Reflections from Stan Mordensky

I had never been asked to map any area that hadn't been mapped before. I learned how to set my own pace and used previous experience as well as what I learned in the field to know what to expect and where to go next. That said, there were numerous surprises. I will never forget the day I found the magnetic rhyolite.

A professor from my university met with me every few weeks and I'd show him my latest finds and he'd offer his guidance as to what to look for next, but that didn't seem to help when my supervisor visisted during the last week and a good portion of what I had mapped turned out to be incorrect.

Discouraging? Yes. But I learned far too much in an area I had known only a little about before - fieldwork. My confidence to perform fieldwork certainly increased dramatically even if not everything I did was perfect. However, I also learned I need more years in the field before I can work solo.