Yellowstone Thought Questions:

Barbara Nash, University of Utah

Intended Audience: This activity was part of the 2003 Teaching Petrology in the 21st Century workshop. It is designed for an undergraduate required course in petrology.


Yellowstone National Park (drive through tour).


These thought questions provide students the opportunity to critically think about features they see on a field trip through Yellowstone National Park.


These questions are designed for use by students from a petrology course for geology majors. They may be answered during a day-long trip through Yellowstone National Park.


The goals of this activity are to present regional examples of petrology concepts and to encourage critical thinking in students as they participate in a field trip through Yellowstone National Park.

Notes and Tips:

Since it is a National Park, sample collection is not allowed by participants. Participants should also stay on trails and be aware of wildlife around them.

Assessment and Evaluation:

Students have met the goals of this activity if they are engaged in the field trip experience and are able to thoughtfully and accurately answer the thought questions provided.

Materials and Handouts: