. W. Williams, Northwest Arkansas Community College.

Quarterly Honorees

Fall 2017:

Martha Murphy, Santa Rosa Junior College

Winter 2017:

Sherry Oaks, Front Range Community College


Annual Winner

Winter 2016:

Jessica Moore, SUNY Ulster

Quarterly Honorees

Spring 2016:

John Maher, Johnson County Community College

Fall 2015:

Bernie Dougan, Whatcom Community College

Summer 2015:
Robert Rohrbaugh, El Paso Community College


Annual Winner

Spring 2015:
Karen Bridges, Howard Community College

Karen was nominated for this recognition by Sharon Lyon

Quarterly Honorees

Fall 2014:

Michael Whittier, Modesto Junior College

Winter 2015:
L. Cameron Mosher, Salt Lake Community College


Annual Winner

Michelle Selvans, Northern Virginia Community College

Quarterly Honorees

Fall 2013:

Christopher Khourey, Northern Virginia Community College

Winter 2014:
Rebecca Carmody, Howard Community College, Columbia, MD.

Summer 2014:
Thomas Vaughn, Middlesex Community College


Quarterly Honorees

Winter 2013:
Joseph van Gaalen, Edison State College

Spring 2013:
Roy (Rick) Nixon, Georgia Perimeter College