Reflections from Savannah Miller

About the Project

NAWC SERDP. Tom Imbrigiotta and Dan Goode were my mentors and the project was located in West Trenton, New Jersey at the Naval Air War Center (NAWC) Research Site. I worked on multiple projects while I was at the USGS. They were all investigating contaminated groundwater in fractured rock. During the summer I helped with groundwater sampling, back diffusion testing in isolated boreholes, and fractured rock passive flux meters.

Most Memorable Experience

The most memorable part was being able to work on multiple projects over the summer. All of these projects were different from one another and nothing I had ever had experience with before.

Career Goals

Finish graduate school and pursue some type of environmental job.

How the program contributed

It provided me with a whole new area of research that I had not experienced before (fractured bedrock).