Initial Publication Date: February 19, 2016

Petrology Samples

Dr David Saja, Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Description of Available Specimens

How many pieces are available: Small Group of Specimens

I have about a dozen samples of each of these samples listed below. They are roughly fist size. Some with a saw-cut face and thin section chip. Multiple 4-cm student samples may be available for some of the material.

White Marble, Danby Vermont

Porphyritic Rhyolite, Portage Lake volcanics, Mount Houghton, Northern Michigan

Euclid Bluestone, carbonate cemented greywacke, Boyas Quarry, Valley View, Independence Township, Ohio

Sharon Formation, uncemented quartz-pebble sandstone with conglomerate phases, Geauga Co. Ohio 

Blueschist, Pacheco Pass, Central California 

Jadeitized Greywacke, Pacheco Pass, California 

Subducted Greywacke, Northern California (only one sample)

Additional Information

Petrology samples available for trade. Open to almost anything in trade but they should have good provenance (location data).