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Celebration of Earth and Arbor Day

D. Marie Hart
LISA Academy, AR

Intended Audience

This trip for for the Environmental Science class.


This particular project takes place in a designated area set by Little Rock Parks and Recreation. However, it may be adaptable to your locality, given proper permissions from the landowner.


During this trip, students will plants 25 oak trees in a designated area set by Little Rock Parks and Recreation.


Students should discuss what trees are invasive, native and resilient. Students will also discuss why trees should be planted and how trees should be cared for.


Students will be able to compare and contrast man-made environments and natural environments, predict the long-term societal impact of health, population, resource, and environmental issues, investigate which federal and state agencies have responsibility for environmental monitoring and action, research how political systems influence environmental decisions, investigate the relationships between human consumption of natural resources and the stewardship responsibility for reclamations, and explain the reciprocal relationships between Earth's processes (natural disasters) and human activities in order to understand the impact of human activities on the environment. Students will be able to describe biodiversity, differentiate between primary and secondary succession, explain how limiting factors affect populations and ecosystems, describe the natural selection process in populations in order to understand the biological dynamics of Earth.


Rob Hudson of Little Rock Parks and Recreation will come to visit Environmental Science class to talk about options of tree planting and specific locations of tree planting to promote survival. During field trip, Mr Hudson will facilitate activities of tree planting.

Notes and Tips

One parent will chaperone along with teacher. The cost of food will be students responsibility. A wheel-chair accessible van will be provided. cost of gas will be students and teachers responsibility.

Assessment and Evaluation

Students will construct a maps of trees planted. Students will label, monitor and record growth of trees planted.

Materials and Handouts

Students will be given field guides, maps and locality descriptions of projected areas. all planting materials will be donated from teacher.