California State University San Bernardino

September 7-8, 2017
California State University San Bernardino

Our understanding of how people learn and what classroom practices best support that learning has grown and solidified over the past few decades. We now have the opportunity to make changes in our own classrooms that can result in improved student learning. In this workshop, you will both learn about and be engaged in those best practices as you design (or redesign) your own course to accommodate changes in your institution, department, and program. We seek participants who teach introductory geoscience at CSUSB, nearby community colleges, and high schools, as well as others engaged in the General Education sustainability pathway course transformation process.

The Registration deadline for this workshop has passed.

Workshop Conveners

Anne Egger, Central Washington University
Rachel Teasdale, California State University Chico

Local host

Sally McGill, California State University San Bernardino

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