Committee Position and Liaison Nomination form

Use this form to submit nominations for program committees, award committees, and liaison positions with NAGT. Self-nominations are encouraged. Note that all committee members and liaisons must be current NAGT members.

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NAGT relies on volunteers from its membership to accomplish much of its work. Those that serve are program committees have a charge and tasks that support NAGT in its programmatic offerings. Those that serve on award committees promote and solicit nominations for awards and select awardees from the nominees. Those that serve as liaisons engage with other organizations as a representative of NAGT and provide reports back to the leadership about activities.

Read this page for more information about NAGT Committees.

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We expect all officers, committee members, and representatives of NAGT to conduct themselves in accordance with our code of conduct (opens in a new window), based on the NAGT Ethics Policy (opens in a new window).
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