Reflections from Schuyler Robinson

About the Project

My 2017 NAGT internship was spent trying to understand leakance rates in glacial tills and confined sand aquifers under the direction of Jared Trost in the Twin Cities area, Minnesota. There were 4 study sites around the state for this project and most of my efforts involved constructing and calibrating a groundwater flow model in MODFLOW for the first site. Another aspect of my role in the research was drilling, developing, and conducting slug tests on the third study site.

Most Memorable Experience

Working through the challenges of developing a groundwater flow model was certainly the most memorable part of the internship.

Career Goals

Before arriving in Minnesota, my career and graduate study goals involved groundwater modeling, which made this internship very applicable and exciting!

How the program contributed

I learned through experience that groundwater modeling is still what I want to pursue in the future.