Initial Publication Date: February 23, 2017

Example Programs

1-Day Workshop Program

NOTE: The activities included in each session will be tailored to the selected themes.

Homework: Participants read pre-workshop material drawn from activities related to the selected themes. Participants come to the workshop with either a new or existing course into which they will integrate materials developed during the workshop.

8:30–8:45 AM Welcome and Introductions

  • Goals of workshop
  • Discussion: Why incorporate societally relevant materials?

8:45–9:00 AM Linking Learning about the Earth and Societal Issues: Course design considerations

  • Think-Pair-Share Activity on a "significant learning" experience

9:00–10:00 AM Backward Design: Big Ideas/Enduring Concepts, and Essential Questions

10:00–10:30 AM Articulating course-level (aspirational or visionary) goals for student learning

10:30–10:45 AM Break

10:45–12:00 PM Instructional Design (Aligning Learning Outcomes and Assessments)

  • Warm-up Activity: Outcome-Assessment Alignment
  • Introduction to Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Activity: Write Learning Outcomes for your Context
  • Activity: Write Assessments Aligned with your Learning Outcomes
  • Reflection and Action Planning

12:00–1:00 PM Lunch

1:00–2:20 PM Instructional Design (Metacognition and Motivation)

  • Initial Reflection
  • "Stage View" Activity: Engage in a Content-Rich Active Learning Experience
  • "Balcony View" Activity: Analyze this lesson for key research-based components

2:20–2:30 PM Break

2:30–4:00 PM Instructional Design (Active Learning)

  • Work on design of activity or on incorporation of strategy across whole course (40 minutes)
  • Check for alignment between activity and learning outcomes. Turn to your neighbor and review each others' activity-outcome alignment (10 minutes)
  • Building on action plan steps developed in previous units, compile an action plan that will support successful completion of workshop activities and implementation into a specific course, including resources for future work (10 minutes)

4:00–4:30 PM Work time on instructional design, alignment and action planning

4:30–5:30 PM Strategies for Ongoing Improvement & Workshop Assessment

  • Complete and Save Action Plan
  • Small-group and full-group discussion about getting feedback from colleagues, students, and the community
  • Being strategic about making big changes
  • Become an NAGT member
  • Complete Workshop Evaluation