Education and Public Policy Email Lists

The US House of Representatives chamber
The US House of Representatives chamber
Photo from U.S. Government Graphics and Photos
NAGT has two email lists for folks interested in Education and Public Policy.

NAGT Public Policy list

This email list was created to A) alert members to needs for immediate input on policy issues, and B) provide news and updates on opportunities to participate in national events, including Congressional Visits Days and other activities on the policy front organized across the geosciences community. We encourage you to get involved and help NAGT serve the broader needs for a geoscience education presence in policy discussions at local, state, and the national level.

NAGT Science Literacy List

If you are interested in receiving announcements and requests for input as NRC moves forward on the development of the new national science standards, we would like to encourage you to join this list. We will use it to forward announcements about the process, as well as updates and requests for input from the NRC committees involved. We will also use this list to provide information about work to create an integrated literacy document for the Earth Sciences.