Teaching in the Field

Field experiences are an important part of the life of the geoscience student and professional. We take our students to the field to see fundamental relationships and to learn to observe, collect and interpret data.

Field trips often form the social backbone of geoscience departments, bringing students and faculty together to learn. Field trips can be the highlight of an elementary students year. Similarly, field trips are an integral part of the professional geoscientists ongoing professional development providing opportunities to see new and familiar field areas through the eyes of our colleagues and to wrangle over their interpretation. Participation in field trips builds new collegial relationships and brings together people from across states, regions, nations and the world who share common interests.

This website exists to facilitate interactions and sharing that will:

  • enable NAGT sections to learn from one another in order to elevate the quality of their field offerings around the country,
  • promote models for effective educational field trips to geoscientists around the world,
  • and provide an archive of field guides furthering the ability of K-12 teachers, faculty, community groups, and others to lead scientifically accurate, pedagogically effective field trips.

Field Trip Collection

This collection features information about field trips organized for a variety of purposes across the country. The collection aims to share information about the design of various kinds of field trips as well as to provide easy access to field guides. Populating the collection is underway, and we will continue to highlight new additions to the collection.

You can also browse and search through the entire collection of field trip examples.

If you have a field trip example you would like to share in the collection, check out the Field Trip Submissions page and learn how to upload your activity.

Published NAGT Field Guides

  • Pacific Northwest Section Guidebooks
  • Far West Section Publications

Other NAGT Resources on Teaching in the Field


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