Faculty Survey

By filling out this survey prior to the workshop, you are helping us achieve three goals:

  1. We hope to understand more about who is coming to our workshop so that we can best target and refine the sessions we offer;
  2. We want to understand how effective the workshop is in helping you design or redesign a course or courses; and
  3. In combination with survey results from other, related projects, we are assembling a large database about faculty practices in course design and teaching.

We will use your anonymized responses to this survey to better target the workshop you attend. In addition, you will receive a follow-up survey one year after you attend the workshop, and we will compare pre- and post-workshop results for change.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful responses.

1. How do you learn about new teaching methods? Check all that apply

2. How frequently do you:

3. During the last academic term, have you communicated with colleagues in your department about the following? Check all that apply

For this next set of questions, we would like for you to think about the course that you plan to work on during the workshop. Please pick a single course and answer the following questions about that course.

7. In your course, please indicate how frequently you used the following teaching strategies:

9. In setting goals for your course, how important are each of the following?

10. In your course, please indicate the types of strategies you use that address student attitudes, motivations, and comfort that you believe have the largest impact on student learning. Check all that have a significant impact

11. In your course, did you assess: Check all that apply

19. If yes, how have you used the NAGT website? (check all that apply)