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Rock and Mineral Exchange (RMX)

Many geoscience educators have limited opportunities to collect good rock and mineral samples directly from the field. Others lack the financial resources to purchase collections. At the same time, many institutions have an abundance of specimens sitting unused in laboratory drawers. This service from NAGT and MSA aims to bring these educators together so that surplus resources can be moved between institutions as a way of improving educational opportunities for some and freeing up space for others.

Here you can browse through postings related to specimens that other users are making available as well as those related to specimens being sought. Click on the title for a posting below to get to the full information. If you would like to post an available or desired specimen to the exchange, use the links to the appropriate form in the navigation menu on the right.

Get Email Notifications of New Posts

This technique for getting email notifications about new posts takes advantage of the site RSS feeds and a 3rd party service. But you don't need to know anything about RSS feeds (not even what those words mean) to get the email messages.

  1. Go to
  2. Give it the URL of one or both of the RSS feeds on this page and your email address. The fed URL for new available specimens is and the one for new desired specimens is
  3. Hit Submit.

That's it. After confirming that you actually do want to receive them, you'll start getting automatic emails whenever there are new posts.

Get RSS Notifications of New Posts

This site provides a built in RSS feed that's always updated with the latest article information. If you already have a preferred way of reading RSS feeds just point your reader at the RSS link beside one or both categories of post and you're set. If you're new to RSS here's an introduction to using RSS from the Berkeley library.

Available Specimens

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Petrology Samples
Dr David Saja, Cleveland Museum of Natural History Description of Available Specimens How many pieces are available: Small Group of Specimens I have about a dozen samples of each of these samples ...

Wards 100 collection-partial
Steven Dunn, Mount Holyoke College Description of Available Specimens How many pieces are available: Large Collection I acquired about 70 hand samples, many with thin sections, of the original ...

Desired Specimens

No matches - There are no current postings at this time.

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