Initial Publication Date: July 11, 2016

ophiolite, Tertiary sedimentary, misc metamorphic

Bill Dinklage, Santa Barbara City College

Description of Available Specimens

How many pieces are available: Small Group of Specimens

We have easy access to wehrlite, harzburgite, gabbro, norite, gabbronorite, olivine gabbro, and clinopyroxenite from the Pt. Sal Ophiolite on Vandenberg Air Force base and can collect samples for anyone interested in March. Usually have some extras laying around if anyone needs any before then.

We also have easy access to the Miocene Monterey Formation and other Tertiary sedimentary rocks (fluvial Sespe Formation, including sandstone and conglomerate; Coldwater sandstone, Matilija sandstone)

Other misc metamorphic rocks, including a few sillimanite-biotite gneiss from the Mt. Abel Metamorphic Complex near Mt. Pinos, CA, and a few kyanite- and staurolite-bearing schists from Monarch Canyon, Death Valley region.

Additional Information

Will trade, will also ship if requester pays postage. Especially interested in more alkaline igneous rocks, such as syenite, monzonite, latite, trachyte, phonolite.