Initial Publication Date: December 12, 2013

Submissions to the Field Trip Collection


This collection is designed to
  • provide examples of the range of field trip pedagogy in use in geoscience education at all levels including trips for geoscience researchers, teachers, and students at all levels.
  • provide a searchable collection of field trip materials.

Who Can Submit?

The collection is being developed through volunteer contributions from individuals and groups who have run geoscience field trips they judge to be successful in meeting their goals.

Review Process

To ensure the quality of the contributions, submissions to the Field Trip collection are reviewed before posting by NAGT staff or the editorial committee.

Reviewers evaluate if the submission:
  • Is complete and useful. Will the materials provided allow another geoscientist to run the field trip that is described or to develop a different field trip based on its design?
  • Is scientifically accurate. Are the scientific concepts described in the field trip materials accurate and are the citations and references complete?
  • Demonstrates good pedagogy. Is the design of the field trip aligned with its goals? Does the field trip experience promote learning? Are strategies used to assess the success of the trip included?
  • Is presented clearly: Can the reader, at first glance, decide if he/she is interested in learning more about this trip? Are the goals, intended audience, and location clear and is the summary succinct and to the point?
If a submission is judged to meet these criteria it will be included in the collection. If not,the results of the review will be sent to the submittor who may make revisions and request a new review. If a user believes that an item in the collection does not meet these criteria, they can request a review by the editorial committee or by a geoscientist with specific expertise in the field area described.