2021 Field Camps: Virtual, In-person, and Hybrid

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many field camps have already opted to move to online or hybrid instruction for Summer 2021, some are offering smaller, in-person camps, and still others have decided to limit or cancel their programs. We aim to help faculty and students find options for Summer 2021 offerings that are open to all students.

If you are a field camp director with space in your course for additional enrollment, please share your program information using this form.

This page will be updated regularly with additional programs and information.

Programs (Last updated: February 28, 2021)
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Field Camps, Summer 2021.csv
Name of schoolPrimary program contact namePrimary program contact's e-mail addressAlternate program contact nameAlternate program contact's e-mail addressWhat is the name of the course?How many credits is the course?What is the course's start date?What is the course's end date?HybridOnlineIn-PersonUndetermined - will be updated laterWhat, if any, is the deadline to register?Course website (if available) or link to registration, application or enrollment form.TuitionCourse feesAnything else students need to know about this course?
University of Nevada, RenoAndrew Zuzaazuza@unr.eduSummer Field Camp (GEOL 451)65/19/20216/18/2021checkedhttps://www.unr.edu/geology/undergraduate/field-campunknownunknownThe University has not yet made a decision about whether the course will be online or in person. We will alert students once this is formalized. The course tuition will change based on this decision. If students are interested, they may signup on the mailing list, and the Director will contact them about any changes.
Wheaton College (IL)Katy Foltzkaty.foltz@wheaton.eduKathryn Maneirokathryn.maneiro@wheaton.eduGEOL 345 Sedimentary Geology and GEOL 412 Field Geology2 + 65/31/20217/23/2021checkedhttps://www.wheaton.edu/academics/global-programs-and-studies/global-internships-and-research/wheaton-in-the-black-hills/65000 (fees and tuition combined)The 8-week field camp covers sedimentary petrology and stratigraphy for the first two weeks and field mapping for the last six weeks in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It also includes a week-long field trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons. Wheaton College is a Christian liberal arts school. Students at field camp are expected to abide by the Community Covenant (https://www.wheaton.edu/about-wheaton/community-covenant/) and to attend weekly church services.
Southern Utah UniversityJason Kaiserrjasonkaiser@suu.eduField Geology65/17/20216/18/2021checkedcheckedhttps://www.suu.edu/cos/physci/fieldcamp/~$2800 + room & board$850.00We are hoping to offer two sections of field camp this summer as usual. Depending on enrollment in the sections, we may try to keep one as a face to face and the other as online to give students options.
Wasatch-Uinta Field Camp (Illinois, MN-Duluth, Wisc.-Madison, Neb-Lincoln, PurdueProf. Michael Stewartstewart1@illinois.eduProf. Kurtis Burmeisterk.burmeister@csus.eduField Camp66/13/20217/23/2021checked3/15/2021https://www.fieldcamp.org/$2,900$1,980We intend to run Wasatch-Uinta Field Camp face-to-face. This is contingent on approval from the administrations of our universities. If approval is not granted, we will run our virtual field camp. all registered students will automatically have a seat the virtual course.
Western Colorado UniversityElizabeth Petrieepetrie@western.eduBrad Burtonbburton@western.eduField Geology (4 cr) & Advanced Field Geology (2cr)65/10/20216/19/2021checked4/25/2021https://western.edu/program/geology/geology-field-camp/6 credits: CO resident: $2519 Nonresident: $5465$650 for 6 creditsStudents can take 4 or 6 credits of field camp. We are offering both as in-person courses. The 4 credit course is based out of Gunnison, CO and the 2 credit advanced field course will travel to various locations to study regional scale geology in the western US.
Wichita State UniversityWill Parcellwilliam.parcell@wichita.eduGEOL 640: Field Geology (Field Camp)66/23/20217/19/2021checkedhttp://www.wichita.edu/fieldcamp$1,369 (InState), $3,242 (OutState)no camp fee (underwritten by endowment)Our camp is typically based in the Bighorn Basin of Wyoming and Montana. Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic and university travel restrictions, the 2021 camp will likely be run again in a virtual format. There is a possibility that there may be an in-person component if circumstances change. For the virtual class, mapping areas and our base station are recreated and run, in part, through Minecraft. For more information, see 2020 GSA poster at: http://georegister.org/download/poster1_test2.png
Miami UniversityBrian Curriecurriebs@MiamiOH.eduField Geology66/8/20217/13/2021checked3/1/2021https://www.miamioh.edu/cas/academics/departments/geology/field-camp/index.htmlOhio Resident: $3421; Non-Resident: $5837$2,175
Clemson UniversityScott Bramesbrame@clemson.eduMary Fidlermfidler@clemson.eduClemson Hydrogeology Field Camp65/12/20216/18/2021checkedcheckedhttps://www.clemson.edu/cecas/departments/eees/fieldcamp/index.html$3,786$200 plus equipment and lodgingOur 2021 field camp will be held no matter what. We are offering an in-person camp or an online experience if that is a better fit for you. If you go with the online option, you are not required to come to Clemson and can save on travel and lodging expenses. The camp is designed to give the student a working knowledge of the methods and concepts of field hydrogeology, and to provide the opportunity to use those methods in several hydrogeologic settings. Topics include spatial mapping, well drilling, water quality and sampling, well testing, soil properties, air flow through the vadose zone, hydraulic fracturing, and near surface geophysical methods.
Oklahoma State UniversityJim Puckettejim.puckette@okstate.eduShane O'Mealeyshane.omealey@okstate.eduField Geology65/24/20216/25/2021checked5/1/2021$1,071$1,629
University of WyomingBarbara Johnbjohn@uwyo.eduGEOL 471765/17/20216/28/2021checkedcheckedin-state tuition ($139/ credit hr); out-of-state tuition ($603/credit hr)distance learning fee only ($25/credit hr)Decision about teaching mode will be made by early March, 2021.
University of IdahoErika Radererader@uidaho.eduRenee Loverlove@uidaho.eduVirtual Economic Geology Field Camp35/17/20216/7/2021checked5/10/2021https://erikarader.weebly.com/field-camps.html1245200This Minecraft-based course focuses on industry-standard techniques for exploring the subsurface for both hydrocarbon and mineral extraction. Surface mapping is also taught similar to an in-person field camp.
University of IdahoErika Radererader@uidaho.eduRenee Loverlove@uidaho.eduAdvanced Field Methods35/17/20216/7/2021checked5/10/2021https://erikarader.weebly.com/field-camps.html12451600Students travel to Southern Idaho and Dillon, MT to learn bedrock mapping skills in the context of hazard management, environmental regulations, and tectonic history of the rocky mountains. Students will stay mostly in dorms with a few nights camping
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityMindy Faulknermgshaw@sfasu.eduField Geology65/13/20216/23/2021checked4/30/2021http://www.sfasu.edu/academics/colleges/sciences-math/geology/summer-field-camp$2633 Texas residents; $2813 border states; $5087 non-residentNo additional course fees for Summer 2021.We are hoping to travel summer 2021, but our plans are still in flux depending on University permission and site access. If we do not travel, we will be offering a virtual field camp and will be accepting outside students. **Website will need to be updated with 2021 information, application is available on the website.
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityMindy Faulknermgshaw@sfasu.eduSpatial Geology/Field Geology3/3 = 6 total5/15/20216/27/2021checked4/30/2021$2633 Texas residents; $3011 border states; $5285 non-residentNo additional course fees for Summer 2021.If we do not offer a traveling camp this year, we will be offering a virtual online field camp. We will be accepting outside students. If there is sufficient interest, we could also offer this Summer II for students with travel limitations (our own and outside students). Dates would be 6/28-8/6/2021, deadline to register would be 6/14/2021.
Western Michigan UniversityTom Howethomas.r.howe@wmich.eduDr. Matt Reevesmatt.reeves@wmich.eduWMU Hydrogeology Field Courseup to six (6) one-week, one-credit modules per session5/10/20216/18/2021checked4/20/2021https://wmich.edu/geology/academics/hydrogeology-field-courseUndergrad resident $3340; Undergrad non-resident $4175; Grad resident $4090; Grad non-resident $6135$1450 for all six weeksThe HFC is a series of six one-week modules taught six days per week (Monday through Saturday). The course will be conducted on and near the campus of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Each module counts as one semester credit hour and can be taken for either graduate or undergraduate credit. This applied course has trained hundreds of students from around the nation and abroad. The Hydrogeology Field Course teaches the following skills: aquifer testing, environmental surface geophysics, groundwater sampling and monitoring, HAZWOPER training, remediation and well drilling and installation. Each week is a stand-alone, 1 credit course. Students can sign up for as many credits as they wish up to six credit hours. OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER (taught in Week 2) is required for students wishing to enroll in the subsequent course (weeks 3-6). There are two sessions planned for 2021. Summer I session will run from May 5th to June 18th. Summer II session will run from July 5th to August 13th. Registration for the HFC will begin on Jan. 1, 2021 and remain open until full. Those persons wishing to apply earlier than Jan. 1, 2021 may do so, but applications will not begin to be reviewed and processed until that date. The courses usually fill up quickly so the earlier you complete your registration the better chance you will have of securing a spot in the course. Enrollment is limited to qualified applicants with preference to those whom apply first and/or apply for multiple weeks. Places will be filled in the order in which registration fees and completed applications are received. Note: International students are required to enroll in consecutive module blocks, e.g., Modules 1 through 3, Modules 1 through 6.
Southern Illinois Universitysamepottermcintyre@siu.eduJames Conderconder@geo.siu.eduField Geology66/11/20217/22/2021checkedhttps://geology.siu.edu/field-camp/~$1927~2650
Georgia State UniversityPaulo J. Hidalgophidalgo@gsu.eduBasic and Advanced Field Geology4 credits each course6/15/20217/31/2021checkedchecked1/31/2021http://paulojhidalgo.com/field-camp.html1632 per course$2800 for two courses, $1400 for 1In order to take advanced field geology you must have taken other field based courses prior.
University of UtahMichelle Tuitupoumichelle.tuitupou@utah.edField Geology, Parts 1 and 22 + 25/10/20216/11/2021checked$1000 per semester unit$100Part 1 will focus on field applications of geodesy. Part 2 will focus on sed/strat and vertebrate paleontology.
University of OklahomaShannon Dulinsdulin@ou.eduRebecca Fayrfay@ou.eduGEOL 4136 Field Camp65/19/20211/27/2021checked5/1/202159002100There will be no course fee for the online-only version of the course, and a reduced course fee if the camp is not run fully in person for the entire 6 weeks.
SIT Study AbroadBeth Pratt-Sitaulabeth.prattsitaula@sit.eduNepal: Geoscience in the Himalaya96/14/20218/2/2021checked4/1/2021https://studyabroad.sit.edu/program/summer-2021-nepal-geoscience-in-the-himalaya/$9,870$350Current plan is to run the summer program in-person. SIT is running a spring 2021 semester program in Nepal, where the covid numbers are well down. Amazing way to learn geoscience field skills, geohazard assessment, and intercultural collaboration. *Tuition fee above includes room/board. Scholarships are available.
San Jose State UniversityRyan Portnerryan.portner@sjsu.eduGinny Smithginny.smith@sjsu.eduAdvanced Field Geology45/31/20217/9/2021checked5/14/2021https://www.sjsu.edu/geology/program/undergraduate/fieldcamp/2231.50course logistics and timeline are yet to be confirmed dates are approximate
University of Texas Permian BasinDr. Mohamed Zobaazobaa_m@utpb.eduAdvanced Field Geology (GEOL-4600)Six5/10/20215/30/2021checkedContact Dr. Mohamed Zobaa at zobaa_m@utpb.eduAbout $1700.00$1,575.00Scholarships may be available to cover tuition and fees. Contact Dr. Mohamed Zobaa for more details.
South Dakota MinesNuri Uzunlarnuri.uzunlar@sdsmt.eduNumber of courses3 to 6 creditscheckedcheckedchecked3/31/2021https://geologyfieldcamp.Sdsmt.edu1000-2200024000-30000Multiple courses in worldwide locations
Missouri State UniversityDr. Matthew McKaymatthewmckay@missouristate.eduGLG413: Field Geology6 hours5/17/20216/22/2021checked3/1/2021https://geosciences.missouristate.edu/geology-field-camp.aspx14882,500
College of CharlestonTim Callahancallahant@cofc.eduJohn Chadwickchadwickj@cofc.eduField Studies Geology27/13/20218/11/2021checked7/13/2021https://summer.cofc.edu/South Carolina Resident: $1,097; Non South Carolina Resident: $2,791$100In this online course, you will take a virtual field trip to the Yellowstone National Park region. You'll learn basic methods for conducting successful geology field work, as well as discussing the amazing geology in the Yellowstone area. The ability to confidently make scientific measurements in a large mapping area is a critical skill for many Earth Science careers. In this class you will learn about field safety and equipment and how to make measurements to create informative maps of large structures such as faults and folds. You will learn about field sample collecting and how to use a Brunton compass, GPS, satellite images, and other field mapping tools. In addition, you will go on a virtual geology tour of Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Craters of the Moon National Parks, where diverse processes such as geyser activity (How does Old Faithful erupt?), glaciation (history of Teton mountain glaciers), landslides (close-up looks at the deadly Gros Vontre and Hegben Lake landslides), and super-eruptions of the Yellowstone caldera will be observed and discussed. https://geology.cofc.edu/academic-info/geol-395-01_-field-studies-geology-summer-2-2021-flyer.pdf
College of CharlestonTim Callahancallahant@cofc.eduScott Personspersonss@cofc.eduField Studies Paleontology27/13/20218/11/2021checked7/13/2021https://summer.cofc.edu/South Carolina Resident: $1,097; Non South Carolina Resident: $2,791$100In this online course, you will take a virtual trip into the badlands of Wyoming and learn to hunt for fossils in some of the world's richest dinosaur bonebeds. This course focuses on field techniques used during a paleontological expedition, including figuring out where to dig, how to identify a fossil, and how to safely collect and transport it back to the laboratory. Emphasis will also be placed on paleoenvironmental interpretation, in particular the long-lost ecosystems of the Late Cretaceous Lance Formation and the Late Jurassic Morrison Formation. You will learn the basics of dinosaur biology and explore new techniques that are revealing clues to their lives and evolution. Specific topics include: creating a field jacket, quarry mapping, microsite collection, digital scanning, track site interpretation, and shed tooth identification. https://geology.cofc.edu/academic-info/geol-395-02_-field-studies-paleontology-summer-2-2021-flyer.pdf
College of CharlestonTim Callahancallahant@cofc.eduAdem Alialika@cofc.eduField Studies Environmental Geology, South Africa27/13/20218/11/2021checked7/13/2021https://summer.cofc.edu/South Carolina Resident: $1,097; Non South Carolina Resident: $2,791$100Virtual Field Experience to South Africa. This course is designed to broaden your geology and environmental experience by providing you an opportunity to see some of the best geology outcrops in the world and some current environmental issues facing South Africa. In this course you will a get the opportunity to understand Earth History by applying geologic principles, earth materials, depositional environments, stratigraphy, the geological timescale, and plate tectonics. Class will include flying virtually to excellent exposures sites of rocks ranging in age from Proterozoic (Largest Impact Dome in the world) to Paleozoic (in the Famous Karoo Basin) to Modern Sand dune deposit (Langebaan on the Atlantic Coast). This course will also expose you to the environmental injustices that persist in South Africa through an investigative approach of identifying and mapping: settlement locations, population, and demography, mine tailings, pollutant industries, polluted waters, and waste sites. https://geology.cofc.edu/academic-info/geol-395-03_-field-studies-south-africa-summer-2-2021-flyer.pdf
Idaho State UniversityRyan Andersonryananderson@isu.eduField Geology65/31/20217/5/2021checked1/20/2021https://www.isu.edu/geosciences/fieldcamp/$2412 (Non-Resident Tuition Waived)$2950 (Includes all meals)We intend to run an in person field camp course based out of the Lost River Field Station. This is contingent on approval from the administrations of our universities. However, our course is already completely full for Summer 2021.
SIT Study AbroadBeth Pratt-Sitaulabeth.prattsitaula@sit.eduNepal: Geoscience in the Himalaya96/14/20218/2/2021checked4/1/2021https://studyabroad.sit.edu/program/summer-2021-nepal-geoscience-in-the-himalaya/9870350We are going to be working closely with local advisors to follow covid and other safety protocols. SIT is currently running a semester-long study abroad program in Nepal and it is going fine.
California State University FullertonSinan Akcizsakciz@fullerton.eduGeology Field Camp I46/1/20216/27/2021checkedTBDwaived
Indiana UniversityAmanda McKinneyIUGFS@IU.eduDr. James W. Handschyjwhandsc@IU.eduE432 - Virtual Geosciences Field Camp - Northern Rocky Mountains45/10/20216/4/2021checked4/2/2021https://iugfs.indiana.edu/courses/virtual-courses/index.html$1,227 (Indiana residents), $2,454 (non-residents)$50

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