Geoscience Education Research (GER) Division Awards

NAGT's GER Division is pleased to offer several Division awards:

Collaboration Award

The spirit of this award is to recognize the contribution of non-GER collaborators and acknowledge that the effort of interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary research requires a commitment that is not always recognized within one's home discipline or institution. Contributions may include, but are not limited to, engaging in original research or fruitful collaborations that apply new methodologies and/or theoretical frameworks to GER, creating expanded opportunities to publish GER literature beyond the geosciences, present GER research at conferences not typically attended by the GER community, and/or building capacity within the GER community. Learn more about the
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Transformation Award

The Transformation Award recognizes this person for their outstanding contributions to GER. Contributions may include, but are not limited to, leading capacity-building GER activities, developing collaborations that produce fruitful new lines of GER research, or providing expanded opportunities to publish GER literature.Learn more about the
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Emerging GER Scholars Award

This award is intended to recognize promising graduate students pursing a Master's or Ph.D. in the field of geoscience education research, and to provide financial support for personal and professional expenses to broaden the set of opportunities available to those scholars. The division particularly invites applications from scholars from a wide range of backgrounds and from identity groups that have been historically marginalized in geoscience education research.Learn more about the Emerging
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Early Career Award

The NAGT GER Division Early Career Award is intended to honor early-career colleagues in their first 10 years after completing their dissertation who have made significant contributions to the development of geoscience education research or made significant gains toward increasing the capacity for geoscience education research within our community.Learn more about the Early Career Award »