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NAGT National Elected Officers

NAGT's mission is to "support a diverse, inclusive, and thriving community of educators and education researchers to improve teaching and learning about the Earth." To that end, we also strive for an inclusive and diverse leadership. Our open nomination process is designed to foster broad participation in NAGT's leadership and programming.

Each fall, the Executive Office conducts an open call to the NAGT membership for nominations for open positions in the national organization. All positions serve three-year terms; the 2nd Vice-President transitions to 1st Vice-President and then President over three years, while the Secretary-Treasurer and Councilors-at-Large stay in those roles for all three years. This is a chance for you to express your interest in serving in the leadership, or to nominate someone else. Nominations will be considered active for three years. Self-nominations and nominations by any active NAGT member are accepted.

Possible Positions Open:

  • 2nd Vice-President
  • Councilors-at-Large (2 per year)

To learn more, visit the NAGT National Elected Officers Page.

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If interested in section and/or division leadership, please see individual websites for further information and to express interest.

NAGT Committee Positions

NAGT has several standing committees whose membership includes a combination of ex officio and at-large members. These committees have specific charges and tasks and report to the Executive Committee. These committees may not always be seeking new members, but your nomination will remain active for three years.


  • Neil Miner Award Committee

    This Committee administers the selection of the recipient of the annual Neil Miner Award for "exceptional contributions to the stimulation of interest in the geosciences" The Committee is composed of the President of the Association, who serves as Chair, the immediate Past-President; the Secretary/Treasurer; and two members recommended by the Executive Committee. No one may serve as an appointed member for more than two years in succession. The Committee shall select the recipient of the Neil Miner Award.
  • James H. Shea Award Committee

    The James H. Shea award is given annually by the Association for exceptional contributions in the form of writing and/or editing of geoscience materials (broadly construed) that are of interest to the general public and/or teachers of geoscience. It is given only for outstanding work. The Committee consists of five members, four of whom are appointed by the Executive Committee for staggered four-year terms (one new member is appointed each year for a four-year term. The Editor of the Journal of Geoscience Education is an ex officio, voting member of the committee. The senior member of the Committee (that member who is in the last year of his/her term) serves as the Chair of the Committee. The Committee is responsible for reviewing nominations, selecting the recipient and arranging for appropriate recognition.
  • Dottie Stout Professional Development Grants Committee

    This Committee administers the selection of the recipients of the Dottie Stout Professional Development Grants "in honor of Dottie's outstanding work and lifelong dedication to Earth science education".
  • Field Camp Scholarship Committee

    This committee reviews the NAGT field camp scholarship applications and selects the scholarship recipients.


  • Advocacy Committee

    The Advocacy Committee leads these efforts in association with the Executive Committee building on NAGT's position statements. Recent activities include addressing an increase in the number of states proposing legislation to weaken the teaching of climate change and evolution, how to best support educator involvement in activities like the March for Science, and what to do in the face of changes in federal support for science and education.
  • Donor Development Committee

    The purpose of this Donor Development plan is to guide the fundraising and development operations of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers. Development operations are to be spearheaded by the Executive Director and Donor Development Committee, with assistance and oversight from the Executive Committee.
  • Professional Development Planning Committee

    The NAGT Professional Development (PD) Planning Committee is responsible for the planning of NAGT's professional development program, which includes workshops, website content, and related activities. The scope and budget for the program is set by the NAGT Executive Committee. The PD Planning Committee is responsible for the ensuring that workshop and website offerings in aggregate address the needs and priorities of the membership. The PD Planning Committee is appointed by the Executive Committee and reports to the Executive Committee. The PD Planning Committee may establish subcommittees to execute its work.
  • Teach the Earth Website Committee

    The TTE website management committee will provide stewardship for the NAGT websites, including setting editorial policies. The committee provides expertise to NAGT on matters of website development and use. SERC is responsible for development of the website and implementation of the committee's policies. This committee reports to the professional development planning committee.

To learn more, visit the NAGT Committee Positions Page.

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