Reflections from Marcel Peliks

About the Project

My internship at the Cascades Volcano Observatory with the Instrumentation Team was as challenging as it was rewarding. As part of the instrumentation team, I helped build, install, and maintain various instruments used in monitoring volcanic activity. With more accurate data logging, faster response times, and ultimately a better way to communicate findings with the public, the instruments we installed contribute to ongoing research projects as well as the safety of surrounding communities. Throughout the length of my internship I constantly recognized the importance of technical advancements in the field of geology.

Most Memorable Experience

Working alongside some of the greatest research scientists in the world allowed for a level of learning that would be hard to replicate in a classroom setting.

Career Goals

Although I had no specific career goals during my time at CVO I always enjoyed the research aspect of geoscience. By participating in the USGS/NAGT program my interests in research and geophysics have become increasingly refined.

How the program contributed

I learned a great deal about the steps necessary to continue into a research career by working and interacting with scientists at CVO. Working in the field with a fun and knowledgable group of scientists was a great opportunity and experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.