Initial Publication Date: June 28, 2022

Resources for Field Camp

Multi-week (commonly three to six week) field experiences (field camp) are an important part of the undergraduate geoscience program in which students see fundamental geologic relationships and learn to make observations, collect data, and synthesize information. Students and faculty can find a list of field camps, teaching resources for field experiences, funding opportunities, and field resources from NAGT sponsored projects.

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Field Camps

There are a variety of field camp options for students interested in field experiences in the Earth sciences. NAGT collects Summer Field Camp offerings that are open to all students.

Field Camp Collections (for students)

Field Camp Submission Form (for faculty/instructors)

Resources for Teaching Field Experiences

Teaching with Online Field Experiences

These teaching resources provide examples of learning outcomes, technology, advice and strategies, and activities for teaching online field experiences. Online field experiences may broaden access to participation in geoscience and they can provide introductions to field experiences.

Teaching Geoscience in the Field

An NAGT webpage with resources and strategies for field-based geoscience.

Designing Successful Student Field Experiences

A Teach the Earth resource page with sythesized content and curated examples for student field experiences.

All Teach the Earth resources on Teaching Geoscience in the Field

This webpage is a search landing page for all teaching geoscience in the field resources on the Teach the Earth.

Funding Opportunities

USGS/NAGT Cooperative Field Training Program

The USGS/NAGT Cooperative Field Training Program is an Earth science internship program that provides a first-rate funded opportunity to develop professional and field-based skills.

NAGT and AWG Scholarships for Field Study

The NAGT and AWG scholarships provide awards for undergraduate students to facilitate their study of field geoscience.

Sponsored Projects

ADVANCEGeo In the Field Resources

This webpage from the AdvanceGeo Partnership provides a detailed review of recent research on how to ensure safe, accessible and inclusive field experiences.

GETSI Field-based Modules

These modules from Geodesy Tools for Society Issues (GETSI) use geodetic tools and quantitative skills to engage with societal issues in the Earth sciences.

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